Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday golf gifts for every budget. Great deals from Callaway, uPro GPS and more!

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How many times have you received a golf gift from someone who has never played the game? Although well intentioned, you secretly think, "that's another one for the junkbox!"

Never fear! Instead of tossing this year's presents into an attic filled with useless golf accessories, download this week's show onto your beloved's iPod and give them an idea of what should really be stuffed into your stocking!

In addition to a great list of stocking stuffers from retailers such as Swing Reminders, Thumb Caddy and Fine Tune Golf, we also opine on a few interesting new products from some of the most popular merchandisers in golf.

For example, Callaway Golf has just introduced a fine, new set of golf clubs, the GEMS set, specifically designed for a beginner woman golfers game. The colorful GEMS set comes complete with a stand bag, Odyssey two-ball putter as well as a mix of i-brids and woods using state-of the-art design to get a higher handicapper's golf ball airborne and moving forward! Pair these clubs with Callaway's HX Pearl Golf Ball, also designed specifically for women, place under the Christmas tree and spend some great twilight moments with the one you love!

The hottest gifts this season are golf GPS systems and the newest and coolest one of those has got to be the uPro! A color screen with available "flyovers" makes you feel as if you are previewing the action from the blimp. In addition, their is no subscription fee and basic downloads are free. Try playing golf knowing the distance of your shots and you will dramatically improve your accuracy.

Every golfer needs to know the rules for when, not if, the ball gets into trouble. The easy-to-read, "2008-2011 Golf Rules Quick Reference Guide" is a bestseller because of it's glossy, user-friendly illustrations. Most answers can be found without ever opening the guide and it's available in over twenty languages!

This week's Golf for Beginners broadcast is not complete without gifts for the golfer who could use the essentials! No duffer can have enough tees or golf balls, but listen to a few of the other gifts we have in mind and you will definitely say, "I should have thought of that!"

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