Monday, September 29, 2008

Miller sends Tiger Woods a "Dear John" letter. Aging Mickelson falls prey to Villegas, Kim. Nicklaus hits it big with Performance 18

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Golf Analyst Johnny Miller maintains that Tiger Woods was not missed at either the Tour Championship or the Ryder Cup. He has even gone so far as to blame Woods for Team USA's problematic history. I can understand Miller's Ryder Cup theory as Tiger Woods has rarely been known to be a team player but, taking his idea a step further, would the PGA Tour be better off with, or without Woods?

It's true that some of Miller's off-the-cuff commentary can be a bit absurd (Mediate "looks like the guy who cleans Tiger’s swimming pool, for example") but after watching up-and-coming flamboyant and charismatic young guns Anthony Kim and Camilo Villegas excite the crowd time and time again, some of Miller's musings are believable.

I disagree, however, that age played a factor with Mickelson, ever the punching bag, who was beaten over the head for being thirty-eight years old. Age is not the reason why Phil could not make putts, and I'm sure that V.J. Singh would concur with that fact.

Johnny Miller, whose ramblings are worthy of note (that's why he's a commentator), should aspire to change the FedEx Cup points distribution system. Under the close circumstances in which both Singh and Villegas came to their eventual respective positions, perhaps a play-off would have been in order to create that end-of-season fervor that the PGA Tour, and the fans, are desperately looking for?

In addition to our commentary about the Tour Championship and both Mickelson and Garcia's inability to win in the face of challenge, we also offer our experiences while wearing Jack Nicklaus Performance 18 apparel at Turning Stone Resort. Performance 18 offers Coolplus® technology, UV protection, is fashionable and lightweight and had me feeling so stylish and comfortable that I felt as if I was on the LPGA Tour!

A golf tip on how to hit a 460cc driver is also featured. With clubheads as large as garbage cans, it shouldn't be that difficult, should it?

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