Monday, December 20, 2010

Last minute golf accessories and golf gifts for Christmas

Last minute holiday shoppers with golfers on their gift list have no fear: you can still buy great golf accessories and gifts before Christmas!

Here are a few notable golf gifts ranging from kitchy to cool!

Axis1 golf putter 1. Axis1 Eagle golf putter:

The Axis1 Eagle golf putter was created by Industrial Designer Luis Pedraza to be perfectly balanced so that it resists being pulled open when twisted in your hands.
A lighter grip and perfect balance = less stress and fewer off-line putts.

With a long list of accolades including BusinessWeek's Design Excellence Award and 2009 PGA Show winner "Best in Show", the Axis1 Eagle golf putter will make your significant other want to get out and practice putting on the green, even in the cold of a New York winter...brrr.
Still available for Christmas by heading over to either, Edwin Watts Golf or to the website.
Listen to this great interview with Luis Pedraza and Phil Long about the Axis1 putter on the Golf Club Radio Show with Danielle Tucker.

2. Golf jewelry for the lady with almost everything:
From beginner golfers to those players with more than a few years under their belt, there still is the outside chance of unwittingly omitting a stroke or two after a snowman hits your scorecard.

Golf scoring beadsCombining beauty with functionality, the golf score counter, a bracelet from, is handcrafted with love (and crystals) by individuals with mental and physical difficulties. You will not only look great but feel good helping others at this time of year!

3. Adidas Golf aG Strike stand bag:

Adidas Golf aG Strike stand bagAdidas has created one of the most lightweight and durable golf stand bags on the market with its new aG Strike. Colorful and stylish for both men and women, this golf bag will not disappoint! There are plenty of pockets, insulated water bottle area and the new FAS-TEK system which allows a golfer to attach everything from GPS to cell phone right onto the bag.

The Adidas aG Strike stand bag will not break your budget and will give your golfer the biggest golf gift under the Christmas tree!

4. Kodak Playsport Camera:

Kodak Playsport CameraI originally wrote about this tiny Kodak PLAYSPORT Camera not only because its really cute, lightweight and waterproof but also because it can help a golfer to analyze the golf swing at close range. Yes, there are hundreds of cameras on the market to choose from but the little Kodak is created with the golfer in mind. Playback on an HDTV or upload your golf swing onto for the whole world to watch and rate!

5. For those with unlimited funds, how about the Porsche of Luxury golf carts? Costing about $50K, the Garia Soleil de Minuit will make an impression on the golfer who has everything but wants more!

Don't know what to get and don't have much money to spend? A gift card can be impersonal but on the flip side, the golfer can buy anything they want.

If presents are more fun for your family during the holiday season, why not put together a package of golf balls, golf gloves (remembering to check for the correct golf hand), golf ball markers (with swarovski crystals for the ladies?) and divot repair tool from G-Clip?

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Scott P. Shaffer said...

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skycaddie golf said...

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skycaddie golf said...

Thanks for sharing this information which are very useful for us.keep sharing more and more.

Matthew Marciniak said...

Great list! Thanks for sharing! You may also want to check out stuff from for other ideas

Calvin Brock said...

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