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Top Three #Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach Worth the Trip

If you have visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on previous golf vacations, chances are you have heard of, or played, one or more of the three Mystical Golf Courses within fifteen minutes of the Coast. With over one-hundred golf courses to choose from, here are a few reasons why the Witch, Wizard and Man O'War are definitely worth a trip to the Beach!

Survival is the name of the game on the three Mystical Golf Courses:

The Season of The Witch

Although the trifecta of Witch, Wizard and Man O'War are mystical, there is an eerie ambiance as you drive your golf cart along the creaky wooden plank paths on this eighteen hole maze through the natural beauty of marsh and forestry compelling you to move strategically onward.

The Witch Golf CourseAlthough The Witch website states, "There's nothing scary about The Witch", golf blogger Andy Reistetter thinks otherwise, "witnessing the wildlife and scenic insights into the surrounding marshes will definitely cast a spell over you."

Challenging doglegs and safe landings are the name of the game at The Witch and placement should be safe or your golf ball may be engulfed by water (or maybe by an alligator...).

I plan to play a round of golf on The Witch this Halloween, enough said.

Off to See The Wizard

In a previous golf blog about Mystical Golf, I mentioned that the Wizard requires, "thought in ball placement as the second cut of rough was deep."

The Wizard Golf Course

Yes, this is a links course but there are elevation changes as well. According to, "More than 1 million cubic yards of dirt were moved to form this layout of gently rolling hills and berms." The Wizard is in amazing shape, the greens roll fast and the course is basically humbling due to the wind and the elements.

If you think this is an easy course because of online reviews you might have read, think again. The Wizard will conjure its spell upon you.

Man O'War - Ready for Battle

Man O' War is designed for the golfer who thinks about the shot before stepping up to the ball. A Golf Digest 4-Star course with beautiful atmosphere with challenging wind and water captures your ball on the ninth hole island green and throughout the round. If you like a course with personality, stunning views, immaculate fairways and greens... which bites back, this is a must-play during your stay.

Man O War Golf Course

All three Dan Maples golf courses are in prime condition, the wind and pin placement should be considered and the greens are fast and require that you roll more than just a few on the practice putting green to get your speed and line.

Myrtle Beach Revelry

Since we attend this golf writers tournament in Myrtle Beach every year, there is also a bit of revelry in addition to playing golf on these three amazing courses. We were last off the tee on day one of The Witch, so we didn't make the yearly excursion to the fabulous Alabama Theater to see the production of "One" a family-themed show which was top-notch, fun and patriotic.

We did have dinner at the River City Cafe, eating up delicious burgers at their Surfside Beach location along with a beautiful view. The wonderful buffet spreads by Sea Mist Resort were delectable, from the salmon on toast points to the most delicious roast beef I had eaten in years.

Thank you once again for your hospitality Claude Pardue and Mystical Golf, Sea Mist Resort and to all the folks in Myrtle Beach who always say, "Welcome to the Beach" and mean it!

Man O War Golf Course 18th
Stacy Captures the Flag at Man O War Golf Course!

And, to the three golf courses which put my team in the middle of the pack, as MacArthur stated, "I came through and I Shall Return". I will be better prepared and ready for battle next year.

Have you played golf at The Witch, Wizard or Man O'War? Share your thoughts on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and at the bottom of this golf blog!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Navy SEALs Rappelling Into Legends Invitational Golf Event

The Navy SEAL Museum, which honors SEALs and their predecessors for their contributions to our national security, has more support coming its way.

The 24th Annual Legends Invitational, a golf event which takes place from November 14-17, 2014 at three of the most beautiful golf courses on the Monterey coastline, Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill and Spanish Bay, will be assisting the efforts of the Museum.

Legends Invitational Golf Event

Teams of Navy SEALs, in conjunction with Legends Invitational and the Museum, will kick-off the tournament with tactical demonstrations, from parachuting maneuvers to rappelling with canines out of a helicopter onto Spanish Bay golf course. SEALs will also be "up-close-and-personal" for the duration of this one-of-a-kind golf event.

Navy SEALs Rappelling with CaninesJohn Lee, owner of the Legends Invitational and member of the Navy SEAL Museum Board stated, 

“I am proud to serve on the Navy SEAL Museum and also have the 24th Legends Invitational raise funds to support SEAL families in times of distress, provide scholarships and answer the significant needs of the Museum.”

The Navy SEAL Museum currently receives no federal funding and relies on contributions from patriotic and grateful supporters to continue to preserve Naval Special Warfare history, honor fallen heroes at the SEAL Memorial and care for warriors and families through the Trident House.

“The National Navy SEAL Museum is delighted to be the beneficiary of the 24th Legends Invitational,” said Rick Kaiser, Executive Director of the Navy SEAL Museum. “We will be invading Spanish Bay via parachute and helicopter with help from our Military Working Dog Miko.  Should be fun for all!”

In addition to the excitement and fanfare surrounding the Navy SEAL's, Celebrity Sports Legends including several of Football's Greatest will be playing in the event alongside of corporate executives and business professionals helping to secure needed funding for the SEAL's and their families.

You can also help the families of fallen SEAL's! Click on the links below to find out more:

Support The National Navy SEAL Museum

 Play in this once-in-a-lifetime golf event

Navy SEAL Museum logo
If You Got Any Closer You Would Have to Enlist

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What are the Benefits of Starting #Golf at a Young Age?

Ever think to yourself after a fun-filled day of golf, "I wish I would have started learning when I was a kid!"

Fresh air and sunshine, a walk in the park and a healthy dose of exercise are all great reasons for kids to start along the path of golf at an early age and the long term effects go far beyond the physical aspects.

kids golf

Many sports teach kids to be competitive, to work together as a team and to succeed under pressure which all translate well into the daily routine, into their school life and in their relations with other children.

Youth golf also has its advantages.

Golf has many more benefits than the above standards, as taught by groups such as the First Tee program. The sport that can last a lifetime instructs kids on the core values of honesty, courtesy towards others, on strategy and smart decisions both on and off the golf course - all positive attributes that will help in leadership roles and throughout their careers.

On a more educational level, as mentioned by a local Houston-based developer, "Golf is math, golf is English. You must calculate the break of the ball in degrees. It's just another avenue of learning."

Sounds like former NASA Physicist and short game instructor Dave Pelz who also believes that, if we can learn more about the scientific aspects of golf, we will perform better on the putting green and on the course.

Pelz also mentioned that, where adults in his class have to unlearn something before they can grasp a concept, "kids are the most voracious learners in the game. You tell them something they say, 'Oh, okay' and they start doing it that way."

Adults make the learning process more complicated and confusing but kids tend to look at golf in a more simplistic fashion -  they can break the sport down and learn to shrug off the disappointments at an early stage.

Once kids have something interesting that they have learned, they want to practice, even show-off a bit of their new found knowledge! Encourage family activities both on and off the golf course. 

Sponsors of The First Tee such as SYNLawn, fully endorse the concept of starting golf young by offering means to practice daily at home while making the sport enjoyable and accessible.

Elements of practice can be made into golf games for the whole family, and some activities such as distance control and putting can be as simple as backyard practice, on practice mats or on DIY greens right in your own home.

Although many players cite that golf is mainly a mental game and is played between your ears, let's not forget the physical benefits of the sport - that's right, golf remains a sport and will soon be a part of the Olympics!

Swinging a golf club, walking the course, proper bending and stretching before and after the round all translate into great health benefits without hurting kids physically as may be the case with other sports.

Have questions about the benefits of starting kids along the fairway of golf? Discuss with us on our Golf for Beginners blog, on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and on @SYNLawn_Golf.


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What Should Beginners Spend on Golf Clubs?

Getting started as a new golfer, whether it is for you or for the kids, can be costly and distracting! Not only do you need a set of golf clubs (remember, only fourteen allowed in your bag) but also accessories, clothing...and let's not forget a qualified instructor! Today, let's focus on golf club choices.

PGA Tour Superstore

This guest post was written by Dan Winger (see below for bio) and edited by Golf for Beginners. Enjoy.

Name brand golf clubs can cost a lot of money, dollars that could be spent on green fees for actual playing enjoyment...however, there is no substituting the quality of a name brand...or is there?

Costs of the name brand clubs average as follows:
·        Driver – $250 (My Callaway X2 Hot Driver currently retails at about $225 -Stacy)
·        Two Fairway Woods – $320
·        Irons, set of 7 – $650 My Ping Karsten Irons w/Graphite Shafts retail at around $899 -Stacy)
·        Wedges, 3 – $300
·        Putter – $130
·        Golf bag – $160

That’s an average total of $1810, a stout sum for the average guy or gal. Golf for Beginners suggests attending demo days at the very least, if that is the route you choose.

If money is no object, go for it, but there are other options. As most beginners have no idea if they’ll like the sport and stay with it, it seems more prudent to start out with a lower cost option.

Lower Cost Options
Low Cost/Used Outlets: There are several online sources of low cost and used golf equipment:
· (used-new)
·        GolfGalaxy Stores (used-new)
· (used-new)
· (used-new)
· (new)
· (new)
· (used-new)
· (used-new)

Often, you can find some excellent golf clubs from these sources. Just be sure that you are buying clubs that fit you. Ask the sales person to check the shaft flex to be sure that it’s right for you.

Garage Sales: I have several golf buddies who regularly play clubs that they bought at garage sales. If you know your swing, you’ll know if a used club will be a good fit for you. Normally this the lowest cost method to buy clubs.

Acer XDS React Titanium Driver
Clone Golf Clubs: Whatever you want to call them, knock-off golf clubs, discount golf clubs, clone golf clubs - they’ll save you money and should provide just as much playability as the name brands.

A set of new clone golf clubs (a set as described above) will cost an average of $600, one third of the price of the name brand clubs. 

The Acer XDS React Titanium Driver by Hireko, for example, is similar to Cobra and tests rate it 97/100.  At $69.95, this club is worth a swing...editor's note.

Good club hunting - there many opportunities to save some cash.

Author Bio: Dan Winger is owner/writer of 2 clone golf club review websites, DW Golf and Golf Shop Bolton.

He worked most of his professional career as a mechanical engineer/designer. Dan has been testing clone golf clubs and writing reviews since 2004. He resides in St. Joseph, Michigan, and can be reached at dwinger[at]

Have you just purchased your first set of golf clubs? Which did you choose? Tell us in our comments section and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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Best #Golf Course in Ohio? You Decide!

I received an email about Longaberger stating that it was the Best Golf Club in Ohio. After reading their note as to why, I would love to hear comments from Golf for Beginners readers to let me know if you have ever played golf there and if you agree or disagree, along with any comments you may have.

Located in Nashport, Ohio, about forty miles from downtown Columbus, the Longaberger Golf Club maintains that they have a reputation as the top rated public golf course in the state.

More accolades are listed below but GolfWorld has rated Longaberger the fourth top Public Course in America, they are number fifty-one in the US Top 100 Courses You Can Play from GOLF Magazine and have a four-and-a-half star rating from Golf Digest.

Longaberger doesn't seem to need to toot it's own horn - some of the largest magazines have already done that for them!

The Golf Course:
The Longaberger Company commissioned renowned golf course architect Arthur Mills to build the par-72, 7,243-yard parkland-style course, which opened in 1999. The course is notable for its combination of natural creeks and lakes with a varied terrain, all of which is framed by majestically tall trees. There are multiple tees on each hole, thus making the Longaberger Golf Course more accessible to less experienced players in terms of play-ability.

Longaberger golf course is known for its vast array of luxurious amenities, serene setting and unique course design, outstanding dining options and a varied collection of player development programs.

Featured prominently at the Longaberger Golf Club is a 60,000 square-foot clubhouse which provides a great place for dining and socializing, a golf pro shop where visitors can purchase top-tier golf equipment and merchandise and upscale locker rooms nestled within to complete the experience.

The Club, however, is much more than just a place to play golf. Inside the clubhouse is a full-service restaurant with a soothing aura of rich wood paneling, bay windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, an expansive outdoor verandah,and panoramic views of the 18th hole.

The unique multipurpose feel of the Longaberger Golf Club make it an ideal place for various events. The huge clubhouse, for instance, can accommodate elaborate wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate events, anniversaries, fundraisers and more.

Within its first year of existence, the Longaberger Golf Club was the recipient of Golf Digest’s Best New Upscale Public Course award for 2000. Also, Golf Week Magazine has rated the club the number one public-play course in Ohio for thirteen consecutive years, from 2002 to 2014. Other honors include being in Golf Digest’s “Top 100 Public Golf Courses in America for 2013-2014” list (at #51) and Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Courses You Can Play” list (at #55).

Planning to visit Nashport, OH? Want to play golf at Longaberger? Book a tee time and enjoy the experience.

So now, what do you think? Voice your opinion on Twitter @Golf4Beginners!

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Injured Playing Golf? Tips for Prevention

Golf is a fantastic, inclusive sport played by people of all ages and abilities. Not only is it great for fitness and weight management, the game is used as a way to relax and socialize with friends.

back injuries to golfersAs with all sports, there are some injuries in which players are particularly prone. Interestingly in golf, we see similar injuries in both professionals and amateurs, but for very different reasons.

We’re going to look at what these injuries are, why they happen and, most importantly, what amateur golfers can do to prevent them.

The most common injuries for golfers are strains and lower back injuries, mainly upper body, with the most predictable area for injury being the lower back followed by the wrist, shoulder and elbow.

For professionals, overuse is the main culprit, which is not surprising since golfers are playing for ten hours a day, six days a week. Tiger Woods is a perfect example of what can happen to a lower back with overuse and not allowing a bit of rest even after surgery - he had to shut down the remainder of his 2014 golf season.

For golf beginners and amateurs however, the causes tend to be poor technique in the swing, hitting the ground with the club and miss-hits.

Poor golf swing technique:

The golf swing is the most problematic area for golfers who sustain injuries - it’s an action that takes the body through a large range of motion, a huge amount of force is used and it’s repetitive.

For professionals, it’s clear to see how injuries can be sustained over time carrying out this sort of an action no matter how efficient their swing is and however well-adapted they are to their sport.

For amateurs, making errors in the swing can cause instant injuries, from the high impact experienced by joints and tissue when they hit the ground with the club. Amateurs also may be prone to these injuries if they are otherwise sedentary. They may have muscle weaknesses and lack flexibility leaving the joints and muscles unable to handle the sudden forces a swing puts on the body.

Over half of golfers miss games when recovering from their injuries.

When injuries do occur, professional golfers are notorious for continuing to play since the stakes are high and it’s the way they make their living. Doing this can lead to more serious injuries and ultimately more time out of the game spent in recovery!

Over half of golfers who sustain injuries will need to miss some games. Facts are, thirty percent of injured golfers will need treatment for one to two weeks and twenty-one percent will need treatment lasting over five weeks which, for a passionate golfer, whether professional or not, is a long time not to be doing something that they love.

Coaching to improve your golf swing can help prevent injuries.

Some injuries can affect a golfer’s ability long-term, so taking preventative measures are not only simple, they’ll keep you playing your best for a longer period of time.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent the most common golfing injuries:

Get coaching to improve your swing. This will make you more efficient and help you avoid things like hitting the ground or mis-hits that can easily cause injury.
Keep in shape. If you can keep strong and flexible off the golf course, your body is going to be in a much better position to take the forces and strains you put on it on the course. A balanced program of cardio, strength and flexibility training will keep you at the top of your game.
Warm-ups before a game and stretches afterwards will ease you in safely. The Apostherapy golf infographic below has some great stretches and exercises to perform before you get stuck into a game that will prep the body for what’s to come.

Of course, sometimes an injury is unavoidable. If you should get injured during a round, then stop playing immediately and seek medical attention.

Suspect a strain or sprain? Follow first aid instructions: 

  • Protect the affected area/joint by stoppping play immediately.
  • Stop moving the joint, rest, apply an ice pack to reduce swelling.
  • Compress the joint using a bandage to provide support to the area.
  • Limit movement and elevate the joint, again to reduce swelling. 

Follow your doctor’s advice and when you’re ready to begin playing again, be sure to ease yourself in gently to avoid further injury.

Ed Butler_Apostherapy UKAuthor: Ed Butler, Clinical Lead, Apostherapy UK

After graduating with a degree in Physiotherapy, Ed has been working in the field of professional sports rehabilitation. His specialist interests include acute and chronic lower limb injuries for professional sportsmen and women.

What exercises do you perform to keep in your best shape for golf season? Comment below and join the discussion on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

golf infographic

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