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Tiger Woods makes TIME hero list. Maybe comic superhero next? Target golf: think small.

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“It's difficult to think of you as a loser, but hey, you're a loser." sniggled David Feherty, as he interviewed Tiger Woods after a mediocre performance at Quail Hollow.

You can lose but that certainly doesn't make you a loser...

Of course the above was said jokingly as Woods could never never be a loser. Aside from his recent victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Tiger has a total of sixty-six career PGA Tour wins under his belt with some events (like the Buick Invitational) being won six times by Woods!

But did pre-surgery Tiger have better survival instincts?

Before the ailments, with a bum knee, Tiger limped to victory at the U.S. Open. The 2009 version, as mentioned on Backspin, has had issues "closing all year." Usually in the hunt with golfers sweating on the back nine, Tiger has been four-over on the last three holes of events he has played in this season. Maybe having kids has made Woods a bit soft?

But Tiger golf is in no way related to the rest of the field. Out of the five events he has played in 2009, Tiger came in top-twenty and better and is currently poised in tenth position in the FedEx Cup race with plenty of golf left to play.

Perhaps Johnny Miller said it best recently when he compared Tiger and Phil Mickelson (although any name can be switched-out in place of Lefty):

“Phil has as much horsepower in his car as Tiger. It’s just that the lug nuts aren’t tightened down as much."

It is because Tiger Woods is "a model for how athletes should conduct themselves" that Roger Federer wrote why Woods deserves to be listed as a hero and icon among Time's Top 100 movers and shakers (see below for link information). Respect for the history of the game, a class attitude and his philanthropic efforts also helped Tiger gain the admiration of the internet users who voted him onto the list.

Could superhero status be far behind? Will we one day see Tiger Woods in his very own comic book saving the world from trechery?

Others on the list that have shaped the world this year include President Obama and wife Michelle, Edward Kennedy and even Bernie Madoff! Yes, on this list we have the good, the bad and the ugly!

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