Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are BornFit Skorts too sexy for Golf?

The sexy Oxford "little skort that could" from BornFit combines great styling with comfort for the golf course but should there be a warning label on the package that it offers too much "sass"?

The "new" mom is the target audience at Bornfit, where activewear meets maternity. No longer are mommies sitting on the sidelines watching the action. Instead, moms of today are runners, golfers and involved participants in sports, and that is why they NEED this skort!

When I first removed the BornFit Sassy Oxford Skort from its package I wondered if it would even fit me but I was happily surprised: this skort is really comfortable. Also, the no-chafe undershorts coupled with the moisture-wicking Poly/Spandex fiber allowed me to walk the course comfortably concentrating on golf.

Okay, so I looked for pockets for my golf accessories (tees, ball mark repair tool, etc) and found a small concealed one on the inside of the Bornfit skort. Not enough for golf activewear in my opinion but then I realized that, when I wore this golf skort (also great for running and tennis), it didn't matter if it had pockets or not...I looked and felt great!

"Slipping into a BornFit skort brings the inspiration to achieve your goals and cross that finish line," says Jamie Meyer, athlete and competitor, who has participated in many BornFit-sponsored events, including the Tri for the Cure.

Maybe a little too sexy for the golf course? NAH!

“When we feel confident, we can achieve anything we want to do,” says co-founder of BornFit Lisa Welch. You’re more likely to get out and exercise if you feel good doing it-that is why I created BornFit.”

BornFit is an apparel collection for active moms of all ages that was co-founded in Colorado by athlete and Mom to three boys Lisa Welch. The fitness collections flatter the figure and were founded on the premise that we are all BornFit. The beauty of being 'fit' is that it comes in all different sizes, shapes, interests and passions. BornFit is sold in running stores and retailers nationwide.

Besides the Sassy Oxford Skort, women golfers should also check out the BornFit Wilder Skort (named after Laura Ingalls Wilder) and other pieces from the BornFit activewear collection.

An additional thumbs-up to BornFit for giving a percentage of sales each month to causes that align with their mission ie: Girls on the Run, Jenny's Light, Women for Women Iinternational and many more.


Anonymous said...

BornFit's active wear and commitment to making sure every woman no matter her shape or size feels amazing in her work out clothes is the reason I, at 215 lbs have the confidence to complete my running goal of completing the ING NYC Marathon Nov. 7th. There isn't a lot out there for the plus woman as far as work out gear... because people don't think we work out! lol. I'm also an avid golfer and love that I can look feminine on the course... it's a man's sport, but when I'm out on the links I feel like a WOMAN! Awesome article, thank you so much for getting the word out about this company... every woman should have some Born Fit in her wardrobe!!

Stacy Solomon said...

I agree that there aren't that many good-looking and good fitting clothes for the "average" sized woman. BornFit really slides over the curves well while making me feel like a woman ;-)

Congratulations on working towards completing the marathon. If you're ever in the NY area, I would love to play a round of golf with you!

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