Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Will Tiger Woods be too old to take Olympic gold? Also Harrington on Woods and John Daly limps off course again

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A word within almost every sports column in the United States is that Tiger Woods 'choked' and gave up a 54-hole lead at the PGA Championship to the golfer who stood in 110th position before the Sunday start, Y.E. Yang. Did Tiger choke or only prove that he is human after all?

'Choke' is a strong word to associate with Tiger Woods and it is not supposed to happen to the one golfer that everyone believed to be made of steel, an alien from another planet to many fans. Some may say that he brought his "B" or "C" game to the final round of the fourth major and others may claim that Woods now has chinks in his armor but rimmed putts are hardly the stuff of failure.


A second place finish yesterday makes it difficult to say that Tiger allowed "a hungrier, more focused, more composed golfer kick the stuffing out of him" as written by Jay Mariotti. Let us reserve that visualization for Padraig Harrington whose quintuple bogey forced him to drop his head once again and sigh his way through another event with Tiger in the field.

Should golfers in future events be less fearful in a face-off with Woods?

Five wins this season is hardly a sign that Tiger is slipping off of his pedestal but lacking a major win this season also cautions fans that he can be beaten. Woods doing negative self-talk? That hardly ever happens either and perhaps Tiger is not even aware of it but when he rolls the playback, which he will, I'm sure that Woods will come back stronger than ever.

Fed Ex Cup golfers, BEWARE!

As far as Olympic glory in 2016, I don't think a forty-year-old Woods will compete but, on the other hand, the gold medal would look great in his trophy room. The problem is, could folks stand it if Tiger only came home with a bronze medal?

Golf for Beginners also reviews Padraig Harrington's thoughts on why Tiger should have won the PGA Championship and how any golfer can follow his progression.

We also look at the real reason why John Daly walked off the golf course at the PGA Championship.

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