Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Golf Swing Made Easy With This Infographic

What muscles do you use in the golf swing? How flexible do you really need to be when taking a swing? These questions and more have been put into an Infographic by Matt Baird, PGA Instructor. Read this explanatory analysis of how your golf swing works and what you can do to improve during the off-season.

Matt Baird Golf Swing Infographic

Thank you to Matt Baird for providing Golf for Beginners with this Infographic.

Matt Baird Bio

As a full time instructor,  Matt Baird has taught thousands of Golf Lessons with a way of teaching that people can relate to and understand.  He has real professional experience in teaching and playing the game and can instantly diagnose and fix the swing of amateur golfers. 

The key to Matt's knowledge is that he understands all aspects of the game from a pro golfers perspective. He has recently been on pro tours, he has played with the pros, he has lived with them, he knows how the pros practice, what they work on, and how the they get better. He knows and teaches the swing path of the current best pro golfers in the world. He not only teaches the game but he plays it well. He is good at golf and teaching golf because he loves the game and loves to help others improve their game. His current project is working on GolfGator, a golf Training Aids company. Be sure to visit him there.

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Gerry Wendel said...

Great infographic!

Unknown said...

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