Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Shortest Way to the Cup - Playing Target #Golf

Target Golf
The object of golf is to get the ball into a 4.25 inch hole in the least number of strokes.

Each hole can be considered an individual adventure, leading the player through hazards and thought-provoking situations that require both mental and physical skill.

That being said, why is it so difficult for golfers to get to par?

Are you simplifying your shot process by picking a target, aiming and releasing...or are you thinking too much?

Not having a specific target for your next shot is like roaming aimlessly through the streets of a city trying to get to your destination. Without a map or pointing yourself in the right direction, you're more than likely to take more time to get to point B and, without a plan of attack in golf, you are more than likely to rack up strokes.

So, how do we create a plan of attack on the golf course?

"The secret of golf is to turn three shots into two. " - Bobby Jones 

Tips on Playing Target Golf

Have you ever heard the saying, "How Do You Eat an Elephant? One bite at a time! Instead of thinking in terms of playing eighteen holes, try taking the process down to one hole at a time.

Not always is your driver the best club to take off the tee box - assess which club can maneuver you into the best position for your next shot. Some golf courses give you books with tips on how to play each hole including the yardages to trouble spots - read the book as you approach the hole - this can be very helpful! You don't know how many people that we have seen on-course have the book in their hands and don't look at the book ... when they do, they only look at the pictures!

Whether on the tee box or approaching the green, pick the very smallest target you can see which will set you up for your next shot, whether it be a dark patch on the fairway or something that catches your eye. Aim at that target.

Pick a spot down the fairway that you want your ball to land.

You never want to look at, or acknowledge, trouble areas like bunkers or water hazards - you only want to focus on your target. I know, we have ALL said these words but...NEVER say before you hit your shot... "Don't go there." Your brain doesn't hear the "don't"... ah, those swing thoughts really make a difference, don't they?

Once you have decided on the target, visualization is key - keep your picture perfect shot and destination in your mind as you practice your swing, committing to what your mind's eye has just seen and swing away without thinking of swing mechanics. Adjusting your swing should be done on the driving range, not as you are aiming and pulling the trigger.

In this golf video, Alex Fortey talks about visualization and the golf swing, what to think about and what not to do!

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