Friday, May 01, 2015

Best #Golf Drivers for a Beginners' Swing - 2015 Update

Have golf drivers really changed that much in the past few years and, do beginners really need the latest technology?

In an article from several years ago, claimed that, due to technological advances, the driver is "the most obsolete club in the average golfer's bag." Members in an ongoing forum on the topic state the opposite, except for the advancement of the 460cc head.

Just because club manufacturers may have introduced three new models in the past year with thinner heads and more adjustments, does that mean golfers need to go out and purchase a new driver every year?

From the hottest Titleist 915 D2 to the newest Callaway Big Bertha with all of the "bells and whistles" from weight to loft adjustment, selecting a golf driver to suit your game has certainly become a daunting task. Which club is best for a beginner, which should be chosen by a more seasoned player and how do you decide which is best for your swing?

golf drivers

Although there are drivers designed for every type of player, swing and speed, there are clubs made specifically for a newer player, golfers more apt to hit off-center or to be off balance.

If you think that you should purchase a driver and "grow into it", think again. Some drivers on the market are designed with all of the bells and whistles to enhance a golf swing, not necessarily created for golf beginners but for players who have had more than a bit of experience connecting with the ball (better amateurs, the next up-and-coming Jordan Spieth or Bubba Watson...)

A newer player should not be saddled with letting the club draw the ball - this lesson should be taught to you by a professional instructor.


Yes, it is definitely fun turning a screw and twisting the hosel or head to be able to draw the ball or to have a higher loft. Again, I stress the importance of learning the correct way to adjust the ball flight is through proper instruction. For many folks who continually slice, for example, an adjustable driver might help when you're heading into a business "tournament" and need to straighten up for the boss...

Instead of running through a store grabbing drivers that you might have seen on a commercial, in Jordan Spieth's hand at the Masters, or regaled about by golfers on social media sites, try a demo day or head over to your local golf store for a free custom club fitting and try swinging a few clubs in a hitting booth.

One suggestion when finally deciding on a driver? Make sure the shaft is the right one for you. Have a professional measure you for correct length and that the shaft weight and flex are in tune with your game.

Ready, get set go! Golf for Beginners has chosen three drivers to update our 2013 article "Which Golf Drivers Are Best for Beginners?" that should make it easier to instill confidence for beginners as well as for the average amateur on the golf course.

1. Callaway XR Driver: When I switched from my Titleist 905T to the Callaway X2 Hot (hot, hot), I buried my face in my hands, wondering if I would ever hit the ball as long as I did. After several swings of the driver, I put the Titleist in the bag of clubs collecting dust in the garage.

This XR Driver is built for speed and has less face weight with R•MOTO Face Technology. This Callaway is quite a looker, its lightweight and aerodynamic and, when you need a bit more loft or change of lie, it is available to you.

Cobra Golf Fly-Z Drivers
2. Cobra Fly-Z Driver: Another driver company which believes that making the club lighter and redirecting weight will have you hitting like a pro. Cobra claims ultimate forgiveness for off-center hits and a face that turns heads.

Beautiful colors but my only concern for less experienced players is choosing from all of the loft and swing weight variations available.

3. Ping G25: Although Ping makes three different G30 models, I tried the G25 and believe that this is a driver which you can grow into. Solid trajectory and forgiveness inspire confidence. Although I finally selected the Callaway X2 Hot driver for my swing, I did choose the new Ping Karsten Irons as my set...and love them.

Ping has its own fitting system so it is important to visit a golf store like PGA Tour Superstore if you are interested in trying this club. A fitter is on-hand ready to unscrew head from shaft and talk to you about your game and your needs.

Which golf drivers have you tried and which did you finally decide on? Are you happy with your decision? Let us know on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and on this golf blog.

photo:, Callaway Golf, Corbra Golf


Richie said...

Great article for the beginners like us . I am a new in this game and enjoying the adventure.

Unknown said...

I always like to leave comments whenever I see something impressive. I appreciate your expert article!

Unknown said...

Do many golfers mix and match brands of clubs? As a newbie, I'm hoping that the G30 driver will suit me as I bought the G30 irons and would like a matching set purely for aesthetics.

Golf for Beginners - Stacy said...

Hi Paul,

I don't think many golfers have one set with all matching names in their bags. My driver is a Callaway X2 Hot, 3 & 5 woods are Titlest, My irons are Ping Karsten and my wedges are Titleist Vokey Spin Milled. How's that for a mixed bag?

vobichthi1212 said...

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