Monday, August 16, 2010

Can the Innovative Axis1 Putter Help Lower Your Golf Score?

The new Axis1 putter has received its share of accolades, from "Most Innovative Putter" to "Best New Golf Product". The creator of the "Eagle" putter (Luis Pedraza) adopted a scientific approach to this "alien-looking" flat stick (?) giving it a shape that it not only looks unique but for many performs when the heat is on.

Axis1PutterThe Axis1 Eagle putter was designed to be perfectly balanced so that it resists being "pulled open" when twisted in your hands allowing you to lighten your grip without the clubface opening. The weight is pushed forward "with a patented heel counter weight that places the center of gravity right on the center of the striking face perfectly aligned with the axis of the shaft."

The result is that the golfer should have fewer off-line putts, resulting in lower scores.

But, isn't a putter a very personal golf club? You have to like it, from the feel within your grip to the style of it. The putter should instill confidence each time you pull it out of your golf bag and every time you make a stroke on the putting surface.

Although there have been numerous testimonials confirming the "physics" and design of the Axis1 putter from Pro Golfer Patrick Sheehan (who uses it on Tour) to equipment reviewers and golf club manufacturers, how well did the Axis1 Eagle Putter perform in the hands of a mid-handicap (12-15) golfer?

Since the time of this article the Axis1 has only been created for right-handed golfers (sadly, the majority of players.) I had to hand over this unconventional putter which I was to test to my husband Barry, asking him to swap out his trusty Odyssey Two-Ball for review.

Unique Look of the Axis 1 Eagle Putter

Here are his thoughts.

It isn't easy to replace your trusted putter for a new one. New golf clubs take time to get used to, no matter what club you change out of your bag. That being said, Barry liked the Wynn grip which he said "has a great feel to it." It's also a "good-looking putter which can lead to a confident putting stroke."

The balance of the Axis1 putter was also commended for not having a single pushed putt. The shaft is perfectly balanced with the face and the weighting allows the putter to glide without the golfer having to add force. Technically speaking, "the center of gravity is right on the center of the striking face and perfectly aligned with the axis of the shaft."

Barry did have one "visual" complaint when he stood over the Axis1 putter:

"The reason my eyes have trouble getting used to the putter is because when I look down the shaft, I see the shaft in the middle of the ball which makes me think I may hit the ball with the shaft instead of the putterhead." Although he still has some difficulty with it, another golfer who tried the Axis1 putter had a similar reaction.

This putter is a conversation-starter. When Barry pulled the new Axis1 putter out of his golf bag, he was greeted by curious stares from fellow golfers who asked to try it out on the green.

Wonder at the design caused initial interest and upon first try, each of the golfer's reactions were similar. The Axis1 does not produce immediate results right out of the bag: it takes time and practice to get accustomed to the change in stroke caused by the balance of the putter. Many golfers' strokes are personal as putting goes hand-in-hand with "feel" and not necessarily with science.

The Axis1 Eagle putter can help reduce the number of pulled and pushed putts and help straighten off-line strokes.  Combined with the correct speed and distance caused by a confident stroke,  this putter can be a solid addition to both novice and low handicap golfer.

Read more about the Axis1 Putter.

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CBMaxwell said...

Actually, this putter is very easy to get "used" to and get a pretty quick improvement. It lines up well and swings really good...and I have had better alignment and distance control on long putts...and great confidence it will go where I stroke it on short ones. Improved by about 3 stokes (putts) per round. And I do keep track of that stuff.