Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Share Your Golf Swing with the Kodak PLAYSPORT Camera

Kodak Playsport Camera
Kodak's tiny new PLAYSPORT video camera is adorable: it's also lightweight, waterproof, it can take a fall or two as well as help you to analyze your golf swing at close range in high-definition.

But what makes this $150 video camera worth its purchase price?  Storage room within my golf bag is limited and, being a similar size to my uPro GPS, I may get the two confused while groping around for it.

Here are some of the key features which Kodak insists will enhance My Golf Experience:

·         Video action print – Included in the built-in software. With the click of a mouse, any swing can automatically be turned into a 9-up video action print showing start-to-finish snapshots that are great for analysis and comparison.

·         Easy playback and upload – Playback on your HDTV television with included HDMI cable, or upload to YouTube and Facebook with the included USB cable and built-in software.

·         Slow-motion playback speeds – A variety of playback speeds, plus frame-by-frame stop action to allow golfers (and their coaches) to analyze every swing movement.

·         Five image capture modes – From 5MP stills to full 1080p HD video, including 720p/60 fps which is ideal for capturing golf swings and other high-speed action.

·         Electronic image-stabilization – Helps you get sharper videos and less blur.

·         Made for rugged outdoor use – Has an LCD Glare Shield feature and is waterproof up to 10 feet (so if I fall into a creek on the course, I can capture videos of all of the floating golf balls.)

"The KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera combines the superior quality and features of our HD digital video cameras with a rugged, waterproof exterior so you can capture your adventures anywhere they happen – including the golf course,” said Phil Scott, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Capture and Devices, Kodak.

Kodak also has a group of accessories which they claim will act as the "15th club in my bag." Unfortunately for Kodak, I am limited to fourteen golf clubs and so this bundle, listed below, will have to find somewhere else to rest but may help you on the driving range:

The KODAK Pocket Video Accessory Kit, sold separately, includes:
·         Mini Tripod – Set up for stationary image capture and use with remote control
·         Remote Control – Makes it easy to record your own swing
·         Memory Card – 4 GB high-speed card stores up to 80 minutes of video 1
·         Extra Battery – Provides extended use on the course and back in the clubhouse
·         Easy-carry pack – To neatly stow away in golf bag

I honestly don't know if you are willing to share over an hour of your attempts to make it out of the bunker with your Facebook friends, but perhaps you'll hand it to a member of your foursome while you make the Kodak Challenge shot of the day! The frame-by-frame playback will also help you and your coach work through any swing glitches.

The Kodak PLAYSPORT video camera has all of the makings of a nifty birthday gift (in Adrenaline Rush purple, of course) that your golf buddy would enjoy unwrapping for my their birthday (hint, hint.)

More information about the Kodak PLAYSPORT, go to

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