Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can Superhero Natalie Gulbis come to the rescue of her LPGA career?

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Natalie Gulbis seeks stardom but when in the spotlight rarely puts on more than a mediocre performance. Between her lackluster appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and her recent slip in Rolex Rankings, it doesn't look like Gulbis is more than a passing fancy in the eyes of the camera. In other words, just because you don a superhero costume doesn't necessarily mean you are imbued with extraordinary abilities!

Although Gulbis initially accepted Donald Trump's challenge, she has stayed incognito, waiting for Joan Rivers to thrust her into the spotlight and urge her to wear a superhero costume which Natalie mentioned looked like a cross between "Halloween and a stripper" (Rivers must have seen the Calendar). Perhaps it's better for Natalie to lurk because when she spoke to both Trump and the CEO of Zappos.com, she nearly blew the win for her team!

As far as her appearances on the LPGA Tour, Gulbis makes for a pretty picture but, to date, has not become much of a standout performer. She has only one LPGA win to her credit (2007 Evian Masters) and, in her first three events this year, Natalie has dropped to 37th place in the Rolex Rankings. Her coach, Butch Harmon, has been quoted as saying that Gulbis is longer and stronger than ever but, coming off of a back injury, only time will tell if this will be her breakout year.

Does the LPGA need another above-average golfer or should they promote the package "Gulbis", who can deliver the sex appeal needed to take the LPGA to the next level? Ty Votaw once used Gulbis' appeal for his "Five Points of Celebrity" campaign but that idea was scrapped as soon as Bivens took the helm. Michelle Wie is now the hope of the LPGA Tour and has been dangled like a carrot on the end of a stick to attract partners like the Golf Channel who will be using Wie's picture to highlight the Tour.

Perhaps Natalie will show this year, both on the Apprentice and on the golf course, that there is more than meets the eye and claim her rightful place in the spotlight.

In this week's Golf for Beginners show, it's all about the women! We wonder if fat-bottoms are solely for the ladies, consider why more women don't play the game, have a heated man/woman debate about Golf Datatech's women's market survey and offer a golf tip from Butch Harmon on how to balance when hitting a chip shot.

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