Monday, April 21, 2008

Two golf swings, putting practice and when Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson don't show the fans?

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Yesterday the Pope pre-empted golf, proving that religion trumps sport, at least on network television. Whether or not you were interested in Sunday Sermon, broadcasters forced you to watch Pope Benedict XVI at Yankee Stadium, forcing the PGA Tour to stream live coverage on the internet.

For those without an internet connection, flipping the remote yesterday provided little in the way of diversity.

If Tiger Woods was heavily in the mix, would CBS-TV interpose both Pope Benedict and golf? Or, would Tiger be relegated to a spot in the sports section of Monday's newspaper?

I wonder who would have received the higher share?

We also discuss the two swings each golfer must bring to the course and how to integrate these two different movements into your weekly practice session. The pursuit of putting nirvana is also one of our topics. Incorporating these drills into your training plan should help lower your scores so you can confidently "putt for dough"!

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