Monday, July 29, 2013

Golf Courses and the Environment Infographic

Golf courses provide many community and recreational benefits, but the majority of golfers don't realize that their beloved putting green can also provide a substantial ecological benefit. 

Sam Moser provided the below infographic to Golf for Beginners and we would like to share it with our readers. 

Moser is a freelance content writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. When Sam is not writing, he spends time travelling around the world with his family and enjoying the great outdoors. He has most recently been writing for Play Golf BC.

Written by Sam Moser and Infographic contributed by Play Golf BC.

Golf courses are great community green spaces that enhance wildlife habitats, even though they have to be maintained with unnatural products. According to the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, even a golf course that is properly maintained using pesticides and fertilizers is considered safe for the environment, based on excessive scientific research. 

This infographic below lists a variety of golf course benefits that the average golfer may not be aware of:

Golf Courses and Environment Infographic

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tips to Boost Your Golf Game Through Massage

Do you ache after a round of golf, popping an Advil or Aleve and wonder how your back or shoulders could hurt so much after engaging in such a low-impact sport? Perhaps you need to consider a short massage and stretch BEFORE you get out on the golf course!

According to, PGA Tour players such as Luke Donald and Rickie Fowler consider pre-game massage a "necessity" in order "utilize the body's full range of motion." 

Stress can also derail players as muscles will tighten at the mere thought of hitting a poor shot.

Golf for Beginners has put together a few golf tips in order to loosen up those muscles and de-stress before, and during, a round:

  • Pre-Game Stretch: Even if you arrive late to the golf course and only have only five minutes to spare, your body will thank you if you take the time to loosen your muscles...warm-up!

  • Golf Ball Roll: My friend and fellow blogger, Patricia Hannigan aka The Golf Girl, offered a simple yet effective suggestion for easing hand muscles by rolling a golf ball over the palms of your hands. Not only will applying gentle pressure to the palm of your hand relieve tightness but Hannigan suggests that it may also alleivate sinus problems (one of my recurring ailments).

  • Golf club hand massage: Michelle Merhib, licensed massage therapist and founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage, mentioned in her blog that golf clubs can be used for more than just for hitting the ball. Try using the rubber end of a golf club for a quick hand massage. Apply pressure to the base of the thumb and your palm; make circles with your hand in that area and move the rubber end around to hit all the pressure points.

  • Massage your Mind! Golf State of Mind guru, David MacKenzie, described a few ways in which Phil Mickelson stayed mentally fit during The Open. 
  1. Play without fear...confidence is key!
  2. Stay in the Present.
  3. Don't dwell on past shots...relax and enjoy!

  • Don't forget to cool-down after a round of golf with a stretch and a rub to limit cramping. Reader's Digest even suggests that aside from speeding up muscle recover, a quick massage after a workout "may help encourage waste removal".

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photo credits:,  The Golf Girl

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tiger Woods the Sexiest Golfer at 2013 British Open?

If you watch enough golf, you'll hear or read EVERYTHING, including a recent survey from a website where women have selected Tiger Woods as the Sexiest Golfer at the 2013 British Open!

No, I am not a proponent of infidelity but a press release was sent to Golf for Beginners by the site Victoria Milan, Europe´s original discreet social network, which asked members who they believed to be the hottest golfer at The Open and, out of over 3,225 cheating ladies, Tiger Woods came in first with 27% of the votes. Adam Scott was a close second with 25% of the votes and Sergio Garcia held the third position with 14% of the ladies.

Tiger Woods Sexiest Golfer at The Open

Tiger, it is believed, earned his rank based on his history of high-profile infidelity. Woods' divorce from Elin received worldwide attention and is notorious as one of the most expensive break-ups the world has ever seen. 

Considering Tiger's "bad-boy" image and the site's penchant for infidelity, I wonder how Adam Scott got to 2nd place...oh yes, that was his finish in the 2012 Open ;-)  And Sergio? Another bad boy but, certainly not tops on the sexy list of golfers IMO.

Company founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal stated: 

“It makes perfect sense that golf captures the senses of cheaters! The quiet tension builds hole by hole until it's broken by wild applause, and the 19th hole parties are legendary. And, of course, the sport itself represents luxury and opulence. Our members are definitely going to be found in the British Open crowd!”

*Results of the Survey conducted 3225 female members.

Tiger Woods 27%
Adam Scott 25%
Sergio Garcia 14%
Luke Donald 11%
Justin Rose 9%
Graeme McDowell 6%
Nicolas Colsaerts 3%
Phil Mickelson 2%
Ernie Els 2%
Rory Mcilroy 1%

Should Tiger Woods be flattered by this distinction? 

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Will Scotland Golf Courses be overrun with American Tourists?

Scotland will make it's US television network debut this weekend and, with a huge potential audience, will Americans revisit the bonnie home of golf?

Although, according to BBC Newsdomestic tourism to Scotland (in 2011) rose by eight percent, an overall international decline has made it a prudent decision to advertise and join forces with US Television showing the Scottish Open (and hopefully the familiar face of Phil Mickelson... unless he MC's again).

A new television advertisement has also been created with golfers in mind to showcase not only Tartan but the beauty of the Scottish terrain (see video below).

First Minister Alex Salmond who launched this campaign said, "During the Scottish Open, we have a captive global audience of golf fans so this is the ideal opportunity to give Scottish golf the biggest ever push. The fact that the tournament is being broadcast on American network television, to tens of millions of US viewers, is a fantastic endorsement for Castle Stuart, and the Scottish Open."

Scotland Welcomes the World

I would not necessarily agree with Mr. Salmond's "captive audience" statement. With the advent of TiVo and the ability to watch TV sans commercials, Nielsen ratings report that people aren't watching broadcasts the way they once did...the percentage of people who prefer computer viewing to TV is on the rise. How many people use the mute button or pull out their smartphone as soon as a commercial comes on the screen?

Aside from TV commercials Scotland is also pushing its message online. Donald Trump is also helping to spread the word about Scotland; Robb Report voted his Aberdeenshire golf course as the best golf course in the world!

Trump Golf Scotland Aberdeenshire

With the 2014 Ryder Cup being played at the PGA Centenary Course created by Jack Nicklaus and Scotland golf courses like Turnberry, St. Andrews Old Course and Muirfield among the dreams of anyone who has ever carried a bag of golf clubs, Scotland Welcomes the World. How will the world respond?

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Why De Rigueur Tartan is Fashion Forward Golf Clothing for The Open Championship

Scots call the pattern Tartan and use it ceremoniously as a symbol of Scottish history and pride; Americans named it Plaid while taking on a lighter approach to this centuries old textile weave. 

Both sides of the Pond do agree that, when it comes to golf, Tartan is a must-have fashion statement for players at The Open Championship.

From the ever spiffy Ian Poulter who has themed his golf clothing and his brand, IJP Design, around the tartan pattern to European Team Captain Paul McGinley who has graciously added his personal touch to a specially-made model to commemorate the 2014 Ryder Cup, tartan has made its way from a Gaelic lineage to a cultural phenomenon.

You might even spot Tiger Woods wearing the bold pattern on the golf course one day as Nike has recently registered its own Tartan "Clan Colors" in May at the BMW PGA Championship

The Nike Golf clothing range of tartan fashion includes everything from the expected Nike Golf shorts and pants to Nike Tartan Golf Bags!

Tiger Woods plaid
Too casual for Tiger Woods on the Golf Course but okay at the NBA Finals

With The Open Championship announcing "Thursday is Tartan day", the majority of players will be dressed in the Tartan pant.  

This Nike Golf Plaid Pant in Squadron Blue is a good example how a player can not only look good on the golf course but feel comfortable during the entire round. A lightweight, Dri-Fit fabric combined with an understated design provides function and fashion wow:

Nike Golf Plaid Pants

Check out more fashion-forward golf clothing from Function18.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

How Boosting Your Confidence Will Improve Your Golf Performance

Is the mental game of golf more important than the physical nature of the sport? Dr. Bob Rotella stated, "having control of your mind and using it properly can separate you from the competition, whether it's at your club or on the PGA Tour."

Enjoy this guest golf blog written by US Grass and Greens which explains How Visualization and Boosting your Confidence will Improve your Golf Performance.

"Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears." - Bobby Jones

Picture the perfect shot you want to hit in your mind. Imagine the ball slowly rolling towards its intended target and then finally hitting that sweet spot where everything feels perfect and the world makes sense. Perhaps you hear the all-too-familiar "thunk" sound as the ball sinks into the place it was, in your opinion, always destined to be. Visualizing the arc of your swing BEFORE you actually hit the ball engages your state of mind, relaxes your body, and gives you a sense of purpose.


Imagining a positive outcome to your game is one of the many visualization methods that golfers - both amateur and professional - use when they need to calm their nerves, and to help banish any anxious and/or worried feelings they have about their own shortcomings. Sure, it can sound a little too pompously highfalutin', but it's a psychological technique that players swear by. Never think of the result of messing up your shot, because this can eventually contaminate your confidence and lead to a disastrous swing in real life!

The two principal traits that you need to boost your inner-confidence are focus and concentration.

Utilizing both of these characteristics is key to your success on the green, because aggressive, obnoxious and negative energy will never yields anything but bad results.

You may have read famous quotes, such as Gardner Dickinson's "They say golf is like life, but don't believe them. Golf is more complicated than that", or Bob Hope's legendary "If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf" line. Essentially, both of these words of wisdom draw attention to a highly emotional state where a simple game of golf becomes EVERYTHING to you. All-encompassing, all-pervading, omnipresent: To win is to live and to lose is to fail, to fail at life itself. Yes, a game can become that grandiose at times in some people's minds.

But that shouldn't be the case. Golf, after all, is a GAME. We all know that it's played professionally all over the world with millions of dollars at stake but, first and foremost, it's a game to enjoy. Games are played for fun, no matter how competitive they get. It's important to remember how to maintain a pleasant, optimistic, lighthearted disposition and, ultimately, you need to enjoy yourself.

"Golf is a day spent in a round of strenuous idleness." - William Wordsworth

Additionally, a little modesty is always nice in any competitive game, and know-it-all "I win everything!" types of players are unbearable to play either against or alongside. Because golf is a Gentlemen's Game built on the fundamental notions of both etiquette and mutual respect, a quiet kind of confidence is the mainstay of a strong mindset that positively encourages and supports a great game. Some people may have the tendency of focusing on what is going right or wrong with their game. However, lending frequent attention to your wrongdoings can end up becoming a distraction that actually interferes with the confidence you require.

To reiterate: Concentrate on what you're doing correctly, and don't dwell on what's going wrong. Examine what you're doing right, so that you can build upon your strengths and hone your particular skill set. The road of self-improvement is a long, bumpy and arduous one, but not without its inherent rewards.

Many see practice as not enough, but it's obviously a good start. Phil Mickelson once commented: "Last year my confidence just slowly, slowly dwindled. After the time off I took and the work I accomplished on my conditioning and my game, I couldn't wait to get out and start playing. I was just itching." When stuck in an extended rut of poor game playing, nothing seems to go well. But golfing confidence is about feeling good about your skills and retaining positive thoughts every time you play.

"They say 'practice makes perfect.' Of course, it doesn't. For the vast majority of golfers it merely consolidates imperfection." - Henry Longhurst

U.S. Grass and Greens
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