Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tiger loses twice in NY, the LPGA needs Woods versus Wie and handy golf rules to keep in your bag.

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Tiger Woods was defeated at Bethpage Black not once but twice in one month! The first loss came at the 2009 U.S. Open where Woods' putter let him down. Lucas Glover, a relative "apprentice" on the PGA Tour, defeated the top brass there and Tiger probably needed to convince himself that it was the man, not the course, that kicked his butt.

Seeking out a "rematch" of sorts, Woods took on SNL comedian Jimmy Fallon where it seemed certain that Tiger would triumph and gain bragging rights on the 'Black'. But this match did not 'officially' take place on the golf course. Instead, it was through the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 that the number-one golfer in the world attempted to 'raise' the coveted trophy.

In a meeting arranged by EA Sports, Woods and Jimmy Fallon teed off in Times Square, Tiger wearing his Sunday red shirt, black pants ensemble and Fallon sporting typical publinks trademark of jeans and polo shirt.

Unfortunately the game was cut short. Woods did something that we, his truest of fans, would sadly never believe possible; he conceded after the third hole mentioning, "I just got killed at my own game."

Tiger is now not the only famous Woods out on the golf course. Cheyenne Woods, the niece, was given an exemption at the Wegman's and although she missed the cut, it was her first foray into the world of professional golf. Michelle Wie might have come in tied for tenth place, but all eyes will surely be following Cheyenne in the future to see if she has the eye of the Tiger.

A mere twelve strokes separated Woods and Wie this past weekend after the first two rounds of competition. Although Cheyenne did not mention Wie by name she did have this to say, "I'm going to use this tournament to see how I handle large galleries and how I stack up against the best women golfers in the world."

'Uncle Tiger' and Cheyenne were both students of Earl Woods, with similarities that propelled Tiger into greatness. Watching and waiting with bated breath, the world wonders if Cheyenne will be the next superstar to shine the spotlight brightly onto the ladies tour.

As far as who is considered the "hotter golfer" in the areas of both athletics and looks, "Throwdown" fans are undecided but I'm sure, as soon as Cheyenne Woods starts making strides in golf, she will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the LPGA.

Golf for Beginners show also interprets which training aids can be used during a round and how you can make a golfer replay his shot with the use of Rule 10-1.

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