Friday, December 18, 2015

Tips for a Correct Golf Driver Fitting Experience

Ready to purchase a new driver and don't know where to begin? Too many choices, brands and terminology making your head reel? Are you planning to test a few drivers to determine which one will replace the one already in your golf bag?

Callaway X2 Hot Golf Driver

After reading a article which attempted to predict the hottest drivers in 2016 by using PGA Tour players as a barometer, I realized that most players are amateurs and not likely to swing at nearly the same speeds, or with the same tempo, as a low-handicapper. At Golf for Beginners we believe that there is nothing more important than heading over to your local golf store, employing the services of one of the custom fitters on duty and getting properly measured for the correct club.

From your physical size to your swing speed, a custom-fit driver and golf clubs made to your specific measurements and ability will definitely improve your game. Here are a few tips for building your custom fit driver:

- Know Your Swing Speed. A Golf Digest article mentioned that driver-distance potential is approximately 2.5 times your swing speed so, if your speed is tested at 75 mph, the ball should travel about 185 yards.

- Driver Loft and Launch Angle, basically how high the ball flies after connecting with the driver head. What is the correct loft for you? Depends on your swing speed writes Golfsmith. "Players with extremely slow swing speeds (below 70 mph) seem to benefit from lofts of 18 or 19 degrees--roughly the same as a 5-wood."  Tip - A club with more loft may carry the ball farther but with less roll.

Golf Driver Shafts- The Shaft is probably as important as the head in selecting a driver. In a Golflink article, several shafts are reviewed based on clubhead speed and "ensuing ball trajectory, distance and control of the drive."

Fujikura Golf, a leader in shaft technology, goes even deeper into the complexities of how to choose the correct shaft for your swing but, for this article, suffice it to say that "you will need a launch monitor and analysis by a seasoned club-fitting professional. That is the only way to understand why the golf ball is doing what it is doing off your clubs."

When I went for my custom fitting experience at PGA Tour Superstore, the fitter analyzed my swing and, based on the data, pulled out several stock drivers, from the latest version of my Titleist driver to a new Callaway X2 Hot.

After swinging each of the clubs several times, the data was compared and, with some shaft and size modifications, it was determined that the X2 Hot was the best performing driver for my swing. Since playing golf with this driver, I have gained about 30 yards in distance and, simply put, love my new club! The X2 Hot, along with my other fitted Ping Karsten Irons, have really made me feel more comfortable stepping up to each shot.

Fitting a golf driver or any club to your swing greatly improves your enjoyment of the game because there is nothing more satisfying than when you connect with the ball and send it flying safely to its target!

Let's talk golf drivers on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and comment on your experiences below!

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