Monday, August 10, 2009

Michelle Wie takes rightful place on Solheim Cup team. Also, How many Buicks does Tiger Woods need, throw your ball at the tee and Forsgate CC

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Michelle Wie has overcome yet another obstacle on the yellow-brick-road to greatness with her selection onto the Solheim Cup team. The question is, will she assist her fellow teammates or will heatstroke prevail, forcing Beth Daniel to place her on the sidelines?

Wie has been given exemptions and handouts by the powers-that-be for so long that many people are wondering whether or not she deserves this honor and if she will make the most of it come "crunch time".

The choice of using Michelle Wie happens to be the right one for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is that the ladies on either Solheim Cup team will become better known and their popularity within their sphere will rise.

Michelle Wie also deserves to be selected this time. In spite of the fact that this is her first year on the LPGA Tour, Wie has risen to thirteenth position on the points list due to an eleventh place finish at the Women's British Open. Although Wie has not won an event yet as a rookie, give her a chance...there have only been sixteen events to date with another major and half a season remaining to make her mark.

The choice to put Juli Inkster on the team is similar to the Wie decision in that Inkster has been without a win for three seasons. Experience is where the two part company and Juli has plenty with eight appearances under her belt. Inkster is a consummate team player with a 14-8-5 career record and has not lost a single match in eleven years which makes her a great choice for this event.

During the announcement of the final selection, Michelle was asked how it feels to her to be one of two captain's picks. Wie replied, "It was one of my biggest goals this year and I'm just so excited to be wearing this jacket and this hat and to be representing my country; it's such a thrill for me. I'm just so honored and so thankful that Beth picked me and I'll do my best not to let her down."

Will Team Wie (oh, I mean Team USA) get along and will Michelle become an integral part of the LPGA after offering an assist or will she fade into obscurity offering tons of fodder to those who believe her to be a second-rate LPGA golfer?

USA Solheim Cup Team with Michelle Wie (bottom left)

Golf for Beginners also discusses Tiger Woods' return to the winners circle and a great drill from Gia Bocra-Liwski, golf professional at Forsgate Country Club.

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