Friday, February 01, 2013

Top Five Environmentally Friendly Golf Course Repurposes

In honor of the PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix Open tournament, Golf for Beginners has found this offbeat, environmentally friendly list of Golf Course Repurposes from, a company that re-uses industry waste and byproducts to be used in a completely different industry.  Enjoy!


Top Five Golf Course Repurposes:


1.      Advertising Billboards repurposed as Tarps for Equipment, Pond Liners, etc.

2.      Beverage Filter Cloths repurposed as Lawn Tarps for Pruning Waste

3.      Swimming Pool Covers repurposed as Sun Shade Screens

4.      Street Sweeper Brushes repurposed as Turf Rollers

5.      Conveyor Belting repurposed as Golf Cart Path



See many more fun economically and environmentally-friendly ideas and materials for golf course and more at


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Charles Rouse said...

I wish Britain would begin to embrace this kind of green living, I've been wanting to indulge in some golf breaks closer to home but I'm on a little eco-trip at the moment and most of my local courses have a carbon footprint I wouldn't touch with a barge pole!

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