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John Daly interview. Also, an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent that works!

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John Daly says that he is finally done with the "drama" in his life, has signed an endorsement deal with both an energy drink company and Loudmouth Clothes and is returning to the PGA Tour at the St. Jude Championship next week courtesy of a sponsor's exemption. He will also attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open. Another major win? Daly maintains that his confidence, his fighting spirit and his "feel for the game" will direct him in a positive direction.

Daly has played solidly in Europe, honing his skills with the assistance of golf instructor Rick Smith and believes he is "ready to play" on the PGA Tour. After the BMW Championship, JD mentioned to the Associated Press, "I'm not going to be (half-trying) like I've done in the past. I know I may not play the tour if something good doesn't happen. It's making me work harder."

John enjoys connecting with his fans on a regular basis through social marketing websites, Facebook and Twitter, tweeting to keep them up-to-date on his life journey. In fact, that is precisely how I met Daly. His responsiveness is precisely why I decided to follow him on Twitter.

After communicating for some time, I asked him if I could email him a few sentences longer than 140 characters. Well, the Lion responded and here is the result of our email contact.

John Daly
What are you and Coach Rick Smith working on?
Daly: Finish the backswing and shorten my putting stroke.

It seems almost every one on Tour these days pairs a mental coach alongside of swing coaches. Do you have a mental game coach and, if so, what kind of thoughts are you instilling?
Daly: I use my golf coach Rick Smith and we try to set goals and positive re-inforcement.

What charges you up during a tournament?
Daly: Having a good round prior to a tournament start.

How do get rid of negative thoughts during a round?
Daly: Make a birdie.

Are you afraid of anything?
Daly: Snakes, gators and ex-wives.

Golfers always played in funky clothes. Now that you're playing in Loudmouth Clothes, people are taking notice. Do you think its the clothes or that you are wearing them or both?
Daly: Both

Do you think it's becoming a necessity for sports celebrities to connect with their fans or are you just interested in what your fans are thinking?
Daly: I have always been interested in my fans.

Does Twitter fascinate you and why?
Daly: I like that I can send messages direct to my fans and it comes from me.

Do you use other social networking sites?
Daly: Facebook and Follow John Daly on Twitter.

A 66 at the Italia Open, good results all around on the European Tour with the BMW PGA Championship just around the corner. Do you feel the European Tour is affording you a way to hone your game for when you are reinstated into the PGA Tour?
Daly: The European Tour guys are just as great as the US PGA Tour guys.

Have you had any conversations with the powers that be on the PGA Tour regarding with which event you will be reinstated?
Daly: Yes, June 1st.

Do you think your suspension was fair and, agree or not, do you think the suspension helped you as a person?
Daly: No, I don't think it was fair at all, further mentioning to the AP, "I don't really feel I deserved to be suspended, but I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm going to turn it into a positive. I'm getting my life back in order and I'm more organized."

Does good golf mimic good life or is one of the qualities of being a successful pro the ability to overcome it (obstacles)?
Daly: Good Golf means a more confident life both personal and in my game.

Right now, if you could choose the Race to Dubai or FedEx Cup which one would you dedicate yourself to and why?
Daly: I would like to do both.

John Daly is currently focusing his efforts on the Race to Dubai where he has a shot at the $1.6 million dollar prize. Daly is ninety-fourth in the standings and only the top seventy competitors are eligible to compete in the season-ending Dubai World Championship. There is plenty of time left to make a move and, with Daly's commitment to his future growing day-by-day, we might just see the Lion roaring in the winner's circle!

Golf for Beginners show also includes a discussion about the new, environmentally friendly Bug Bam mosquito repellent.

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