Friday, February 21, 2014

The #Golf Personality Conundrum - What Type of Golfer Are YOU?

Whether you are new to the game of golf or whether you have been playing for years, there is one thing about the game you’re sure to pick up on early – the different types of characters on the course.

Golf is known for the eccentric, the stag dos, the serious players, even the corporate part-timers. To this end, there is a new Golf Quiz making the rounds which tells people what type of golfer they are most like. It has been produced in the hope of discovering which type of character is the most common.

Golf Quiz

How does the quiz work?

The creators of the quiz, Golfplan Insurance, have put together nine different scenarios that are likely to occur on the course. These have been based on personal anecdotes and conversations with golfers. There are some great scenarios, like the time when the ball stops less than an inch from the hole or when the heavens open. For those of the more seasoned variety, it will present a nice trip down nostalgia avenue as memories of past games when certain scenarios happened, come back to life.

For each scenario there are four possible solutions. They range from the comical to the serious to the absurd – but they are all true of golfers. These are used to determine the kind of character taking the quiz.

Here is one of my favorite golf questions in the quiz.

You're ready to tee off on the first hole. The weather is good-little wind, but there is a bunker two-hundred yards away. There are people watching (gulp). What do YOU do?

My answer?  Play it safe, of course, but I'll bet there are those golfers out there reading this blog that would choose answer "C" (you'll have to take the quiz to find out). As you can see, I have taken the quiz. Stick around until the end of this blog to find our what type of golfer the quiz says I am!

In creating the profiles, research was undertaken to establish a number of different personalities on the course. These were then grouped together and given an overarching profile identity.

There are four different possible identities but we won’t reveal them and take the fun out of taking the quiz.

The creators hope that there will be a strong enough response to ascertain an idea of the most common golfing personality. While the quiz isn't meant to be anything scientific, it is a great bit of fun.

Okay, the moment you have been waiting for! What type of golfer is Stacy Solomon from Golf for Beginners? The COA, but you might have guessed that already - take the quiz and let us know what golf personality YOU are!

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