Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Golf Tournaments and Myrtle Beach Entertainment are Par for the Course

A vacation in Myrtle Beach, for most sun-loving folks, in one way or another includes both beach and golf. This past week, I was fortunate enough to have at my disposal an ocean view to die for, terrific food, great entertainment and some of the best golf courses in the United States.

Being invited to a golf tournament is always exciting but there is something special when it takes place in Myrtle Beach. Although driving time is about eleven hours from New York, Myrtle Beach is definitely worth the effort. Of course, at just under two hours from the big city, you can always fly down to this golfer’s haven but, having a dog in the family mandated us to take the longer route…and so we did.

Mystical Golf’s 3rd Annual Golf Media Tournament also allowed me to bring a guest which, of course, was my husband Barry who always delights in a challenge. 

Myrtle Beach_Stacy-Solomon
Off we went - Barry, Einstein (my loveable german shepherd puppy) and me – golf clubs in the trunk and ready for our adventure. Einstein wound up staying at K9 Cabana, a very caring dog "resort" he frequents when we’re here at the Beach and Barry and I were excited to have the Sea Mist beach front hotel as our "home-away-from-home". 

The accommodations at Sea Mist were very comfortable with in-room kitchenette and the ocean at our doorstep, we were wined and dined and the food was yummy and plentiful…thank you to our hosts!

Myrtle Beach Sea Mist Hotel

Fresh air, great lodgings, delicious food and three of the best golf courses in Myrtle Beach - The Witch, Wizard and Man O'War - what more could any golf aficionado ask for?

How about one of the most delightful shows I have seen in a long time…a patriotic, country-loving extravaganza at the Alabama Theatre - “One”. The talent was extraordinary; comedian Ricky Mokel was hilarious and host Greg Rowles ("Star Search" Male Vocalist of the Year) kept us entertained with music that you don’t get to hear too much of on New York City radio stations. A quick mention that, before the show, I had some of the best ribs I have eaten in a long time at Wild Wing Cafe; if you want wings and ribs, these are finger-lickin' good!!

Myrtle Beach Mystical Golf Courses

The week and the golf tournament went by in a flash: the Witch cast her mighty spell on us, The Wizard was captivating and Man O'War had very sharp teeth and should be renamed, "Man O' Water!". Barry and I captured five skins, won low net and wound up with a few bucks to spend at either of the three well-stocked Clubhouses but, most importantly, bragging rights!

Stacy Solomon Mystical Golf Tournament

With spring-like temperatures in Myrtle Beach probably sticking around through Christmas and prices being very fair, I encourage golfers with families to visit the Grand Strand. You will all come away with memories to last you a lifetime!

A few accolades that Myrtle Beach earned in 2012 from US News & World Report:
  #6 Best Family Beach Vacations
  #4 Best Family Vacations in the U.S.A. 
  #7 Best Affordable U.S. Vacations
  #9 Best Beaches U.S.A.

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Thank you to Mystical Golf group and to Claude Pardue for making the Golf Writers Tournament a magical event.
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Clarissa Brooks said...

I was never into golf as a child but seem to like the sport more and more as I get older. I only just started playing a few years ago and do it mostly for the fun and relaxation of spending a beautiful day at the golf course. I want to travel the country and play all the different courses and see what makes each one unique. The first on my list is the Las Vegas Golf Courses
but the list goes on. I love reading peoples posts to find more courses that are a must see in my lifetime.

Golf for Beginners said...

I was born and raised in the Bronx and never really thought of golf as a sport until I met my husband and he turned me over (with a set of golf clubs) to a qualified instructor.

I hit that first good shot and I was hooked!

Myrtle Beach is close to home and the variety of excellent golf courses is staggering. One day I hope to play golf in Las Vegas too...Stacy Solomon

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