Monday, August 22, 2011

Forsgate PGA Professional offers golf tips on consistency in the swing

A few weeks ago at the annual Forsgate Country Club Writer Cup, I asked PGA Head Professional Mark Mazzola if he would share a few golf tips for readers of this Golf for Beginners blog. Before our shotgun round began on the famed Banks Course, four PGA teaching pros at Forsgate offered a very insightful Q&A to members of the MGWA, answering very basic to quite technical golf questions.

Mark Mazzola, Greg Gage, Carolyn Mckenzie-Andrews

Thank you to Mark Mazzola for offering this blog on how to utilize the golf club for maximum consistency in the golf swing! Check out Forsgate TV's Channel on for more golf tips.

If you happen to be in or near New Jersey on October 4, 2011, be sure to stop by for the Forsgate Foundation Charity Classic Skins Game featuring Annika Sorenstam and Ken Griffey Jr. I understand that an E350 Mercedes Benz will also be up for auction!

Written by Mark Mazzola, PGA Head Professional, Forsgate Country Club

One of the most commonly requested improvements is “consistency”.  You gain more consistency by striking the golf ball rather than scooping the ball. If you use the golf club how it was designed to be hit, your game will get more consistent.

Golfers come in different shapes, sizes, abilities, and talent levels that make every golf swing unique. For as long as I have been teaching this game I have not seen the same swing come from two different golfers  but  every good golfer is using the club correctly.

The golf club was designed to be hit in the most powerful position, slightly in front of the ball with forward shaft lean. If the sole of the club is lying flat on a surface the shaft of the club will always lean toward your target. With this fact in mind it is imperative that you use the golf club this way to consistently strike the golf ball.

The most effective way to accomplish the goal of using the club correctly is to combine a circular motion around your body with balance and limited extra movement making sure that your hands and body are in front of the ball when you are making contact.

There is no right or wrong way to swing a club there is just a right or wrong way to use the club!

Mark Mazzola
PGA Head Golf Professional
Forsgate Country Club
375 Forsgate Dr.
Monroe NJ, 08831
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