Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tips to Boost Your Golf Game Through Massage

Do you ache after a round of golf, popping an Advil or Aleve and wonder how your back or shoulders could hurt so much after engaging in such a low-impact sport? Perhaps you need to consider a short massage and stretch BEFORE you get out on the golf course!

According to, PGA Tour players such as Luke Donald and Rickie Fowler consider pre-game massage a "necessity" in order "utilize the body's full range of motion." 

Stress can also derail players as muscles will tighten at the mere thought of hitting a poor shot.

Golf for Beginners has put together a few golf tips in order to loosen up those muscles and de-stress before, and during, a round:

  • Pre-Game Stretch: Even if you arrive late to the golf course and only have only five minutes to spare, your body will thank you if you take the time to loosen your muscles...warm-up!

  • Golf Ball Roll: My friend and fellow blogger, Patricia Hannigan aka The Golf Girl, offered a simple yet effective suggestion for easing hand muscles by rolling a golf ball over the palms of your hands. Not only will applying gentle pressure to the palm of your hand relieve tightness but Hannigan suggests that it may also alleivate sinus problems (one of my recurring ailments).

  • Golf club hand massage: Michelle Merhib, licensed massage therapist and founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage, mentioned in her blog that golf clubs can be used for more than just for hitting the ball. Try using the rubber end of a golf club for a quick hand massage. Apply pressure to the base of the thumb and your palm; make circles with your hand in that area and move the rubber end around to hit all the pressure points.

  • Massage your Mind! Golf State of Mind guru, David MacKenzie, described a few ways in which Phil Mickelson stayed mentally fit during The Open. 
  1. Play without fear...confidence is key!
  2. Stay in the Present.
  3. Don't dwell on past shots...relax and enjoy!

  • Don't forget to cool-down after a round of golf with a stretch and a rub to limit cramping. Reader's Digest even suggests that aside from speeding up muscle recover, a quick massage after a workout "may help encourage waste removal".

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photo credits:,  The Golf Girl


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Golf is game of palms and wrist. I love golf. This game is very good option for the weekend.

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Pat Mullaly said...

All great information... both pre and post rounds! I try to stretch and hit a few balls to warm up... never thought about a massage, but that hand massage idea is a good one...just to get the hands warm and relaxed. Thanks.

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Golf is a sport. It requires hand-eye coordination just like any other sport that has a ball and an instrument to strike the ball with.

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