Monday, December 24, 2007

Why does boxer Oscar De La Hoya get KO'd on the first tee? Also, USGA rule change for 2008 and charity abounds in golf

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Although boxers like Oscar de la Hoya and Sugar Ray Leonard fight in front of thousands, using the squared circle as a stage to proudly display their ability, they seem to lose their edge and become wrought with anxiety when walking up to the first tee. Instead they become the "amateurs", stepping into an arena in which they are uncertain of their skills. In fact, De La Hoya was once quoted as saying, "I'd rather be fighting in front of 100,000 people than teeing off in front of ten."

Who would have ever thought that the average amateur golfer's mental game could be superior to a fighter who trains his mind daily in order to beat his opponents?

Trainer/kickboxer Kobus Huisamen mentions that "as a fighter trains, his mind also trains." With the intense preparation prior to a fight, shouldn't boxers make better golfers?

Golf for Beginners also discusses a change in the Rules of Golf for 2008 which allows players to swap out equipment shafts and heads before a round. Is this a "wink" from the USGA to bolster golf club sales?

In the spirit of giving, it is heartwarming to see entertainers offer their name and services to humane causes. Nick Lachey, whose "Clash of the Choirs" win recently gave $250,000 to charity is teaming up with Nascar's Jimmie Johnson to form the Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic. The PGA Tour is also allowing Justin Timberlake to host his own
PGA Tour event.

So what's next? Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z hosting the PGA Tour's Urban Golf Classic for inner city youth?

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