Friday, August 11, 2017

Bermuda Sands Apparel for Women - Fit for #Golf!

Golf apparel, once only designed for style, has blossomed into functional wear which works well both on and off the course. Fit, fashion, and comfort are just as important during an eighteen hole stretch as they are at the 19th while having a snack with your foursome. So, what makes certain golf apparel perennial favorites?

Although certain styles are naturally de rigeur, like polos, cardigans, and khakis, brands are reaching out to millennials with more trendy pieces sporting bolder colors, changes in collar design and added functionality such as cell phone and scorecard pockets.

Where a few fashion-forward items are meaningful to every wardrobe, comfort is probably the most important functional spec which determines what I wear for my round of golf. I usually reach for the same pieces over and over again and, when I add a new skort or shirt to my attire, it had better serve a purpose.

I recently added to my closet a golf shirt and skort from Bermuda Sands Women's Fall Collection, "Evelina" Women's polo and the "Vera" skort from the Greer Collection.

Black and white complement any season and the bold lavender definitely stands out against the changing Autumn scenery. The medallion pattern on the skort carries onto all of the available tops which means if it gets chilly, I can add a cover-up to the outfit!

Yes, I will be a fashion statement on the golf course come this fall but that is not why I will be excited to wear my new Bermuda Sands outfit.

The quality of the materials used is excellent. As I held both pieces, I couldn't help but notice the silky feel and weight of the fabric. I thought it would be heavy when I tried on the outfit but was impressed by its lightweight comfort.

The Greer line of golf apparel is 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex stretch jersey, which offers a great range of motion and should also help to keep me comfortable and dry, even when I am sweating out those ten-footers for par.

Bermuda Sands also offers a men's line of short and long sleeve shirts and outerwear.

I can't wait to take this outfit onto the golf course but, since it's new in my closet, it needs to air at the appropriate time and at a top-notch golf course...perhaps Grande Dunes...Pine Lakes? Or maybe TPC Myrtle Beach...

Bermuda Sands, an innovative golf apparel company, has been creating fine clothing for both men and women since 2009 and, since the quality of their clothing is first-rate, in my opinion, this company deserves a look.

Do you love shopping for golf apparel? If so, are you partial to polos...skorts? Feedback requested on our golf blog in the comments section and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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Friday, August 04, 2017

#Golf Training Aids Spotlight: The Delta Putt

Do you consider yourself to be a strong putter or do you feel you could improve your make percentage on the green? Most amateurs could use help with the flat stick!

Poor lag putting, missing on the low side, 3-putts, the yips...all are solvable.

The art of putting comes down to two concepts, speed and alignment. If either one of them is off, your putt won't go in the's that simple.

How do you sink more putts? Practice, practice, practice.

You can try training aids if your visual skills or feel are off; Golf for Beginners has tried many types of training aids over the years and most of them are effective but you have to use them in order for them to help you gain positive results.

This brings me to a training aid called The Delta Putt by Gsix Products. I received this putting trainer recently to test and will give you my honest opinion with regards to its functionality. First, a product description.."

The Delta Putt comes with two components - a lined mat and a triangular "puck" with "amateur", "pro" and "tour" markings on the flat sides with a bump out near each of the markings.

Place the triangular puck onto the mat with the "amateur" in line with your putter face and make a putt. The puck should slide straight on the mat and land on its intended target - the "hole" - a picture of the puck at the end of the mat.

Any veering or spinning of the puck means you have not hit your putter face on its sweet spot (the toe was closed or open at impact). Don't move onto the next level, "PRO", until you have mastered the amateur side of the puck, which means straight down the intended line without spinning or veering left or right.

As mentioned in the Delta Putt video instruction guide, "If you can make it to the "TOUR" level, "you have developed yourself into one really fine putter."

Although Golf for Beginners does not endorse any one product, I can say that The Delta Putt has the ability to guide you to a better stroke if you use it. After a few putts, I noticed the Delta Putt "puck" began to move straight down the line. Yes, I did try it on the "PRO" and "TOUR" levels, and I quickly backed down to AMATEUR! The only way I can truly tell if this training aid works is to continue to use it and then to test my putting in a real-life scenario.

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Which training aids do you use to improve putting? Let us know in the comments section of this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.