Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tiger Woods Shows Fashion Forward Golf Style from Torrey Pines to the Masters

Did you happen to notice that Tiger Woods was not wearing red when he began his fourth round at Torrey Pines? If so, you are not alone. Golf Channel, fans and even Tiger commented on the fact that his signature red golf shirt would be worn during the last day of the event.

Why is Tiger Woods' golf clothing so important? Who would have ever thought that golf clothing could be fashion forward? A few years ago, golf clothing consisted of plaid pants and mismatched shirts. With Tiger Woods and the young guns entering the sport, all this has changed.

Aside from the red, Tiger Woods has become a fashion statement in the world of golf and fans are intrigued by everything Woods; his golf equipment, clothing style, shoes and accessories make Tiger Woods a walking GQ model for golf and for the fashion industry.

To be sure, Tiger Woods' win number seventy-five at Torrey Pines is significant; he is second in overall wins to only the great Sam Snead and this win this could very well be the return of a 'raring-to-go' Tiger 2.0, ready to break records again and renew the faith of his fans.

With the 2013 Masters Tournament comes much speculation as to who will win at Augusta (yes, it's starting now!) and, even though we don't have odds (Tiger as favorite?), at least we will have the inside scoop as to what Tiger Woods will be wearing each day of the event.

Owner of OnlyGolfApparel.com, Doug Janchik, gave Golf for Beginners the 'heads-up' on Tiger Woods' Masters Collection and yes, you too can look GQ like Woods!


Thanks to Guest Golf Blogger, Doug Janchik:

Feast your eyes on what Tiger Woods will certainly be wearing for the “The Masters” in 2013.

Our team provides you with the most current products from the PGA Tour prior to it’s launch to the general public.  Tiger Woods, winner of five Masters Tournaments, will be decorated with his own label from Nike Golf Apparel through the second week of April. Let’s take a look at this striking, unique collection.

Tiger Woods Golf Clothing

·        ThursdayTW Jacquard Polo has a self fabric collar, three button placket and weighs in at a remarkably light 7.oz. It is made from 91% Polyester and 9% SpandexThe hue is known as “Night Stadium.  The TW pant is Ultralight at 5.5oz. 95% polyester and 5% spandex with a v-notch hemAnd let’s not forget the latest TW 13 shoes this season. Tiger himself was key when developing this unique footwearHe requested a shoe that he could actually wear on as well as off the golf course. This was the crossover of Nike FREE technology into golf shoes.

·         Friday – TW Modern color block polo has a self fabric collar, two button placket and a pique body.  It is made out of 87% polyester and 13% spandex.  The hue is white with a dandelion color block that graces the collar and side of the polo.  Tiger Woods' pants for this day are still TW Ultralight’s but in a squadron blue color.  He will also sport his high performance shoe but in white.

·         Saturday – Friday TW Modern color block polo has a self fabric collar, two button placket and a pique bodyIt is made out of 87% polyester and 13% spandexThe hue is white with a dandelion color block that graces the collar and side of the poloTiger's pants for this day are still TW Ultralight’s however in a squadron blue colorHe will additionally sport his high performance shoe but in white. 

·         Sunday – Sunday On Sunday Tiger Woods will pounce with his unique TW Trajectory Polo (optimistically in the last group) in his renowned “red” color. This golf shirt has a self fabric collar, plain slit packet and is 88% polyester and 12% Spandex. This is the wardrobe which has won him fourteen Major Championships.

 The Tiger Woods golf collection can be found at onlygolfapparel.com.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

@ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Opens Windows to the World of Golf #GiftMoneyCantBuy #SPON

A few weeks ago I wrote about an ATT promotion, "A Gift That Money Can't Buy", which is a website where teens can give something to their parents that they might want, and, in turn, hint at something cool for themselves...namely the new Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone running Windows 8 platform.




I am now the proud possessor of my very own Nokia Lumia 920 and have been using it for a couple of weeks. Here is why I like the new Lumia 920 and some of the cool things I can do with it...so far!


When ATT first introduced the Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone, I must admit, I was one of the first people to run to the Windows store in the Westchester Mall in order to catch a glimpse of it. I'm a techie (the Bronx Science in me still remains) and the Lumia doesn't disappoint, from the slim fit in my pocket (just the right weight, yet not heavy) right down to the large 4.5 inch screen.


In my last post I mentioned how smooth and quick the Nokia Lumia 920 flies through the tasks I assign it but now, I can add that it loads apps and opens them lickety-split.


Since I am a golf fanatic, the first thing I did was load up a few apps. I use Mobitee, for example, as my GPS Golf Rangefinder: it loaded effortlessly. Gaming features like the X-Box Live Hub work great (if you are an X-Box fan like I am). The Nokia City Lens is a very interesting concept as well, helping to find local establishments using the phone's camera display.


Nokia City Lens on Windows 8


The Nokia Lumia 920 also gives you a few free business downloads like Skydrive storage for documents and Microsoft Office, a must for smartphones nowadays!


All-in-all, I am very satisfied with the Nokia Lumia 920. I just sent my husband his top-secret golf tip from Keegan Bradley who mentions that his golf ball is the "coolest guy in town"  What did he mean by that? Go to the A Gift Money Cant Buy website and send Bradley's golf tip to your special someone today!



Disclosure statement: M80 has contacted Golf for Beginners to write a blog post on behalf of AT&T.  Golf for Beginners is receiving free products as compensation in exchange for participation and is being compensated per FTC guidelines. http://ftc.gov/os/2009/10/091005revisedend  #SPON



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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Golf Tips To Help With Your Long Putts

Guest columnist and Director of Golf Instruction at the beautifully elegant Club at Mediterra, Adam Bazalgette, shares with readers of the Golf for Beginners blog why lag putting is the secret to a low handicap.



Long putting, or lag putting as it is often called, is a key to good scoring in golf.

 On the PGA Tour, the players make an average of just fifty percent of their putts from eight feet, which means that the everyday golfer will do well to make fifty percent of their six-foot putts! The current strokes-gained putting leader? Bryce Molder! These may seem like low averages, but there is a lot that can go wrong on a short putt; spike marks and other imperfections on the green, a slight misread, a lip out, etc.

When putting from, say, more than twenty-five feet, you will find it is very easy to misjudge the distance by six feet or more, whereas it is unlikely that you will miss left or right by more than a couple of feet. This is why distance control is so important.

 The two biggest components in good distance control are good visualization, or green reading, and proper rhythm in the stroke. Both require practice to become reliable.

Simply watching a lot of putts roll (practice) will help you read greens and become a good visualizer of putts. A test of your visualization skills is that once a long putt is a third of the way to the hole you should be able to estimate pretty accurately whether it is going long, short, or about the right distance.

Only when a golfer can fairly accurately see the ball rolling in their mind at the correct speed across the green BEFORE they step over the putt can they expect to be able to feel the desired stroke.


Regarding rhythm, there are a few objectives to understand:

  • In a pendulum, the length of the backstroke and through stroke are the same; this is due to gravity.
  • It is also true that in a pendulum maximum speed is reached at the very bottom of the arc. However, most people don't realize that at the bottom of the arc there is NO acceleration, it has reached maximum speed.

The middle of the arc is, therefore, right where we want to make contact with the golf ball in our stroke, the point with the most speed and the least "Hit" or acceleration. I strongly recommend that you practice this at times without aiming at a hole, just focusing on your motion.

A great drill is to place two tees in the green, say three feet apart (vary this drill), and hit some putts placing the ball right in between the tees, and slightly to the side of them in order to allow you to hit a putt. Don't over-control the putter with your hands, but feel the pendulum rhythm of your stroke until the putter head goes evenly from tee to tee and you can roll several balls the same distance. Once this becomes natural you are on your way to better putting!

One final point, the time each stroke takes (think of a metronome) should always be the same. This means that the putter will have to be swung faster throughout the motion (not just in the forward swing) on longer putts than shorter putts. The rhythm, such as tick-tock, will then always be a constant.

Best of luck with this...now go practice!

 About the Author: 

Adam Bazalgette grew up in London, England, where he took up golf. He has been teaching golf full-time since 1992.  
Adam worked for David Leadbetter in Orlando and in 1994 was promoted to the Academy Director at the Leadbetter’s Naples facility.  

Adam currently is the director of golf instruction at The Club at Mediterra in Naples Florida and has held this position for the last six years.  Make sure to visit his site at http://adambgolf.com for private lessons if your going to be in the Naples Florida area!

Say hi to Adam Bazalgette on Twitter and like on Facebook 

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photo credit: activerain.com, Adam Bazalgette

Friday, January 18, 2013

Office on the Green - Why Businessmen Love Golf

Guest golf blogger Colin Knight is an avid golfer and traveller.  Having played all over the world, he now enjoys a quieter life working with Belmont Lodge in Herefordshire, England. 

Here is Colin's take on why businessmen love golf and unwritten rules which can broker business deals.


Golf has a strange audience compared with other sports like cricket, for example. Unless you're an avid golfer, then you would likely find it hard to understand what the attraction is and why so many business deals are signed and sealed on the golf course. 

Two businessmen playing racket-sports, knocking a tennis ball back and forth to each other, may seal a deal afterwards but, with golf, deals are completed and finalized during the game.

A round of golf can take approximately four hours, which we all know is much longer than would be normal if there weren’t other goings on.  The majority of a golf game is walking, planning and yes, talking. Golfers like to show their prowess on the course and for some reason, it can broker business deals.

It is almost an unwritten rule, that a good player (with a solid golf swing) will have an astute and charismatic business mind. Perhaps the rules of golf, which are so law-abiding and strict, has something to do with this idea. Golf is a game of precision and integrity. It has finesse and flair from the clothing to the game itself, and it also has an element of mutual honesty: being a great golf opponent means having to trust and be honest with your most bitter of rivals. 

The golf "fraternity" appear on many boards of global corporations. Golf requires a certain coolness and stridency under extreme pressure. To an unskilled eye, golf looks terribly boring. Hitting a ball, walking to it, hitting it again and then more walking, it must, let's face it, look a bit daft and a waste of time. 

However, to the golfer and their colleagues, it is a huge affair with many Friday afternoons spent finalizing the week on a course. Some companies offer golf membership as part of a remuneration package and it’s almost compulsory to play the game at higher levels. Interviews have been completed on golf courses, although beating the CEO of a company you are trying to impress may not be one of your finest moments. That said, you would be admired. 

Perspective clients are tempted out onto the golf course to put together a plan of action. Sales and marketing managers, who have to be connected to the world in their fast-paced jobs, may balk at the idea of being disconnected from the world for hours, but a game of golf and the bonding that seems to follow is surely a more direct way of interaction than an impersonal tweet or email.

While a group of builders may not understand golfers completing deals on the course and make fun of 'girly golfers in colored trousers’ and ‘pen-pushers should get a real job' they will never have what two opponents and friends in business have on a golf course. It truly is all hearts and flowers bonding and there are few finer ways of securing a deal than on a golf course.

Thanks again to Colin Knight from Belmont Lodge in Herefordshire, England! Learn more about Belmont Lodge on Twitter and Facebook.

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Which Golf Irons are Best for Beginners?

Outside of participants who enjoy the sport, many simply don't understand the inherent pleasure in playing golf with friends, enjoying a serene nature-filled atmosphere and the feelings conjured up when you hit a 'perfect' shot. This week, guest writer Angela Halpert offers Golf for Beginners readers a look into her ongoing quest to find the perfect golf irons to improve a beginners' golf game.


GFB wishes to remind golfers that it's the Indian, not the arrow, that makes for a good golf game, but... the right set of clubs and proper instruction work wonders!



Beginners might ask the question, “Well even if I wanted to start, how would I do that?” We all know how confusing it is when, at first, we looked at people playing golf and wondered why they needed so many clubs and deliberated on the differences between them, right? 


Here are a few golf irons which I tried out: will a new set will find a place in my bag? Whether it be a new set of Adams Golf, Callaway or just sticking to what is already in my bag, I'm personally looking forward to a new season playing with my golf buddies!


The Adams Idea CMB Irons

"...the most playable player's irons?"



A fine-tuned instrument of golf, these irons were quite impressive to me when I saw them and had a chance to try them out. One can see that Adams lovingly crafted them with the intention of perfecting already existing designs through the implementation of materials meant for fine-tuning golf club performance.


When it comes to looks CMB Irons will definitely impress you with their sleek look and chrome hues. Looks, however, tell only half of the story since the real magic begins inside the construction of the iron itself.


The fine CMB body is forged from carbon steel with a very nice strategically placed tungsten inserts which balance the center of gravity in such a way that it allows exceptional precision. I'm usually not one to praise products much but these irons felt very nice and helped prevent twisting just like it was designed to do.


I have to admit that, after trying these Adams irons, my accuracy was much better with the shorter clubs but that is to be expected since everyone has minor differences in how they handle hitting. My overall opinion is that the CMB's are a great set of irons which offer exactly what the company intended them to be. I've been using the CB3 for a while now, once again an Adams design, and I pretty happy with mine so far.


Callaway Golf Diablo Forged Irons




Much like the CMB irons, these Callaway Diablos are also forged and a few of my friends are using them which sparked my curiosity. Jokingly, a coworker of mine decided to swap our sets for a game!


The difference for me was that the Diablo hit even lower when I handled them and, to me, that was a bit strange. I have to admit, though, that if I would choose another set, these would be a very nice choice ... if you can get past the uniflex shaft that never felt right to me, but that could be just a personal preference since I've always loved to swing fast.


Diablos are easy to use and pretty durable which was nice. One thing to keep in mind is that they are currently cheaper than the CMB and they make an excellent tool even for golof beginners because of their flexibility.


My overall opinion of the Callaway and Adams Golf irons sets are that both impressed me. I have to admit I have been a fan of the products offered by Adams for a long time now but that shouldn't be taken as if I am marketing them.


Everyone has personal preferences since we all have our own quirks when we play, different stances and varying levels of skill. These clubs are just the types I liked out of what I've tried so far in my life as a casual golfer. There are plenty of companies out there offering good equivalents to those such as Ben Hogan, Cobra, Dunlop, Hippo and so on. Just take your pick and remember to enjoy yourself out there.


Which irons do you play and what makes them special for you?


Guest post by A. Harpert - a passionate traveler, golfer and adventurer by hobby. She's a real expert at finding the most appropriate holiday rental condos for your long anticipated vacation.


photo credit: frgolfonline.com


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Thursday, January 10, 2013

How @ATT (and your teen) Can Give You A #GiftMoneyCantBuy Golf Tip from Keegan Bradley!

To start the New Year off right, AT&T is running  the “A Gift That Money Can't Buy" website, a site that allows teens to give their parent a one-of-a-kind digital gift. The site also nudges the recipient in the right direction of what to get for their kids, which is …hint hint, the latest and greatest AT&T smartphone – specifically a Nokia Lumia 920.


So parents get a cool gift and so do their kids!



 Check out these great gifts available on the GiftMoneyCantBuy Website:

- A top secret golf tip from Keegan Bradley

- A holiday feast prepared by celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio

- A Very, Very, Very Personal Greeting from Luke Perry

- A Guitar Solo from Richie Sambora []

- A joke handed down from comedian Richard Lewis

- A cameo in this month's "The Onion"


I just received the Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T's A Gift That Money Can't Buy campaign and can't wait to try it out!  The Nokia Lumia 920 is very user friendly right out of the box, with a big 4.5-inch HD Capacitive Multipoint-Touch screen (so no squinting necessary) and a Snapdragon™ S4 Processor which flies through tasks with it’s powerfully fast CPU…I think I’m going to love this phone!


Follow @ATT on Twitter - #giftmoneycantbuy


photo credit: conversations.nokia.com

Disclosure statement: M80 has contacted Golf for Beginners to write a blog post on behalf of AT&T.  Golf for Beginners is receiving free products as compensation in exchange for participation and is being compensated per FTC guidelines. http://ftc.gov/os/2009/10/091005revisedend  #SPON

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Without Tiger Woods Golf Industry Explodes

Golf's billion-dollar economic impact is not dependent on Tiger Woods.




The World Golf Foundation released a report on the economic impact of the sport and found that the industry is significantly "bigger" than the motion picture and recording industry combined!


Charities have also benefitted from the game, to the tune of almost four billion dollars, more than any other sporting activity. Golfers are generous!


A press release in my email about the study, entitled "Golf 20/20", provided confirmation that golf has grown from sixty-two billion dollars in 2002 into a seventy-six billion dollar business, creating almost two million jobs in its development.


So, for all of the worriers (including Jack Nicklaus) who believe that the game of golf is dying, think again. Whether or not Tiger Woods ever plays again, or if cities like Tucson need to reassess the number of municipal golf courses it operates, the future is looking bright and game will go on.


Golf will have to change with the times, perhaps incorporating social media strategies and improving the value for the masses, but it is vibrant and more than just an enjoyable pastime, for many fans, players and businesses, it's a way of life!


Your thoughts?


Golf 20/20 Mission Statement: to galvanize the industry around strategic initiatives and grass roots activation to ensure the future vitality of the game of golf.


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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Golf Horoscope for 2013

Even though the foremost astrologers utilize the aspects of the planets and stars at a given moment, the future still remains unpredictable. Utilizing the past as a barometer, Golf for Beginners makes several predictions on the future of the game and some of its players in 2013.


1. Tiger Woods will win two golf tournaments this year and one major event. Based upon his past performance in the majors, the current number-two money leader in the world will win the PGA Championship...it's about time to collect another Wanamaker Trophy, isn't it? On his golf blog Woods said, "Looking ahead to next year, I'm just trying to win those big four tournaments."


picture credit: TigerWoods.com/GettyImages


2.The Rory McIlroy-Tiger Woods competition will continue to heat up and fans will see several final round close calls this season. McIlroy will easily win the Masters after remembering what he said after squandering a four-stroke lead at Augusta in 2012. "I'll get over it," said Rory, "it was a character-building day, put it that way. I'll come out stronger for it," and so he has with his major victory in 2012 at the PGA Championship.


3. The 2016 Anchoring Ban (belly putter) will force advocates such as Webb Simpson to change their putters and revise their putting strokes. Watch for new and unpredictable grips for belly-putter golfers and for new equipment on the golf course. Will we see Keegan Bradley trying out a new claw grip this season?


Keegan Bradley at the WGC photo credit Golf for Beginners


4. The LPGA future will further take root in Asia. American LPGA golfers will be asked to learn Korean and Mandarin to keep up with the further globalization of the Tour. Instead of "foreign" Tour players being penalized for not speaking English, ladies such as Cristie Kerr on the LPGA will brush up on Korean to follow the sponsors, "follow the money".


Could it be that, down the road, American LPGA golfers will be penalized for not speaking Korean?


Photo credit: usatoday.net


5. Two female members will be allowed to join Muirfield's "Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers" (so one can play golf with the other without disturbing the men) with the Royal & Ancient Golf Club following suit after much ballyhoo.


Stay tuned for mystical Tarot predictions by Stacy Solomon thoughout the 2013 golf season!


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