Monday, August 31, 2009

Can Michelle Wie win without team support?

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Michelle Wie really wanted all of the "judges" who convinced themselves that she isn't all that great a golfer to see her in all of her glory at the Solheim Cup, and with three and a half out of a possible four points to her credit. She really shut down the naysayers!

Is the "confidence boost" that Michelle Wie used to define her week in biennial match play against Team Europe at the Solheim Cup enough to change her psyche from just another player to winner? Can she finally become the female golfer that the LPGA Tour will look towards in order to boost their own ratings?

As one of the most expressive cheerleaders of Team USA, Wie proved that she has a voice and is a solid team player to boot! This may also be the defining moment in Wie's career as well; the moment that fans will remember long after her first win, placing Michelle on the road to greatness.

Then again, maybe not...

"I think I played with as much passion as I could. I think I played with as much desire and hunger as I wanted to. I think it was absolutely phenomenal, this experience that I had," mentioned a 'hyped-up Wie.

Did Wie say, as I wanted to? Does that mean that she doesn't feel the same way about playing in singles matches? Perhaps then, MW should be playing more team golf at Stanford and less on the Tour until she conquers this fear.

In addition Michelle stated, "I did not want to come to the 18th hole, but it came down to that and I did what I can do," concluding that her nerves were jangling but in spite of it she learned to conquer her fears and just go out and play.

Wie must now play on the LPGA Tour and win an event. She must win by a large margin, not because her opponent fails but because she shows confidence and strength from within.

Congratulations to Michelle Wie and to Team USA for taking possession of the Solheim Cup for a two year stint.

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Epione, Cosmetic surgery videos said...

Michelle Wie of course is a good player but team support is necessary to win. she proves herself in Solheim Cup a few time ago. I think she could not win without support, all the best Wie.

golf club said...

No doubt, Michelle Wie is a fentastic player.. all the best to her..