Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is unemployment taking its toll on the Tiger Woods team? John Daly flashed by spectator; eyes still burning. Callaway Big Bertha Irons Review

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If you have ever taken an extended leave from your job, you also factor into it that there will be a mess to clean up when you return. Such is the case with Tiger Woods as his "brand" is taking a hit.

Woods' Gillette commercial was a flop so said the British, Buick (GM) decided to end his contract, an outburst from his caddy, Steve Williams, required damage control and today, Padraig Harrington took the coveted GWAA Player of the Year Award. Team Tiger is showing cracks in the armor. What will it take to right the ship? The only solution is for Tiger Woods to get back to work, and soon, otherwise his next scenario could be that he loses his number-one spot on the PGA Tour.

In other news, the camera smashed by John Daly has been placed on eBay in the hopes that the alleged 'space invader' will earn enough to purchase another camera. Should Daly have offered retribution after destroying the spectator's property? So far neither Daly nor tournament officials have offered assistance but that doesn't matter as the current bid is at $500 with interested parties lining up to "own a piece of this very controversial incident".

Golf for Beginners also reviews Callaway Golf Big Bertha Irons made exclusively for women. Forgiveness is key as i-brids are used in place of longer irons. Fat shots are no longer an option as the wider sole glides effortlessly on the turf. The set features distinct Callaway technology which translates into a lower center of gravity creating a higher launch angle and better trajectory to get the ball airborne. I think both male and female golfers can relate to this strategy. I played golf with a foursome that included three left-handed golfers. One player asked me to try the Big Berthas and effortlessly picked a ball clean with a five-iron off the turf with his first shot.

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