Thursday, December 10, 2015

Keeping Snowmen Out of Your #Golf Game

Another winter, another test of our mettle on the golf course... ...donning winter gloves, hats, ear muffs and layering with long johns definitely detracts from our game during the chilly season, ergo northerners have a tendency to get a bit rusty and snowmen tend to make an appearance.

How can Northerners keep their golf games as fresh as the driven snow? recently forwarded Golf for Beginners an infographic designed to help golfers keep the game crisp through the winter. We have chosen several interesting tips for you to be aware of in cold weather.

1. The golf ball doesn't necessarily go as far in the cold as it does during the summer months (unless the ground is as hard as a rock). Learn the course before you play - make allowances by taking an extra (or one less) club, or playing with a golf ball designed for cold weather. Also remember to stay alert as the cold weather has a tendency to dull your focus.

cold weather golf

2. Can't get to the golf course? Exercise at the Gym! Schedule one workout per week on golf-fitness. LPGA golfers build strength and endurance with weights, kettle and bosu balls. Also include using rowing machines and adding good old fashioned sit-ups, planks and push-ups to your routine.

Gym Fitness Exercises for Golfers

3. Practice Your Putting! You've probably heard this saying repeatedly and, as short game guru Dave Pelz confirms, "More than forty percent of all golf shots are putts, and over half of those are short ones." 

The Grumpy Old Golfer mentions in his book of putting tips, "Touch is one thing very good putters have in common. Touch is the core ingredient for long term success.".

Is the final putt of each hole as important as the first drive? Probably more so as you can recuperate after a wayward drive but each putt is meant to finish out the hole so its importance becomes magnified. Practice your speed and touch around the greens and you'll be ready to roll at the start of spring.

What golf tips do you have to keep Old Man Winter at bay? Let us know on our Golf for Beginners blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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