Tuesday, August 18, 2009

La Manga Club: Golf and Travel in Sunny Spain

"I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain."
Excerpt from "Beauty", a poem by John Edward Masefield, English poet laureate

Following in the same vein as my recent interest in playing golf at the Ailsa Course at Turnberry, I have also decided to select several other destinations that I am going to make a strong effort to visit over the next several years. Although I can only cross my fingers and hope that this happens, I consider this a "wish list" of sorts.

Sometimes when you wish hard enough, your wish can come true!

I love the sun, beach and golf, so I always make sure to include that "trifecta" when planning a holiday. The Murcia region of Spain happens to offer the most hours of daylight of any continent and so I am considering a visit to La Manga, Europe's most famous golf resort.

The Mediterranean climate boasts sunshine more than 300 days per year! Couple that with 1,400 acres of top-notch facilities, and I cannot believe that this resort is not on the tips of more golfers' tongues.

The resort town of La Manga del Mar Menor (aka 'the Sleeve of the Minor Sea') is on a strip of land which separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Small Sea (Mar Menor). La Manga was originally formed by an accumulation of sand carried by ocean currents. Volcanic, as well as other sediments came to the surface to form Mar Menor.

It is attractive to touristas who simply want to get away from their natural habitat for pure pleasure. Windsurfing, sailing and water skiing are popular because of the location of both Mediterranean and calm inlet. I don't think I am the type of person to enjoy diving but, isn't that what vacations are for...to try new and exciting things that you would never think of trying before? Perhaps a small cliff... If you are an equestrian, there are both Andalucian and French horses (and Shetland ponies for the kids I'm told) which are great for beach and countryside trots.

I chose to "visit" La Manga Club Principe Felipe because it has top-notch facilities and visually stunning areas allowing me to choose between relaxation by day and frolicking at night. The 1,400 acres of land boasts a five-star hotel, world-class spa, three world-class golf courses and both golf and tennis academies (practice makes perfect). Las Lomas Village on the property features townhomes, apartments and a more tranquil setting but both offer the same amenities.

La Manga was named European Golf Resort of the Year, and it is easy to see why it has received such outstanding accolades. The South, North and West Courses offer championship layouts and stringent tests with tricky slopes that demand exacting course management. Bring your patience for these courses but, with the incredible vistas, it should be easy to relax, regardless of the outcome! Kids are also welcome to play golf with parent/children golf tournaments scheduled every week.

No kids? Me neither! La Manga also offers the spa experience, a piano bar that offers wine and cheese tastings and, for a night on the town, visit Gran Casino Cartagena.

Although many people select accomodations based on what is within the walls of their resort, touring the surrounding areas offer a glimpse into the life of locals as well. Visiting small villages, museums and the ancient port of Cartagena will allow me to get to know the past and present culture of the area.

A visit to Spain is definitely in my future. A week at La Manga is just what I need to restore my well-being. Sunny Costa Calida, here I come!


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