Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Swapping Sports - #Golf Challenges Cricket - Have You Seen This?

Golf for Beginners recently published a blog about ways to introduce new people to the game. We think we found another great idea - sport swapping challenges!

The ladies of Cricket challenged the professional European Ladies Tour golfers to a "Hit 'Em for 6 CricGolf" event - basically, How Far Can You "Whack" a Ball.

The twelve sports women who took part in three challenges, basically "swapping sports" and attempting different skills from both sports, are:

Team Cricket - Heather Knight, Laura Marsh, Katherine Brunt, Natalie Sciver, Lydia Greenway and captain Charlotte Edwards.

Team Golf - Mel Reid, Dame Laura Davies, Amy Boulden, Stephanie Na, Hannah Burke and Holly Clyburn.

Just a hint...Laura Davies can really whack a cricket stick!

In my opinion, this is a great way to expose lovers of two sports to each other's challenges, don't you agree? Which team won the Challenge? Watch the SkySports Action here:

Do you think that this is an interesting way to introduce players to different sports? Which combinations do you think would work? Tweet to @Golf4Beginners and post below on this blog.

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