Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Who is YOUR Favorite #Golf Buddy? #PhotoContest

Who is your favorite golf buddy? Sounds like a silly question but we all have our weekly foursomes, EWGA groupings or the guy we call when we just don't want to go out as a single, right? It's summertime, the golf season is in full swing and the courses are packed with scrambles and cameraderie!

Stacy and Barry on golf course
Barry and Stacy - Black Mesa Golf Course
It's fun to see my Facebook timeline filled with golfers taking pictures at outings, at the 19th hole and winning trophies because it shows that golf is alive, thriving and fun!

My twilight golf bud is my husband Barry...who's yours?

Why not share that photo of you and your favorite friend...the one who ham-and-eggs it with you at the weekly scramble or the guy/gal you have traveled with to St. Andrews or to Pebble Beach ...and have the chance to win a prize! Groups, teams, Juniors and Seniors are all encouraged to participate!

Crown Awards, America's leading supplier of sports and corporate awards loves handing out trophies and is calling all golfers to participate in the My Very Best Golf Buddy Contest on Facebook. You can even win an exclusive, beautiful crystal award without having to hole out at eighteen!

Just Like Crown.Awards on Facebook to Enter the Contest to win $100 in Crown Awards (great for your Club Championships) and then, if you want to show off you and your buddies, add a photo. The most votes wins the trophy!

Here are all the details to the My Very Best Golf Buddy Contest

Look for my picture...I uploaded it yesterday via Twitter @Golf4Beginners :-) Oh yes, if you want to upload your photo to Twitter just add the hashtag #GolfBuddyContest.

My Very Best Golf Buddy Contest

What do you think of this contest? Let us know on our Golf for Beginners blog and on Twitter!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tips for Creating a Custom #Golf Club Fitting Experience #PGATSSCustomFit

Recently I was invited to participate in a PGA Tour Superstore custom fitting promotion. In essence, I received golf clubs in exchange for telling my readers about the experience.

Naturally, I accepted - a few of my golf clubs are almost ten years old and, although they have served me well, they show signs of age - also, changes in technology have made some of my clubs a bit outdated.

That being said, after being overwhelmed with joy at the prospect, I jumped into my car and met with PGA Tour Superstore reps Todd and Stanton who placed me into a hitting booth complete with video software designed to tell me everything from my swing speed to spin rates, in order to help place me together with the best set of clubs for my game.

We used my original Driver, 7-iron and sand wedge as test subjects; my current set includes a Titleist 905T Driver with a 9.5% loft, Square-Two irons and a Vokey Spin Milled Wedge.

We began testing with the Driver - according to the custom club fitter, on the longest stick in our golf bags we needed to learn my initial club head speed, if I hit it high, spin rate etc. Todd was telling me that a higher kickpoint shaft makes the ball go lower, which is what I needed to achieve. I nodded as he kept educating me.

For the irons, swing as many as necessary until you find one that feels comfortable in your hands.

In my case, I only needed three different brands before I chose my new Ping Karsten Irons - Hybrid set (spoiler alert). Then, the club fitter began to address the proper shaft for the club. Finally, I stood at address while Todd placed a board underneath my club to check the lie angle - that the club was flat at address.

As for the wedge, it's all about the comfort!

I love my Vokey Spin Milled Wedge but ten years has taken its toll on the grooves. Would I have been happy with a simple grind-out? Probably but, according to my custom club fitter, my original wedge had too much of a bounce so he selected a Vokey Spin Milled Wedge with less bounce which placed the leading edge closer to the ground and allowed the club to cut through the sand better (yes, I have already taken my new wedge to the golf course!)

Here are a few tips to help you with Your next Custom Fit Golf Experience:

1. Never buy a golf club without it being fit to your swing. PGA Tour Superstores have custom fitters and custom fitting booths for you to take full advantage of their services...and they are happy to help fit you so ask questions and don't be shy!

2. My custom fitter mentioned that a properly matched shaft is most important in increasing your clubhead speed. Grip size and the lie of the club are other important ingredients in creating a golf club specifically for your swing.

3. The most common complaint in the simulator is that people claim they hit their clubs farther than what is shown however increased clubhead speed and accuracy of your shots are more important than the distances shown at the booth.

Which golf clubs did I take home with me? None! They had to be built to my specs! But fear not, the fitting took less than a week and I am now the proud owner of the following new golf clubs:

Callaway X2Hot Driver - 10.5% loft
Ping Karsten Irons - set from 3-Hybrid through Gap Wedge
Vokey Spin Milled Wedge

One last note...

My PGA Tour Superstore Custom Club Fitter, Todd, is straight out of the military and is currently attending golf school. He left me with one thought that seemed to sum up my whole experience:

"If you can fit a customer and give a tip to improve their game and help them on the golf course in the process, I don't think they could be any happier." Thanks Todd, Stanton and the rest of the gang at PGA Tour Superstore in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for making my golf club fitting experience a special one.

Now, I'm going to try out my new golf clubs! I'm so excited!! I'll report my findings.

Direct your golf club-fitting questions on Twitter to @PGATSS and @Golf4Beginners.

Disclosure: This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Dads Do to Satisfy Their Love of #Golf and Family

You have probably chuckled as Ray Romano (aka Ray Barone) was caught leaving wife and kids sadly behind as he grabbed his clubs for a round of golf. 

Or, perhaps you heard stories about golf orphaned kids crying out "daddy, please don't go" as father puts his phone on vibrate so he won't be bothered for the next five hours (or talks about the weak signal at the golf course...ahem). These stories are becoming more commonplace as leisure time shrinks.

Even Phil Mickelson caved in wearing a pager at the 1999 U.S. Open while awaiting news of the birth of his child. Okay, so Lefty wanted to be reached that day but the consensus shows that, when they're on the course, don't bother the dads!

With Father's Day being just around the corner, Golf for Beginners wanted to pay a loving homage to dear old dad (for those lucky enough to still have your pop) especially with U.S. Open Sunday falling squarely on the Big Day. 

We also wanted to prove that, even though there are many jokes made about dads and golf, the reality is that fathers love both golf and family and that the choices made are more difficult than you might think!

Fathers who work a 9-5 job rarely have the time to get out and play a round of golf except possibly on weekends which could be the reason why they feel the need to tip-toe out - family time is lost with wife and kids who already get limited moments to spend with dad.

Some dads are lucky enough to have a boy or girl whom he has introduced to the sport. 

Does this ring true with your family?

Scenario: Dad sees a possible sports lover in his son and takes Junior under his wing to teach him the game with the idea that quality time would be gained during twilight golf or on Sundays. Dad is proud as a peacock watching son out-drive him thinking he might be watching the next Bubba Watson - final score, dad, son, love.

This PGA Tour video confirms that dads who introduce their kids to golf gain lasting memories for both. From Keegan Bradley to Graeme McDowell, Tour players remember exactly when, where and how their dads acquainted them to the sport which has become both a sentimental journey and their livelihood. 

McDowell related that all his dad wanted was the U.S. Open trophy. Graeme responded, “I’m not sure I can do that for you dad but I’ll give it a shot.” McDowell went on to win the 110th U.S. Open.

Just listening to these golfers boast about memories with their dads and how and where they were introduced to the game and I believe that this tear-jerker will get you sentimental too ...heck, you're probably picking up the phone right now to say hi to your dad.

Inside the PGA Tour: Father's Day:

Unfortunately, golf also comes at a high sentimental cost most of the time to the family as wife and kids lose dad to a Saturday afternoon practice session at the range and then most likely a Sunday round with his regular foursome.

Wouldn't it be nice if dads could combine their love of the game and also be accessible to the family? Although he can’t play a par-72 at home, dads can integrate practice at home and have their cake and eat it too.

Short Game Expert Golf Instructor Dave Pelz is a proponent of such a philosophy. Pelz has mentioned that “Learning the game in a comfortable, convenient setting – like your backyard – can be an incredible gift, your gift, to your kids.”

Not only does backyard golf bring brings the family together to have fun and learn together, it brings dad closer to home to practice so, when he's ready to get out there and play with his mates, his short game is accurate which makes him a hero.

So Dad can be a hero both on and off the course!

Dave Pelz practicing his short game at home on SYNLawn

“There is no better way to learn golf, than by playing games in your own backyard. Every time we see kids playing golf games in their backyard, we see golfers improving their games on the course.”

Dave Pelz, who through extensive research and testing has developed state-of-the-art SYNLawn Products which rival real turf. SYNLawn Golf and Dave Pelz are essentially helping to bring dads back to their own backyards!

Want to have it all…family close by, putting green in your own backyard? From practice putting mats to custom fairway, fringe and bunkers, dad will never want to leave home. There is a double-edge to this coin… Dad’s playing partners will probably come over to your house more often!

Send a Shout-Out to SynLawn_Golf on Twitter and Let's Hear it for Dad on @Golf4Beginners!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Before and After Golf, Versatile Men's Outerwear

Before and after a round of golf, men who want to look their best must wear versatile articles of clothing. The best clothing in a man's closet is that which he can wear to numerous events and on multiple occasions. Men should not be held down by a lack of clothing that looks good in a variety of situations. From versatile mens blazers to classic oxford shirts, every man must compile a closet that improves his appearance every day.


Marriott Stripe Stretch JerseyShirts that men wear with these blazers must come in a variety of colors and these same shirts must come in a number of styles.

Some shirts are starched to appear like business attire. Other shirts are made with a much lighter fabric so that they look good with summer and spring clothing. When a shirt can be worn to work, to dinner and out for drinks, a man can look his best regardless of where he is.

Performance golf polo shirts, for example, can comfortably be worn during a round with a blazer added for dinner and drinks afterward. This Marriott Stripe Stretch Jersey, for example, easily goes from the course to the 19th hole.


Classic Navy Wool Blazer
The jackets that men wear must look good in a business setting, but the man should also be able to look more casual in the same jacket.

If men only wear suit jackets, they will find that their attire is too formal. It is best for men to own a few jackets that will work with their trousers, suit pants and casual pants.

This Classic Navy Wool Blazer really does justice to polo or oxford shirt.


Raleigh Washed Twill Flat Front PantThe pants that men wear must suit particular occasions, but their pants must pair well with other items as well.

The man who wears suit pants with a nice shirt to work should also be able to throw a sweater on when he heads to dinner or be able to quickly change into a polo for an afternoon back nine. When the pants look good with multiple outfits, they will look good with any outfit. The Raleigh Washed Twill Flat Front Pant is a good example of versatility and an all-around finished appearance.

The best way for a man to look good is with a versatile wardrobe. The wardrobe that a man compiles is going to present his personality to the world, but each man must have versatile clothing so his personality will shine through everywhere he goes.

"Style should never be forced. While it takes time to master your personal style, it should never look or feel like hard work is required to achieve it; if it does, you’re probably pursuing it for all the wrong reasons. The Italians have a word for this: sprezzatura, which, loosely translated, means the finely studied and highly practiced art of effortless nonchalance. Strive for that." 

Do Clothes Make the Man? Voice Your Opinion on this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Women’s #Golf Fashion- A Style Guide for You!

Golf Fashion is as much a part of the sport as the right equipment. If you don't feel good about yourself, or if you don't like the look of your driver or irons, you might just develop a mental hitch that prevents you from playing and scoring your best. Women especially, feel more confident when wearing clothes that are more than just comfortable. Style, color and the "smile effect" (yes, I do believe I just made that up!) all come into play when selecting golf attire to take a lady through eighteen holes with her playing partners.

Looking through the many blogs that comprise Golf for Beginners, I noticed that we discuss men's golf clothing much more than we chat about women's golf fashion. Perhaps it's because women have an innate sense of style whereas men could use a bit more help? You know who I am talking about...Mr. Mismatched pants and shirt...)

So this post is dedicated to the ladies on the golf course! Whether you are going out with the EWGA, playing in a business event or simply out to enjoy a beautiful summer day, below are a few outfit suggestions to make the most of your round. This post was contributed by Sarah Thomas.


Going out to a golf tournament and need some outfit ideas?

Usually women are more conscious about their clothing styles than men. So we always strive to find some fashionable clothing that offers both comfort and style. It’s really imperative to pick the right golf clothing that look good and makes us feel better, as well. Women’s golf clothing makes a classic statement that can sum up our overall personality and boost up our confidence level. Yes, such a true statement...

Whenever you pick the right style of clothing you feel better, but, if you pick the frumpy and dull shirt or shorts, you feel uncomfortable and it impacts your overall performance. I have listed below a few women’s golf clothing basics that will keep us trendy and fashion-forward this season.

Short and Cap Sleeve Shirts

Tri Mountain Polo Golf ShirtLet’s start with golf shirts. Picking a quality of golf shirt is a matter of personal preference, but usually golf courses will require you to pick a collared style shirt. There is a huge selection of women’s golf shirts available that can make you look classy yet trendy on the green.

You can pick golf shirts in both short and long sleeves that fit your needs for almost all weather conditions. Women usually prefer to go with two style of shirts; short sleeves and cap sleeves as anything longer may impact on the golf swing.

When it comes to colors, consider light colors like pink, light blue, white and yellow. Light colors help reflect the extreme rays of the sun while keeping you cool on the golf course. For the fabric, choose one that is lightweight and breathable - a wicking material works well  - as this will help you to feel better during different weather situations that you will encounter.

Classic Bottom Choices

In addition to the classic golf shirts, you have to choose quality bottoms that will ensure you looking great and stylish.

Usually khaki pants are the perfect option but if you want to look more daring and classy, you have a variety of options out there. You can opt for Capri pants, patterned skorts and knee-length shorts. Yes, fashion doesn’t mean breaking all the rules. Sometimes, it’s fine to create some mix and match styling. You can pair your favorite cap sleeve collared shirt with a patterned skirt to create a classy sporty style.

Golf Footwear

Last but not the least, and probably the most important part of any golf outfit is footwear. Sneakers or tennis shoes are not a great option out on the green unless you want the look of this type of footwear which is available through many of the larger manufacturers.

You will most likely have to choose to spend a few dollars for your golf shoes. Quality shoes are designed to offer balance while swinging the golf club and will protect from slipping and any injury in muddy conditions as well . Sneakers that you wear on pavement simply won’t give you the traction you need.

While playing any game, you need to make sure that your personality will truly shine both in your overall performance and in your outfit. So ladies, let’s start shopping for functional and stylish golf clothing that’s comfortable enough for all your sports needs!

If you don’t want to shop at a golf store and would rather view great new looks on from your computer, you can shop online at BuyTriMountain, where you’ll have endless options from which to choose. Tri Mountain golf shirts are available in numerous designs, different colors and true sizes at reasonable prices.

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