Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cart or Stand Bag - Which Do You Prefer and Why? #golf

Ogio Giza Cart Bag
New golf clubs but no where to put them? The dilemma of purchasing a cart bag versus a stand bag basically comes down to meeting your needs on the course. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Why You Should Select a Cart Bag

When I agreed to participate in the PGA Tour Superstore Custom Fit Event to be professionally outfitted with a set of golf clubs, I was sent a large box with the latest Ogio Giza Cart bag inside - a big and unexpected surprise.

My initial response was, "What am I going to do with a cart bag?" at the same time deciding whether or not I should contact the store to switch to a stand bag.

My husband said that we should keep it - fill that large, elegant Ogio with my new clubs (a set of Ping Karsten irons, a Callaway X2 Hot Driver and my wonderful Vokey Spin Milled Wedges.) Since that time, I have not removed my golf clubs from the cart bag and I have received compliments on the range.

Here is why I wanted to keep the Ogio Giza cart bag:

- I ride in a cart during the hot summer months.
- When I begin to walk the golf course again in the autumn, I will probably be pushing a cart, not carrying my clubs.
- The larger bag comfortably accommodates all of my golf clubs - no struggle placing the clubs back into the bag.
-Heavy Duty with all of the bells and whistles (Insulated Cooler pocket, full length club dividers, 15-way cart top with putter pit for oversized grips). says that Golf Bags review "suggests that many players who choose cart bags prefer the look of the larger bags because they most closely resemble what the pros use, rather than any functional consideration."

Adidas Golf Strike aG Stand Bag
Why a Stand Bag Might Work Best for You

Most carry stand bags are lightweight however most golfers pack their bags with much more than they need for that round of golf making the carry bag, in some cases, heavier than a stand bag.

That being said, a stand bag might be a better choice for:

-Golfers who walk the course and know how to keep their bag light.
-Driving Range aficionados - easier to take to the range.
-Balance - has two built-in legs for better balance when you place the bag on the ground.

While I still have my Adidas Golf Strike aG Stand Bag ready for a quick switch, I have not had to use it...yet. The Ogio Cart Bag has features I am not ready to give up and riding in a golf cart during the blistering summer months also has it's advantages!

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