Monday, April 26, 2010

Dave Stockton helps Taylor Made and Rossa create easy Corza Ghost putter

Taylor Made, with the help of putting instructor Dave Stockton, has created a good looking, supposedly easy-to-use putter called the "Corza Ghost".

Yes, it really is all white as opposed to metallic (hence the name), and it even has a hole in the back as if an eye was eerily staring up at you but the new Rossa putter is hardly spooky.

The intent was to come up with an exceptionally easy to aim easy to use putter to roll your golf ball down its intended line.

Rossa senior director, Bill Price said, "We started with the intention of designing a putter that's easier to aim than any other. That led us to experiment with a white finish. We consulted Dr. Steven A. Hitzeman, a professor at the Indiana School of Optometry and he felt we were onto something."

Why consult with an Optometrist? Can an eye doctor unlock the key to correct putting?

"The high contrast between white and green maximizes stimulation to the retina and highlights the head's shape and features. The contrast would be lower if the putter were black or gray because these colors are closer in luminance to the color of the putting green than white," said Dr. Hitzeman, who is also a past president of the Indiana Optometric Association and a past chairman of the American Optometric Association's Sports Vision Section.

"White creates the biggest difference in luminance, hence maximizing contrast and promoting focus. Many golfers use the leading edge of the putter as part of their alignment strategy (by positioning the edge perpendicular to the imagined target line). This high contrast for the leading edge gives the golfer the best chance of squaring up the putter face at address. Also, the lines on the top of the putter are painted black to achieve maximum contrast against the white surface of the putter. All of these high-contrast alignment elements give the golfer the best possible chance of accurately aiming the putter."

Jack Nicklaus won the 1967 U.S. Open with the Bullseye "white fang" putter making eight birdies in his final round. He said it was to reduce glare from the sun.

Rossa engineers also placed "three black alignment lines on the crown and a circular hole in the back of the putterhead, offering several different options to focus on to lock in your aim. 

"You can focus on the topline to aim Ghost," said Bret Wahl, senior director of iron, wedge and putter development, "or you can focus on the alignment lines to visually connect the circular hole and your ball to lock in your aim. The point is that you've got options, each one highly effective."

 No More "Hot Spots"

Hot spots occur when sunlight hits the top of the putter and distracts a golfer's focus away from the putterhead, the alignment system, and aiming the putter squarely down the target-line. The white finish turns the putter into a ghostly image that keeps hot spots from glaring into your eyes.

Rossa's tour-proven AGSI®+ (Anti-skid Groove System Insert) Technology. is built right into the Corza Ghost.

AGSI+ features 14 polymer-filled grooves in the face that "hold" the ball briefly at impact to promote forward spin for a smoother roll and more accurate results. The AGSI+ insert, in concert with the putterhead's extremely high MOI, also delivers superior consistency in forward roll on off-center hits, something not shown in tests of other popular putters.

This model is a mallet, a forgiving putter feature and two more Rossa Corza shapes are due out this spring. With a retail price of $159, it seems only fair to give this new putter technology a chance. Of course, it is usually not the putter but the golfer behind the stick that determines his or her game. With that in mind and with the wealth of putters currently on the market, putting is purely derived of comfort and, if you roll in a few good putts you might give it a place it in your bag this season.

For more information on the Rossa Corza Ghost putters, visit Taylor Made.

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Patricia Hannigan said...

The Putter is without a doubt the most fascinating of all the clubs. The diversity of designs is extraordinary and each different design seems to have certain players passionately committed to it. I like to try them all in hopes that I might fall in love one of these days.

Stacy Solomon said...

Hi Patricia,

Nice to hear from you!

I am also intrigued with the putter, especially the new Rossa Corza Ghost. The scientific design is also quite creative.

You are right about the need to fall in love with your putter. I have several in my house staring at least with the New Ghost, it stares right back!

All the best,

Stacy :-)