Friday, April 19, 2013

Sharpen Your Game with 365 Easy Golf Tips from the Pros

Have you noticed that, after taking a golf lesson with your instructor, your game shows a marked improvement? Shortly after however, and without continued guidance, your game slowly reverts back to its original state. Most golfers don't have an instructor on the range or course during the entire season but now you can have great golf tips at your fingertips 365 days a year.

Illustrations and one-page tips from putting to sand play offered in the golf book "365 Golf Tips and Tricks From The Pros" by Jay Morelli are designed to simplify every area of your game with a suggestion per day ...playing without fear is my favorite.

This golf book rightfully opens with tips on the rules, segues into Golf Etiquette, takes you through course management, drills, the mental game and even offers help on purchasing the right type of equipment for your game.

Below are three golf tips I selected from the book (one tip each for beginner, intermediate and advanced golfer). For a read into the other 362 tips, click on the link at the end of this golf blog.

Dick Capasso, PGA Teaching Pro, Augusta Georgia
Many players get confused about where to play the ball in their stance for shots off the turf.

We have all heard conflicting advice on this subject. Each shot is a new experience and should be treated as such. The best place to place your ball is in the way of your swing. Try taking a few practice swings and pay attention to where the club nips the turf. That spot is where the ball should be played for that particular stroke.

Tip 179: PLAY WITHOUT FEAR, by Jay Morelli, Director of the Original Golf School, Mount Snow, Vermont
Golfers are so often afraid of bad shots that they sometimes play timidly, making timid golf swings. You are much better off going ahead and making a committed and strong swing. Commit to the shot and don't even think about what not to do. A non-swing will never produce a good result.

Tip 269: COIL UP FOR POWER, by Sandra Jaskol, LPGA Teaching Pro, Old Westbury Golf & Country Club, Old Westbury, New York
To get more power and distance, practice with a medium-sized rubber ball between your legs to feel the rotation of your upper body uncoiling above a stable, planted lower body. This springlike effect will keep you more centered over the ball while maximizing your coil with explosive power and speed.

If you expect your golf game to improve, you need a teaching pro. That being said, when your instructor isn't around and you require a brush up (even on the golf course), pull out your "365 Golf Tips and Tricks from the Pros" pocket-sized guide, thumb through it and you'll most likely find the answer to your questions.

About the Author:
Jay Morelli is Director of The Original Golf School at Mount Snow, Vermont and Plantation Golf Resort in Florida. He has been teaching and improving golfers at all skill levels for more than 40 years. He founded the Original Golf School and the Accelerated Teaching Method in June 1978. Golf Digest voted him the top teaching pro in Vermont, and he has been named New England PGA Teacher of the Year. He has produced four major DVDs and written four books on golf.

Bruce Curtis has been at the forefront of photography for more than four decades. As a photographer for Time, Life, and Sports Illustrated, he has been on the frontlines as a photographer of many conflicts around the world. He has won more than 25 awards and provided photography for more than 40 books.

Photo credit courtesy of 365 Golf Tips and Tricks From The Pros

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Some really wonderful tips. It's always great to see people being encouraged to play golf. It is such a growing sport, especially when you consider that it was just a male dominated sport and there is now a lot of women players there is so much diversity in the game.

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I like what you said about playing without fear. It is really a hard thing to do but, if you can relax you will play a lot better. Everyone is going to make a bad shot but, just because that's true doesn't mean that you have to think that every shot is going to be your bad shot.

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