Thursday, June 02, 2011

Jamaica golf vacation at Breezes Runaway Bay during Women's Golf Month!

Jamaica is an island nation where over one-million visitors vacation each year. Feelings conjured up when thinking about "Xaymaca" a.k.a. "land of wood and water" are tropical breezes against my skin, green fairways and, as the locals say, "Irie"!  Imagine the excitement I felt being selected as one of five women writers to travel on a fun-filled ladies golf getaway to Breezes Runaway Bay Resort Jamaica!

Since June is Women's Golf Month and the trip coincides with my birthday, this was an offer to graciously accept!

Map of Jamaica
 Map of Jamaica

An early flight (only three hours) from New York to Montego Bay, will leave an entire day to get acquainted with the twenty-two acre, all-inclusive Breezes Runaway Bay Resort and Golf Club. On the northwest coast of Jamaica, MOBay is not only known for its natural beauty but also for it's vibrant nightlife, which, for those who read my golf vacation blogs, is one of the big three important items on my great vacation checklist: natural beauty, nightlife within reach, and, of course...great golf courses!

Breezes Jamaica is considered "super-inclusive", which means everything from food, drinks and land and water sports is included within the Runaway Bay beachfront property...NO tipping...which is good because my bathing suit doesn't have pockets!

Breezes Runaway Bay Jamaica
 Breezes Runaway Bay Jamaica

Although there is no need to leave the resort, I have been offered a choice of excursions seen below.

Which would you choose?

·         “Encounter” or swim with dolphins

·         Dune Buggy Adventure

·         Zipline Canopy

·         River tubing

·         ATV Safari

Ask me and I will reveal my decision!

SuperClubs Golf Club at Runaway Bay, a PGA-quality golf course once home to the Heineken World Cup Western Hemisphere Qualifying Tournament and the Jamaica Open, is now connected to the resort through an underground tunnel. I will definitely be taking a video golf lesson, playing a few rounds and reporting on the amenities!

My plans also include my first Scuba lesson at the Gold Palm Five-Star PADI facility, putting on some outdoor gear and taking a hiking, and a spa treatment!

Although I'm going to get away from the daily grind for a few days, a WI-FI connection will keep pictures and updates of my activities at Jamaica Breezes Runaway Bay Resort flowing through Facebook, Twitter and through the Golf for Beginners blog so stay tuned.

Rest and relaxation for me this coming week are a hammock away.


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