Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Which Golf Drivers Are Best For Beginners?

Titleist D3 Driver
After trying some of the hottest drivers from the new Nike VR_S Covert to the latest Titleist 913D3 at the Westchester County Golf Show, it is apparent that these golf clubs were not necessarily created for golf beginners but for players who have had a bit of experience connecting with the ball (think Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy).

That being said, Golf for Beginners compiled a short list of drivers and golf clubs that are easier for beginners to feel confident about using on the golf course.

Although golf equipment guides throughout the internet rate the overall best golf drivers for 2013, which golf clubs should make its way into a beginners bag? Here are several choices newbies should consider before making this all-important purchase.

Callaway Golf XHot 3Deep1. Although not a driver, the Callaway X Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood is a great alternative for golf beginners who are not quite ready for a driver but want the distance associated with it. Phil Mickelson wanted a club that was playable off the ground and easy to hit in lieu of a driver, hence the #3Deep was born. Watch for the Callaway X Hot 3Deep at The Masters inside Phil's bag.

2. The Ping G20 Driver is stable, has a low center of gravity and, as Golf Digest mentioned in a Hotlist review, "It exudes compassion...In a word, they’ve designed confidence." Confidence is just what a beginner needs!

The Ping G25 Driver, like it's G20 predecessor, is the new Ping entrant tested by Golf Magazine and is considered very forgiving and hits very straight.I tried it and liked the light weight. Some golfers (me included) noted that the head might be a little too large...and, with it's three-way adjustability feature, the G25 just might confuse beginners.

3. Cobra AMP Cell Drivers were rated easy-to-play on the golf course, super-accurate with impressive yardage. Some guys who tested it for even thought that the color "encouraged proper alignment at address". Beginners... always remember to G.A.S.P. before hitting any of my beginner lessons.

Cobra Amp Cell Drivers

This is, by no means, the definite beginners guide to the best golf drivers currently on the market, just suggestions meant to encourage newbies in a burgeoning market filled with golf clubs of all shapes, sizes and adjustments.

When searching for a driver, beginners should consider "game-improvement" drivers, the loft of the golf club giving thought to head size, grip, shaft length and flex. As a beginner, I would stay away from adjustable heads or any other adjustments (neutral, open face, etc), until you are more comfortable hitting the club and forge a better understanding of your game.

And yes, these clubs DO come in left-handed models!

Which golf drivers do you depend on? Voice your opinion on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and on our Facebook page.

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Photo Credit: Titleist, Callaway, Cobra


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