Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Often Do You Play Nine Holes of #Golf Instead of Eighteen?

Visitng the "Golf, Nothing More" Discussion Group on Facebook, I read an interesting post about USGA Play-9 Day. What a great promotion, I thought to myself!

Encouraging participation in golf is not an easy task but, if we can make the game quicker to play and rally more folks who may be beginners or business owners who sit behind a desk all day (like myself, ahem) to get out and enjoy some much needed fresh air and sunshine, the USGA Play-9 Day could increase future rounds and a golfers' fun factor.

"In 2014, the USGA Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN®) recorded a thirteen percent increase from 2013 in nine-hole rounds posted in the two months after the program’s launch."

Not everyone in this Facebook social media group agreed that nine holes of golf is better; several members fired back at the group with, "Never" but, for the most part, golfers seemed to like the idea citing time as the main reason for hopping on the front or back nine bandwagon.

Personally speaking, and as I mentioned above, I sit behind a desk for much of the day, in spurts, and my lack of a five-hour plus block of time stops me from getting out for a full round of golf. My husband and I have always enjoyed a round of twilight golf so, sometimes, when the course is slow, we might even drop a few balls and practice our short game, bunker shots and putting. Also, with the sunset as a backdrop to a beautiful scene, it makes for a great hand-holding (or high-five) date.

Play 9 Golf Day

Play 9 Day is set for July 29th so, if you were thinking about getting out for a round of golf but time and life are getting in the way, this is a great day to push all cares aside, grab your clubs, your buds and/or loved one and get out into the fresh air and sunshine. But, don't make nine holes of golf a once-a-year event; half a course is better than playing none at all!

Do you play nine holes or do you believe that eighteen is the only way? Voice your opinion on Golf for Beginners golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.



Stinky Golfer Greg ( said...

9-holes is all I've played this year - with two toddlers there's not much time for more. I used to be an 18-hole guy but the game is just so slow (especially on public courses). Who can give up 5 or 6 hours on a weekend? And honestly, the more I hear about fewer-hole courses, the better I think the idea is. A 12-hole course would be ideal - probably can go through that in about 3-4 hours and if you play only 6, you could probably be done in 90 minus to two hours max. Besides, wasn't the Old Course at St. Andrews originally 12 holes?

Golf for Beginners - Stacy said...

Totally agree Greg - IMO, it's not how many holes you play but that you get out there and swing a club! In a perfect world, 18 is a great idea but I'm not giving up the game because I can't make a 4+ hour round!