Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tips Tiger Woods Should Use From His Book How I Play #Golf

Tiger Woods golf book
Tiger Woods, one of the greatest golf superstars every to play the game, came out a few years ago with the book, "How I Play Golf". Perhaps Woods should re-read the contents or create an update entitled "How I Should Play Golf ."

Several writers have analyzed Tiger's 2014 game, especially after his horrendous performance at the Farmers Insurance Open.

Golf for Beginners has selected several golf tips from "How I Play Golf" which we hope will be helpful to Tiger Woods in light of his recent shortcomings.

Lack of Practice - Jim McCabe mentioned on GolfWeek that, "because of his age, injury history and custodial duties as a divorced father, there's no way he can practice and prepare himself like he used to, when he was in his 20s or early 30s." Tiger, please refer to page 205 which states, "When you're on the Course, all that hard work starts to pay off."

Unprepared- Golf Week's Jeff Rude stated that Woods was unprepared for his season debut with Rude quoting Golf Channel Analyst Chris Chamblee as saying, "The golf swing I saw today looked like a 55-year-old man out there." OUCH!

So what is Tiger to do to improve his overall swing? Tiger, please refer to page 85 where you sat down, watched and analyzed your recorded swing and then commited to change. As Woods states, "The goal is to have a repeatable swing that is mechanically sound, repeatable, works with every club in your set and holds up under pressure."

Tiger Woods Farmers Open Golf
Too much muscle -Hank Haney, on his radio show, expressed disdain for Tiger's muscle gain believing that, "when he was thinner and younger he was actually faster." ...hmm remind you of David Duval? 

Instead Woods should work on stretching more than building. Tiger's advice in Chapter 11, "I don't know how much stretching Sam Snead does, but I'm told he is one of the most flexible athletes ever."

Mental Game Adjustment - After his poor showing at the Farmers Insurance Open, Woods said, "There was nothing different with my ball-striking today (Tuesday) compared to last Saturday."

..."It was just one of those days that happens, and it was one of the trains I just couldn't get off." Woods needs more visualization, less anger. In Chapter 10, Woods states, the key is not letting distractions affect your performance."I refuse to yield to pressure," argues Tiger.

Finally, it would be helpful for Tiger Woods to remember, as it says right in the beginning of his book under "First Things First", "Golf is a never-ending journey. Before we begin, we should look at where we've been."

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