Monday, December 17, 2007

Cheyenne, a splinter off Tiger Woods' family tree. Seniors give us a lesson in scoring low and stop topping the ball

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Tiger Woods looked a bit like Phil Mickelson and family after his win at the Target World Challenge with grandma holding up baby Sam to receive a wet one while Elin proudly looked on. Perfect Kodak moment!

Now it's time for a six-week respite. Perhaps a holiday aboard the yacht, then Christmas with the relatives?

Or, maybe a powow with the lesser known side of the family? Cheyenne Woods signed a National Letter of Intent to play golf at Wake Forest University so a bit of catching up couldn't hurt, especially since Tiger and Cheyenne both share a common bond. Earl Woods Sr. gave his granddaughter her first set of golf clubs and, as Tiger remarked, "she started in the garage where I started. I'll never forget that day."

Besides the apparent similar features, Cheyenne, daughter of Earl Woods Jr., is becoming an accomplished golfer. But she lacks Tiger's humble nature, commenting in an interview earlier in the year that she doesn't just want to be known as "somebody's relative" making sure to mention that "other people tell me that I play a little bit better under pressure and that my composure on the course is Tiger-like." Perhaps there is a bit of sibling rivalry between Earl Jr. and Tiger? Still, they're not your typical family.

This week Golf for Beginners podcast discusses Cheyenne Woods, the Earl Woods legacy and the probability of defeating Michelle Wie in competitve golf.

We also have a bevy of golf tips including a discussion on how seniors can beat younger players on the course and easy ways to stop topping the ball.

P.S. Crybaby Rory Sabbatini may have escaped with $170,000 of last place payout under Tiger Woods' radar but I'm sure the only thing that bothered Woods about this issue was that the Foundation could have used the money. I'll bet that Sabbatini won't be asked to come back next year. (Hmmm, did Sabbatini pull a Michelle Wie or was he gracious enough to thank the host before he disappeared?)

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