Monday, April 14, 2008

Mickelson, Els flop at Masters despite Callaway I-Mix help, Tiger Woods putter lets him down, high or low it's all in your setup and how to read a lie

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The hype surrounding the possibility of two drivers in his bag didn't help Phil Mickelson's bid to win a third Masters Tournament. Both Els and Mickelson fumbled around to get "the perfect fit" this week, combining Callaway I-Mix heads and shafts depending on their particular "game plan". Mickelson claimed that the course length urged him to carry two drivers but my belief is that Callaway needed Phil to promote these clubs which seem to work more for a professional than the average "Joe".

It didn't work. Mickelson should have toyed with an extra wedge in his golf bag as he intended to on Tuesday and Els should have probably flown out to Las Vegas to visit with his newest instructor, Butch Harmon, directly after being cut on Friday.

Complaining of bad posture, a collapse at the top of his swing and too much hip and shoulder turn, Els should have realized before the Masters that it's not a change in golf equipment that was needed but rather a parting of the ways between he and David Leadbetter.

Moral of the story for all golfers; it's not the arrow, it's the Indian...

I guess the next question should be, "When will Callaway Golf debut a putter with adjustable head and shaft technology for conditions like "blade-drag" or help with overspin? Tiger Woods may be just the buyer for it!

As for this week's Golf for Beginners podcast, we discuss Mickelson's use of the Callaway I-Mix technology. Our show also contains a few easy tips from Phil Mickelson, one of which deals with how to hit your golf ball in different types of lie. Our other "Lefty" golf tip describes what setup to the ball determines its trajectory.

Finally, a hearty congratulations to the UNBEATABLE Lorena Ochoa who is now officially "one-up" on Tiger Woods this season!

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