Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Women’s #Golf Fashion- A Style Guide for You!

Golf Fashion is as much a part of the sport as the right equipment. If you don't feel good about yourself, or if you don't like the look of your driver or irons, you might just develop a mental hitch that prevents you from playing and scoring your best. Women especially, feel more confident when wearing clothes that are more than just comfortable. Style, color and the "smile effect" (yes, I do believe I just made that up!) all come into play when selecting golf attire to take a lady through eighteen holes with her playing partners.

Looking through the many blogs that comprise Golf for Beginners, I noticed that we discuss men's golf clothing much more than we chat about women's golf fashion. Perhaps it's because women have an innate sense of style whereas men could use a bit more help? You know who I am talking about...Mr. Mismatched pants and shirt...)

So this post is dedicated to the ladies on the golf course! Whether you are going out with the EWGA, playing in a business event or simply out to enjoy a beautiful summer day, below are a few outfit suggestions to make the most of your round. This post was contributed by Sarah Thomas.


Going out to a golf tournament and need some outfit ideas?

Usually women are more conscious about their clothing styles than men. So we always strive to find some fashionable clothing that offers both comfort and style. It’s really imperative to pick the right golf clothing that look good and makes us feel better, as well. Women’s golf clothing makes a classic statement that can sum up our overall personality and boost up our confidence level. Yes, such a true statement...

Whenever you pick the right style of clothing you feel better, but, if you pick the frumpy and dull shirt or shorts, you feel uncomfortable and it impacts your overall performance. I have listed below a few women’s golf clothing basics that will keep us trendy and fashion-forward this season.

Short and Cap Sleeve Shirts

Tri Mountain Polo Golf ShirtLet’s start with golf shirts. Picking a quality of golf shirt is a matter of personal preference, but usually golf courses will require you to pick a collared style shirt. There is a huge selection of women’s golf shirts available that can make you look classy yet trendy on the green.

You can pick golf shirts in both short and long sleeves that fit your needs for almost all weather conditions. Women usually prefer to go with two style of shirts; short sleeves and cap sleeves as anything longer may impact on the golf swing.

When it comes to colors, consider light colors like pink, light blue, white and yellow. Light colors help reflect the extreme rays of the sun while keeping you cool on the golf course. For the fabric, choose one that is lightweight and breathable - a wicking material works well  - as this will help you to feel better during different weather situations that you will encounter.

Classic Bottom Choices

In addition to the classic golf shirts, you have to choose quality bottoms that will ensure you looking great and stylish.

Usually khaki pants are the perfect option but if you want to look more daring and classy, you have a variety of options out there. You can opt for Capri pants, patterned skorts and knee-length shorts. Yes, fashion doesn’t mean breaking all the rules. Sometimes, it’s fine to create some mix and match styling. You can pair your favorite cap sleeve collared shirt with a patterned skirt to create a classy sporty style.

Golf Footwear

Last but not the least, and probably the most important part of any golf outfit is footwear. Sneakers or tennis shoes are not a great option out on the green unless you want the look of this type of footwear which is available through many of the larger manufacturers.

You will most likely have to choose to spend a few dollars for your golf shoes. Quality shoes are designed to offer balance while swinging the golf club and will protect from slipping and any injury in muddy conditions as well . Sneakers that you wear on pavement simply won’t give you the traction you need.

While playing any game, you need to make sure that your personality will truly shine both in your overall performance and in your outfit. So ladies, let’s start shopping for functional and stylish golf clothing that’s comfortable enough for all your sports needs!

If you don’t want to shop at a golf store and would rather view great new looks on from your computer, you can shop online at BuyTriMountain, where you’ll have endless options from which to choose. Tri Mountain golf shirts are available in numerous designs, different colors and true sizes at reasonable prices.

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