Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do You Think Tiger Woods Should Represent the USA at the Ryder Cup?

Corey Pavin recently said that Tiger Woods would have to earn his way onto the U.S. Ryder Cup Team.

"I'm not going to treat Tiger any different than any other player," Pavin stated. "He's certainly not going to be an automatic pick. He's just going to be treated like everyone else. I'd love to have him on the team, but I want him to be playing well."

I agree with Pavin that Woods should be treated equally with regards to his past Ryder Cup record.: 10-13-2 is not as great an accomplishment as another option for the team, namely Tom Watson, who has a 10-4-1 record. Problem with Watson is he may have already mentally defeated himself by saying, "I've never played the golf course before. That's where the Europeans have out-smarted us."

Woods has only been on a winning Ryder Cup team once in 1999 and didn't even play when Team USA ended it's losing streak in 2008.

With Woods' limited play this year, inconsistencies in his game may translate into lazy play against Team Europe. Pavin doesn't want to risk a loss.

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers to have ever played the game and is extremely close to tying Jack Nicklaus' all major record of 18 (Tiger is only four events shy of this feat.) Jack Nicklaus believes Corey Pavin would need a "brain scan" if he left Tiger off the team but the negatives may outweigh the positives in this instance.

And so I ask the public, if you were Captain Corey Pavin, would you ask Tiger Woods to play in the Ryder Cup?

Ask Team Europe and I'll bet the answer will be a resounding "NO!"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back 9 Network wants golf fans to help create Must See TV

Back 9 Network
Move over Golf Channel, there's a new golf network making its way to a television, PC/MAC and mobile device near you. Welcome Back 9 Network!

What makes Back 9 Network different than what you have ever experienced on current television is that this station is going to be created, "by the fans, for the fans" as stated by its President, Dennis Allen.

How is Back 9 Network planning to do this? With the help of the fans. Fill out a brief (5 minute) survey about what you like, and don't like, about current golf programming.

Take the survey now:

Tell Back 9 Network what kind of golf shows you want to see...they're listening!

You can also follow Back 9 Network on Twitter. What do you think of their logo?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great golf photos and finishes at the Sybase but not for Michelle Wie

After a wonderful day of watching the best LPGA golfers on Tour, I have a great picture diary to share with my readers. I suggest that, if you ever get the opportunity to see a professional golf event live, GO! For those people living in the New York, tri-state area, there are still tickets available for the final round of the Sybase Match Play Championship, under an hour from New York City.

Hamilton Farm Golf Clubhouse

We arrived just before the Quarterfinal matches and watched the LPGA ladies prepare at the driving range and on the greens. Here is Amy Yang in her backswing and in her downswing. It's amazing what you can do with a speedy shutter!

Michelle Wie and Yang on the putting surface:

Watching the professional golfers tee off. Amateur golfers can learn a great deal from the LPGA finish position:

For golf aficionados, it's amazing how close you can get to the action!

Here are a few more pictures from the 9th green.

Although all of the ladies were cheered on, the one with the throngs of followers was none other than Michelle Wie.

I was standing next to the loudest of Michelle Wie's cheering section, Christina Kim, who mentioned that she wasn't "tweeting" today, but I was! You can see my cell phone action pics on and you can always friend me on

As for Michelle Wie, she was eliminated by six-time LPGA winner Jiyai Shin. After winning 2&1, Wie was asked about her game and she said, "I didn't play as well as I wanted. I think I know exactly what I need to work on. I'm going to work hard the next two weeks and try to win."

Perhaps Wie shouldn't have been so concerned with changing outfits during the break...

Too bad both Ai Miyazato and Michelle Wie were knocked out of contention at the Sybase event but there will be great final round golf action tomorrow when Shin rallies against Sun Young Yoo and Angela Stanford battles against Amy Yang.

For more information visit the Sybase Match Play Championship or website.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Stacy Solomon, Golf for Beginners Bio

Stacy Solomon, Golf for BeginnersStacy Solomon has been a student of the game of golf since 2000 and blogger for "Golf for Beginners, because we're always learning" since 2004. She has written hundreds of articles and blogs for well-known internet websites such as, AT&T and IBM and her work has been reprinted on thousands of sports websites.

Hi Friends,

Golf for Beginners started out as a way for me to keep my lessons in a format where anyone could see them and benefit from them. The website has grown to include PGA Tour and LPGA Tour commentary, equipment news and reviews of travel destinations. I am very proud to consider Golf for Beginners a worldwide blog, realizing that golf is growing on a global level!

An amateur golfer, my handicap stands at about a sixteen which drops as the year progresses and as my short game improves! As I always say, "the game is played from 100 yards and in!"

Although I began my writing career in 2004 working for various online media outlets, in 2006, I was asked to join the golf blogger team. In addition to a weekly column on their site which reached out to over 2.5 million golfers per month, my husband and I also produced the popular five-year long Golf for Beginners Podcast, a regular top-ten on iTunes amateur sports listings. We earned kudos as a pioneer of podcasting by several newspapers including New Jersey Jewish News, "Couple Uses Media Technology to Teach golf to beginners" and The Working Musician. Portions of the Golf for Beginners podcasts have been reproduced on radio stations as far-reaching as South Africa!

I am very proud that I have helped to make Golf for Beginners so recognizable: my blogs can found re-posted in the NY Daily News Sports Section online and in South Florida Golf Magazine. My editorial selections can be accessed via Riversip News app.

Golf Channel has scrolled my tweets on TV in order to highlight their 2012 U.S. Open rebroadcast, I have partnered with corporations as an "Influencer" for IBM in order to bring awareness to their vision of Smarter Commerce and with AT&T to introduce their latest smartphones as well as to bring visibility to the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

I am proud to have worked with Legends Invitational Golf Event to bring awareness and support to the National Navy UDT SEAL Museum, a patriotic and worthwhile charity which educates, enlightens and helps families of fallen SEALs - I am very honored to have been of service.

I have been invited as a guest on several radio shows such as AOL Sports Radio, the GolfClubRadio Show with Danielle Tucker and the Enlightened Golfer Radio Show. Ms. Tucker has mentioned that Golf for Beginners offers "positive and constructive feedback plus great blogs and insight." My most recent radio appearance was as a guest on the On Par Radio Show with Anthony Scorcia. 

Inciteful and instructive interviews have been conducted through email, podcasts and Twitter with some of the best-known golfers and thinkers in the industry including Hank Haney, John Daly, Morgan Pressel Jim Furyk and former PGA President Brian Whitcomb.

Golf4Beginners has taken flight on Twitter and, because of the thousands of friends I have made there, was recently asked to reveal some of my expert secrets in the premier issue of 914 Inc. Magazine.

I had initially chosen to keep Golf for Beginners on Facebook for personal communications but now, since many of my golf fans are friends, I publicized it to my many friends in the social media arena. Within six months of going public, I now have about 3,000 golf-loving friends and have just begun a Facebook page for Golf for Beginners so that all fans have a voice!

Dennis Allen, a twenty-five year golf industry veteran and Executive Vice President of the new Back9 Network stated, "she cares about the game of golf and is insightful. She has lots of ideas percolating in her head that she willingly shares."

Probably not even realized by many in the industry is that, because of both my husband Barry Solomon's and my continued fight for the rights of new media talent to be considered as knowledgeable and respected writers, we helped set the stage for bloggers to gain media credentials at professional golf events such as the 2010 Sybase Match Play Championship and the Puerto Rico Open.

My career has been as varied as a Party Planner for Billboard Magazine to Circulation Sales Director with magazines at Fairchild Publications. I accepted a volunteer position on the Steering Committee for The Club Cup, an inaugural social media event designed to help grow the game of golf among the masses with the assistance of PGA and LPGA Tour players. For the past several years, I have committed myself fully to internet media as a Digital Content, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Manager.

An honor graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, I chose to remain in my hometown attending New York University on a full four-year scholarship. I love new technology and to be able to explain and engage others with my passion. Combining my love of tech with golf has been a long-term goal for me.

Several years ago, I became a member of the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association and am very proud to be one of the few females in the group as well as one of the only golf writers exclusively serving the online community.

I have always promoted causes that are near and dear to my heart and will never compromise on my resolve to be the best person I can be. The message in golf is a good one and I live by the rules of the First Tee Program; be honest, have integrity, confidence, and respect, play by the rules, and persevere despite challenges!

Miyazato, Wie Match still possible at Sybase

Ai Miyazato and Michelle Wie both defeated their respective opponents in first round action at the Sybase Match Play Championship which leads them closer to a final round duel. As I mentioned yesterday, I think this type of golf game will be perfect for Wie (remember her great play against Team Europe at the Solheim Cup?) and, if she can win this event, Michelle will get the much needed confidence that she needs to be a leader in the LPGA.
Here are a few of the notable second-round pairings:

10:30 a.m. Morgan Pressel (14) vs. Sophie Gustafson (19)
10:40 a.m. Amy Yang (30) vs. Juli Inkster (35)
11:20 a.m. Ai Miyazato (2) vs. M.J. Hur (31)
11:40 a.m. Karrie Webb (7) vs. Amanda Blumenhurst (55)
12:20 p.m. Cristie Kerr (5) vs. Sun Young Yoo (28)
12:30 p.m. Azahara Munoz (54) vs. Beatriz Recari (62)
12:40 p.m. Jiyai Shin (1) vs. Hee-Won Han (32)
1:00 p.m. Michelle Wie (8) vs. Hee Young Park (25)

I hope that Barry and I can get over to Hamilton Farm Golf Club tomorrow where we will tweet and send pics from the event.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Miyazato, Wie should be paired at Sybase Match Play

Listed below are the Round One pairings for the Sybase Match Play Championship. I'll be curious to see if Ai Miyazato, winner of three LPGA events this season, will be as successful in match-play as in stroke play.

I also want Michelle Wie to make a move into the second round. Match play may be a better format for Wie because she can move past the blow-up holes, regroup and take back control of her round.

Wouldn't it be exciting to see a final round pairing of Wie vs Miyazato? Michelle should probably be paired against Ai in order to learn better how to keep emotions under control. Perhaps Wie may struggle at first but instinct may then prevail with great final round action.

As Michelle mentioned in her pre-tournament interview this week, "It's kind of nice to change it up a bit. I remember I played a lot more match play in amateur events in USGA golf. It's nice to switch it up."

8:50 a.m. Morgan Pressel (14) vs. Jimin Kang (56) 
9:06 a.m. Suzann Pettersen (3) vs. Juli Inkster (35)
9:30 a.m. Jee Young Lee (27) vs. Christina Kim (40)
10:16 a.m. Ai Miyazato (2) vs. Jeong Jang (51)
10:40 a.m. Stacy Lewis (26) vs. Amanda Blumenherst (55)
11:16 a.m. Candie Kung (29) vs. Natalie Gulbis (44)
11:32 a.m. Momoko Ueda (21) vs. Vicky Hurst (37)
11:56 a.m. Cristie Kerr (5) vs. Meaghan Francella (53)
12:08 p.m. Se Ri Pak (17) vs. Azahara Munoz (54)
12:16 p.m. Brittany Lincicome (16) vs. Beatriz Recari (62)
12:32 p.m. Jiyai Shin (1) vs. Kyeong Bae (42)
1:04 p.m. Michelle Wie (8) vs. Stacy Prammanasudh (50)

Golf Channel coverage for the first round of the Sybase Match Play Championship is:

            1:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST (Live)
            6:30 – 8:30 p.m. EST (Tape Delayed)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will Immigration Reform Negatively Impact Golf in Arizona?

Tourism and golf bring hoards of vacationers to Arizona but, with tightened security measures being imposed in the form of the new S.B 1070 law, will boycotts leave Arizona golf in a hazard?

And, who will help maintain the golf courses if all of its 'illegals' are deported?

Many immigrants coming to America from Mexico are Hispanics seeking a better life for themselves and their families and will take jobs that no one even wants. In the case of Scottsdale, an upscale tourist community, "the city has relied on Mexican labor from its initial founding," states John Harner with the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. "Somebody has to do the physical work."

On the other hand, as posted on the Laura Ingraham website, "Arizona's illegal immigrant population is costing the state's taxpayers even more than once thought -- a whopping $2.7 billion, according to researchers at the public interest group that helped write the state's new immigration law."

California, once a haven for illegals has also snubbed Arizona along with Texas and New Mexico and is also partly responsible for "forcing a shift in the flow of illegal immigrants that has now turned Arizona into the single biggest gateway for people sneaking into the country from Mexico."

The States may be collectively turning their backs on Arizona because, for most of them, this situation is not happening in their own backyard (NIMBY) but PLEASE let us not forget that this is still the UNITED States of America!

Adding insult to injury, boycotts against Arizona are now popping up from Seattle to Minnesota with organizations pledging to "hold no conventions, conferences, special events or major meetings involving significant travel to Arizona while law S.B. 1070 is in effect."

Ping has also been mentioned on the list of Arizona companies to "boycott".

Media, in the form of guys like John Farrell are also calling out Arizona. "There are lots of other places to play golf and plenty of scenery elsewhere as we wait for Arizona to come to its senses. The Grand Canyon is not going anywhere."

Much business is done on the golf course. Boycotts and government disillusionment will translate into millions of dollars of lost revenue for Arizona.

Golf-course owners are getting hit from all sides. "Tourism is down, fewer locals are playing, water and labor costs are up and too much competition has forced course owners to lower membership fees and greens fees,"  claimed Roger Garrett of Phoenix-based Insight Land & Investments.

It's time for local professional golfers living in Arizona to take a stand, change the climate and help get Arizona back on its feet.

Who can believe that Superstition Mountain, Wigwam and Quintero Golf and Country Club, a few of the finest Phoenix golf courses, have filed for bankruptcy protection?

On the flip side, immigration reform is not being chastised by everyone. Since 9-11, harsher measures in airport security and in NYC subway tunnels make citizens feel better protected. Is it too much to ask that citizens feel safe?

Scottsdale, Arizona need not worry as Scottsdale golf courses will be getting a boost from this citizen found on

In honor of the fact that Arizona has the balls to do right by their CITIZENS, the wife and I have decided to start looking for a vacation property near Scottsdale. Some great golf courses in that area, as well as some great dirt bike riding areas. My Pings and KTM 400 will get some serious usage. And the best part is, we'll be contributing to the local economy. Helping to keep our fellow LEGAL citizens employed. It's the american way!

Yes, the American Way is the ideal that anyone can improve their standard of living through determination and hard work. I think it's great that immigrants have an opportunity at the American Dream but how about doing it honestly and with integrity? Sneaking past borders in the middle of the night does not make this country any more safe and over the long term will probably do more harm than good. Also, paying for the rights and services to which Americans already contribute is fair for everyone.

With regards to safety I'm probably as safe on Arizona golf courses as I am anywhere else in this world, except when I hear, "FORE!"

When faced with bad publicity, what can Arizona do next? Rebrand its image!

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation." 
---General Douglas MacArthur

Addendum: Just found out that Dora the Explorer may be an illegal immigrant from this mug shot.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Too harsh a golf lesson for Yuko Mitsuka of the JLPGA?

I rarely play a round of golf on the weekends. I'm tired of the 'Sunday drivers' and slow players who search for their brand new, once-hit TaylorMade golf balls while laying tracks on freshly seeded fairways.

There usually is no penalty handed out by the rangers other than a stiff and formal "move it along" with a retort coming from the foursome something like, "it's the guys in front of us slowing down play." The golfers are probably right as the publinks often send out way too many golfers in an effort to collect as much seasonal income as possible. Either way, slow play makes it impossible to enjoy a day on the links.

In the case of Japanese golfer Yuko Mitsuka, there were no excuses given when the JLPGA invoked a two-stroke pace-of-play penalty last week at the World Ladies Championship.

Okay, so Yuko didn't at first bow and willingly accept her punishment.

When first hearing of her incurred two-stroke penalty, Mituska acted like any teed off golfer who just hit a grounder and angrily dropped her golf clubs and walked off the course.

Because Mitsuka quit halfway through the event, a fine imposed by the JLPGA of two million yen (about $21K US dollars) added insult to injury.

Realizing that her behavior was more befitting of John Daly than of a young lady from Japan, Mitsukla accepted the punishment and voluntarily withdrew from a total of eleven events as a sign of self-reproach.

Is this a smart move for Yuko or is she cutting her nose to spite her face, opting out of a few of the larger pursed tournaments to make a point?

On the PGA Tour, $20,000 fines called "The Prize", have also been "awarded" in the past for slow play but "nobody ever does anything about it," chides Rory Sabbatini.

Are "shot clocks" and "ready golf" the best way to move golf along at a more rapid pace or are stroke penalties and dollar assessments more effective for both betting foursomes and professionals?

Although Yuko Mitsuka took her medicine, was the JLPGA too strict in its punishment? Not from the JLPGA's standpoint!

"This will be a lesson to other golfers," said JLPGA chief Hisako Higuchi. "She has to take responsibility for her actions."

Higuchi may be right. How many women golfers in future JLPGA events will consider walking off the course because a penalty was placed on them?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sybase Match Play Championship celebrates LPGA golfers by naming brackets

Sybase Match Play Logo
Sybase Match Play Championship and the LPGA are celebrating the careers of Annika Sorenstam, Mickey Wright, Kathy Whitworth and Patty Berg by naming the brackets after the lady golfers with the most career wins in history.

The tournament’s number one seed will be placed in the Whitworth Group, while the No. 2, 3 and 4 seeds will be placed in the Wright Group, Sorenstam Group and Berg Group, respectively. All first-round matches will be drawn at a special media event at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18.

Hamilton Farm Golf Club in New Jersey will be the setting for this exciting event. Sixty-four of the top LPGA golfers will compete in match-play format for a purse of 1.5 million dollars.

This honor is probably as exciting as the ladies getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and well-deserved!

The new LPGA commissioner, Mike Whan, is sure to draw pats on the back for his thoughtful gesture as he commented, "As we celebrate 60 years of the LPGA, we salute the four champions of our sport with the most wins in LPGA history."

Here is a brief history lesson of these four great female athletes:

Kathy Whitworth
*Won 88 LPGA Tour tournaments in a career which spanned four decades, more than any other player in the history of the game, male or female.
*Six major championships including seven Player of the Year awards, seven Vare Trophies and eight money list titles.
*She still holds the record for the most consecutive seasons with a win at seventeen and records the most career seasons with a victory at 22.

Mickey Wright
*82 wins and 13 major championships in her career.
*The only player to win four LPGA Championships
*One of only two players to win the U.S. Women’s Open four times.
*She still holds numerous all-time records, including the most wins in one season with thirteen.
*Only player in LPGA history to ever hold all four major championship trophies at the same time.
*She won the final two major championships of the 1961 season, the U.S. Women’s Open and the LPGA Championship and the first two majors of 1962, the Titleholders and the Western Open.

Annika Sorenstam
*Won 70 times with 10 major championships.
*Eight Rolex Player of the Year Awards
*Six Vare Trophies
*Led the LPGA Money List eight times.
*The only LPGA player to ever shoot 59 in an official tour event
*First LPGA player since Babe Zaharias to compete in a PGA Tour event when she played in the 2003 Bank of America Colonial.
*The only player in LPGA history to sweep the Player of the Year, Vare Trophy and Money List title five times.

Patty Berg
*One of the 13 Founders of the LPGA
*Won 60 LPGA titles and a record 15 major championships
*Seven Western Open titles, seven Titleholders Championships, and one U.S. Women’s Open, the only time it was played as a match-play event.
*Led the LPGA money list three times, and three times she won the Vare Trophy. In 1955, she became the first LPGA player to achieve both honors.
*In 1978, the LPGA established the Patty Berg Award to reward outstanding contributions to women's golf, to honor Patty Berg and to recognize her diplomacy, sportsmanship, goodwill and contributions to the game.

If Babe Didrikson Zaharias could only see how far the LPGA has come! Did you know Babe met her husand, wrestler George Zaharias, while playing golf in a PGA tournament? Babe's participation in a men's event was sixty years prior to Annika Sorenstam, Suzy Whaley or Michelle Wie's attempts!

And yes, The Sybase Match Play event will be aired on television but sadly not on Network TV. Visit for more details.

Also, we are sorry to earn about the passing of LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg. Only 25 years old, she had much more golf to play.

About the Ladies Professional Golf Association

The LPGA was founded in 1950 and today boasts a membership comprised of world-class LPGA Tour professionals and more than 1,300 dedicated Teaching and Club Professionals (T&CP). Players on the LPGA Tour, who represent more than 25 countries, compete globally showcasing the very best of women’s professional golf.

LPGA T&CP members directly impact the growth of the game through teaching, coaching and management positions and oversee programs aimed at increasing the involvement of women, girls and youth in golf. The LPGA’s Vision is to inspire, empower, educate and entertain by showcasing the best golf professionals in the world. Its Mission is to be a leader in the world of sports, to promote economic empowerment for all members, and to serve as role models on and off the course.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Does TaylorMade, Dick's Sporting Goods TV spot help identify their brands?

TaylorMade and Dick's Sporting Goods are joining forces to help sell more product in the nationwide chain of stores. Will this new TV Spot, "Transported", help to develop both companies' "brand"?

If you cannot see this commercial, click here.

As for the tagline "Victory Lives Here", meant to bridge the identity of each campaign, I feel it misses the mark for TaylorMade but works well for Dick's Sporting Goods, a self-proclaimed "leader" in golf club sales.

Rory Sabbatini in Puerto RicoAlthough it was mentioned in a PR piece by Michelle Edelman, president of NYCA (the ad company that created the TV Spot) that TaylorMade is "number one in drivers and number one in irons" this point was not convincingly conveyed in the commercial.

Should Rory Sabbatini have been chosen as a TaylorMade 'face'? He is hardly a positive role model. Just search his name on Google and you will find that Sabbatini is called everything from the "tour jackass of the week" to a "complainer". Do I like him? I met him briefly in Puerto Rico and I shall reserve comment.

Women were also left out of the loop. How about some representation by LPGA stars and TaylorMade Tour Staff pros Natalie Gulbis, Paula Creamer or Nicole Castrale? TaylorMade has a women's section on their website and Dick's Sporting Goods certainly sells women's golf clubs so why the lack of visibility?

The 30 second spot, which will appear on The Golf Channel and ESPN, is an enterprising decision between Dick's Sporting Goods Store and TaylorMade Golf but needs a bit more tweaking to ensure long-lasting positive results.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Share Your Golf Swing with the Kodak PLAYSPORT Camera

Kodak Playsport Camera
Kodak's tiny new PLAYSPORT video camera is adorable: it's also lightweight, waterproof, it can take a fall or two as well as help you to analyze your golf swing at close range in high-definition.

But what makes this $150 video camera worth its purchase price?  Storage room within my golf bag is limited and, being a similar size to my uPro GPS, I may get the two confused while groping around for it.

Here are some of the key features which Kodak insists will enhance My Golf Experience:

·         Video action print – Included in the built-in software. With the click of a mouse, any swing can automatically be turned into a 9-up video action print showing start-to-finish snapshots that are great for analysis and comparison.

·         Easy playback and upload – Playback on your HDTV television with included HDMI cable, or upload to YouTube and Facebook with the included USB cable and built-in software.

·         Slow-motion playback speeds – A variety of playback speeds, plus frame-by-frame stop action to allow golfers (and their coaches) to analyze every swing movement.

·         Five image capture modes – From 5MP stills to full 1080p HD video, including 720p/60 fps which is ideal for capturing golf swings and other high-speed action.

·         Electronic image-stabilization – Helps you get sharper videos and less blur.

·         Made for rugged outdoor use – Has an LCD Glare Shield feature and is waterproof up to 10 feet (so if I fall into a creek on the course, I can capture videos of all of the floating golf balls.)

"The KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera combines the superior quality and features of our HD digital video cameras with a rugged, waterproof exterior so you can capture your adventures anywhere they happen – including the golf course,” said Phil Scott, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Capture and Devices, Kodak.

Kodak also has a group of accessories which they claim will act as the "15th club in my bag." Unfortunately for Kodak, I am limited to fourteen golf clubs and so this bundle, listed below, will have to find somewhere else to rest but may help you on the driving range:

The KODAK Pocket Video Accessory Kit, sold separately, includes:
·         Mini Tripod – Set up for stationary image capture and use with remote control
·         Remote Control – Makes it easy to record your own swing
·         Memory Card – 4 GB high-speed card stores up to 80 minutes of video 1
·         Extra Battery – Provides extended use on the course and back in the clubhouse
·         Easy-carry pack – To neatly stow away in golf bag

I honestly don't know if you are willing to share over an hour of your attempts to make it out of the bunker with your Facebook friends, but perhaps you'll hand it to a member of your foursome while you make the Kodak Challenge shot of the day! The frame-by-frame playback will also help you and your coach work through any swing glitches.

The Kodak PLAYSPORT video camera has all of the makings of a nifty birthday gift (in Adrenaline Rush purple, of course) that your golf buddy would enjoy unwrapping for my their birthday (hint, hint.)

More information about the Kodak PLAYSPORT, go to

Monday, May 03, 2010

Funny Excerpt from the golf book "The Kiss that Caused My Slice"

I have taken this selection from John Ducker's new golf book, "The Kiss that Caused My Slice".  I believe you will find John's wit entertaining: I have provided you with a poem about a mythical (?) round of golf with in-laws. Enjoy!

Raising the Ante

It was the summer after our wedding, our rings still shiny and bright.
My wife planned golf with my in-laws, perhaps on the links we wouldn’t fight.

My in-laws and I don’t mix. The reasons – would take too long to compile ‘em.
They think I belong in prison. I think they belong in an asylum.

But golf was a good idea, for golf makes strange bedfellows of us all.
Why not tee it up? We could take our frustrations out on the ball.

But the day before our round, my wife turned an ankle, which swelled, blacked and blued.
“You still have to play”, she said. “Why?” I asked, “They already think I’m rude.”

So the three of us headed to the course and took some practice swings to get warm,
When my father-in-law’s cell phone rang. I sensed a brewing storm.
A work emergency had come up suddenly, and he would have to run.
“The two of you should still play,” he said. He was sorry to miss the fun.

So now it was just a twosome, and I asked my ogre-in-law about action at the tee box.
“Sure thing,” she said grinning. She’s crazy, I tell you. Crazy like a fox.

“But let’s not bet money,” she said, “No, let’s make it more interesting than that.
Let’s be honest. You think I’m nasty. I think that you’re stupid and fat.

With this match today, let’s put an end to our bickering and brawling.
For example, if you win, I promise to refrain from any early morning calling.
I’ll visit only once a year, and then for no more than four days,
I’ll stop slandering you on the internet, and I’ll accept your slovenly ways.
For birthdays I’ll send gifts that you want, rather than try to inflict my will,
And for all of the things you break at our house, I will stop sending you a bill.

Of course you, my daft son-in-law, will also have to put something in the pot.
If I win I will visit whenever I like, which might seem to you like a lot.
If victorious, I want our picture displayed, visible from your living room couch,
And we will always share Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you will not act like a grouch.

So take the bet if you want to, if not, of course, I would understand,
It is a big risk for you to take, and generally speaking, you are a cowardly man.”

“You are on!” I retorted boldly, and tried to calmly flip the tee.
“Your honor, Your Honor” I joked, and she ripped one as far as I could see.

Like a jack rabbit she parred out, seizing the early lead.
On the par three second she stuck it so close, the putt I had to concede.
And on and on and on she went, dominating the front nine.
I was panicked, and had visions of an in-law apartment running through my mind.

But after we made the turn, I started to get a couple of breaks.
And my mother-in-law struggled, and choked on a couple of must makes.

She righted the ship quickly, playing with a determination I’d never before seen.
She was two up on the 16th tee, and driving like a machine.

But number 16 was a dogleg right that played perfectly for my slice.
And she hooked one into the woods, and screamed a curse word, when ‘darn’ would have sufficed.

On 17 she found the bunker, and took three swings to get out,
All square on the 18th tee box, round 15 of the championship bout.

I put my drive in the fairway, she followed though not quite as far.
She hit the green with her second, and cleaned up the two putt par.

I was also on in two, and had a downhiller that didn’t look so fast,
But my adrenaline was pumping like a fire hose, and I knocked it six feet past.

My heart was pounding hard as I lined up that baby for the halve,
My opponent knew she couldn’t lose, and at my expense let out a laugh.

The putt was tracking from the start, but I swear that witch stared it off line,
And as it lipped out she cackled a satanic sound that reverberated through my spine.

I’d like to tell you more about that match, but I can’t. No, not today.
I’ve got to get to the airport – she lands in an hour, for a three and a half week stay.

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