Thursday, August 29, 2013

Want to Play Golf? Three Tips for Beginners

If you've dabbled in a few rounds of golf, or if you've never played but have friends, family or a partner who is an avid golfer, you might be seriously thinking about getting into the sport. And, there are plenty of reasons to try out this "sport that will last you a lifetime"...if you're truly interested.

Golf is a uniquely flexible sport – you can play a few holes or stretch out the fun over the whole day.

Golf can be a social experience with a group of friends, or a chance to get a few hours by yourself on the course trying to beat your best. It's a sport that can be enjoyed by young and old, men and women, in any level of competition. And finally, there's a certain inexpressible joy in experiencing the rolling countryside, the song of birds and the clunk of a neatly aimed putt.

Golf is not that hard to get into and to appreciate. Here are three tips to help anyone to get started:

1. Find a Golf Course:

Get Into Golf Map

There are nearly two thousand golf courses in England (with the number of golf courses worldwide in 2008 at over 35,000) and you're bound to know one in your area. If you're interested, you can find a taster session near you – many are free to try and you get equipment provided as well.

Once you think that golf is the sport for you, why not book a few lessons: there's no better way to discover the rules, etiquette and skills required to become a talented golfer than to have a qualified instructor show you the ropes. Depending on your preferences and comfort level, you can book a one-to-one session or learn as part of a group.

If there's not a conveniently-located course near you, or if you don't have the time initially to practice as often as you'd like, you can try visiting a pitch-and-putt or driving range to practice your skills. Super-twilight golf is also a fun way to play a few holes without having to struggle through a four-plus hour round.

2. Get The Equipment!

At some point, if you're even half-way serious about playing golf, you'll want to purchase your own set of clubs. This is a big undertaking, so don't rush into it! Ask your instructor for advice on the best clubs to suit you, book yourself in for a an in-depth club fitting, or, at the very least, see what the staff at your local golf store can do to help you find clubs which are forgiving and right for your game. You are allowed fourteen golf clubs in your bag but try to pick the ones that work best for you.

Spend according to your enthusiasm. If you've become a regular player, you'll just end up frustrated if you don't go for the best quality clubs you can afford – conversely, if you only get to go a few times a year, it won't hurt to save money on a second-hand pair of clubs if you don't want to stretch.

3. Dress to Impress!

Golf Clothing should blend fashion-forward style with comfort.

When you play your first few rounds, all you really need is something flexible and comfortable, but as you get more serious as a golfer it's important to pick out the right clothing. You can layer your clothing to ensure you're able to adapt to all conditions, stripping down to a shirt for warm weather or donning a waterproof jacket in more inclement conditions.

Holly Aitchison_Bunker Mentality

Choosing a few good pairs of golf trousers and shorts are essential too, combining protection from the elements, comfort throughout the course and unrestrained mobility through the swing. Plus, of course, for the fashion-conscious, golf clothes can be a whole new avenue of expression, with styles that change from year to year.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Why Replace Your Long Irons with Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Having trouble hitting your long golf irons? Perhaps it is time to consider buying a hybrid or two to replace clubs that no longer serve you well on the course. One of the most negative mental images is to believe, in advance, that you will mis-hit a club in your bag.

Why consider a hybrid? This combination club is a unique blend of iron and wood and has a bigger head which makes off-shots less of a regular occurence. I have already replaced my 4-iron with a similar-distance hybrid and my confidence level soars when I pick it out of the bag.

That being said, Golf for Beginners has put together a short list of the top hybrids on the market and a few golf tips to get you comfortable with your new clubs.


Adams Idea Tech V4 HybridsInstead of listing the top golf hybrid clubs for more advanced players, I thought it would be better to opt for a few choice golf clubs that should improve an average players' game.

1. Adams Idea Tech V4 Hybrids: Considered the easiest-to-hit hybrids that Adams Golf has engineered, Adams Golf website says, "same CT of a driver, which delivers higher ball speeds, more forgiveness and more distance."
Ping i20 hybrids

2. Although Ping Golf considers all of their hybrids as "game improvement" clubs, the Ping i20's were given a "thumbs-up" on Golf Digest's 2012 Hot List for their forgiveness compact head and low CG.

Golf Tips for Hitting Your New Hybrids

1. states, "When choosing a hybrid you should always stick to one where the shaft is similar in length to your current irons. Also stick to a hybrid where the shaft is made from the same material as your other clubs, this will ensure you’re not having to change your swing every time you use a new club.  Also choose a club that is aesthetically pleasing to you, this will build up your confidence."

2. Paula Creamer carries no golf club longer than a 5-iron, having replaced her longer irons with hybrids so she is an expert on how to hit a hybrid! Creamer says that, since the shaft of the hybrid is only slightly longer than the corresponding iron, it is important to hit the hybrid like an iron, not a wood.

Paula Creamer hitting hybrids

"Play the ball in the middle of your stance, and keep your weight centered. Your hands should be in line with the ball, and your shoulders, hips and feet should be square to your target. As you take the club back and swing through, make sure to hit the ball with a descending blow--do not use a sweeping motion, as you would with a fairway wood." ...Paula Creamer

3. Finally, after you have tried them out on the driving range and believe that your new hybrid golf clubs are truly easier-to-hit than your long irons (which is probably the reason you tucked them into your old clubs bag in the first place), your confidence will soar. A hybrid golf club will help you achieve a higher ball trajectory with a nice, slow --- smooth --- swing which will help ensure solid contact more often.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watch as Jamie Sadlowski Breaks the Golf Channel Simulator

While warming up on the set of The Golf Fix, Long drive champ Jamie Sadlowski breaks the Golf Channel simulator again!

Does he do it with a driver? 

NO - this time the Canadian professional long driver, golfer and ice hockey player from St. Paul, Alberta smashes the simulator with just a 7-iron!

Sadlowski and the longest drivers in the world will attempt to qualify and compete in the RE/MAX WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIP, which will air live on Golf Channel from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Oct. 30.

"The championship golf tee would be placed in a section of seats that will accommodate thousands of fans. A special platform will be constructed in the grandstand on turn four approximately 75 feet above the track, setting up a straight shot to the natural grass infield. Finalists will be competing on a 50-yard grid that stretches well over 400 yards," mentioned Art Sellinger, CEO and owner of LDA.

See below in this video what most golfers only dream of accomplishing...that is hitting a 7-iron so long that they don't NEED a driver!

...not a by any stretch of the imagination...

The Golf Fix Airs Mondays at 7PM ET on The Golf Channel 
I think it would be a great idea for Michael Breed to invite ME appear on The Golf Fix, don't you? ...Let Golf Channel know!!

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Why You Should Play Golf Without a Driver

If you find your driver to be erratic at times (and who doesn't), the next time you play a round of golf why not consider leaving that new Nike Covert VR S or Callaway X Hot Pro at home? Why not just tuck it away in the trunk of your car you may ask

golf ironsSwinging well at the driving range and feeling super confident, you just might be tempted to grab the Big Head instead of sticking to a plan and playing your round with the other thirteen clubs in your bag, maybe adding another hybrid or wedge to the mix.

The great Ben Hogan said, "Golf is not a game of good shots... It's a game of bad shots." He further commented, "You only hit a straight ball by accident. The ball is going to move right or left every time you hit it, so you had better make it go one way or the other." 

With a driver in hand, the chances of hitting your shot more wayward than intended could mean the difference between edge of the first cut of rough and being in the woods so, why take the risk during every round?

Whether you are a golf beginner or more experienced amateur, regularly hitting wayward shots with a less-than-reliable club doesn't enhance your time on the course and allows negative thoughts to creep into your mind and into your game.

Instead of attempting to regain composure after hitting a bad driver shot off of the tee, Golf for Beginners offers a few benefits to leaving your driver at home.

1. A better chance to get ball in fairway:

If your driver is erratic, you certainly don't want it to cost you strokes during a round of golf...and it will! If your three, five-wood or even  longer iron gets you into the fairway, practice with your driver off-course and play with your go-to clubs during the round.


When Tiger Woods was asked after his second round on Muirfield how many times he used his driver up to that point in The Open he exclaimed, "I hit about eight to 10..." finishing his deadpan comment with, "on the range." The result was a tie for the lead going into the weekend and with Woods being "in a good spot."

2. Confidence booster: You have to admit that, when your golf ball lands safely in the fairway, you feel ready, and eager, to tackle the next look forward to it!

3. Chance to Practice Longer Approach Shots: With the driver out of your bag, you will be pressed to use different golf clubs to get down to the green. A three-wood on the tee will leave a longer approach shot so dust off the hybrids (which are easy and fun to hit!)

4. More fun: Playing golf should be fun, whether you are out in a foursome or in a tournament. Wouldn't it be great to beat your buddies knowing that you didn't need your driver to win? It's also a great talking point for the 19th hole!

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Rickie Fowler and Puma add Summer Sizzle to Golf Clothing

When you watch Rickie Fowler playing in a professional golf tournament, what is the first thing you see? Most likely, aside from Rickie's boyish charm, you immediately notice his bright golf clothing from Puma Golf!

Hailed by some as the next generation of golf, former motocross racer Rick Yutaka Fowler was the number-one ranked amateur player in the world for much of the 2007-2008 season.

In addition to having four top-ten finishes on the PGA Tour so far in 2013, Rickie is one of the ambassadors for Puma Golf, a name synonymous with high performance and versatile sports and golf clothing.

There are other great, up-and-coming Tour players who sport the Puma label like recent tour winner Jonas Blixt but, when you think of edgy and memorable golf clothing, the spotlight shines brightly upon Rickie Fowler. has described Rickie's Masters PUMA outfits as "cool and colorful"; has called Fowler "Flashy" and Fox Sports says Rickie has "golf chops" but is also known for his colorful style:

With a complete range of PUMA golf clothing available at, it is easy for the amateur golfer to dress like Fowler, "bold yet classically sporty."

The Golf Spectrum Fitted Belt is a perfect example of how accessories can make the outfit. 

Leather with the embossed Puma cat and finished with a solid, enamel filled and removable Puma cat buckle, you don't have to wear orange in order to get noticed (although this belt, of course, is also available in Oklahoma State orange!)

If you like a colorful and super lightweight golf shoe, Puma's new FAAS Lite Golf Shoe is comfortable and waterproof with an Ortholite sockliner which keeps air circulating around the foot. 

After eighteen holes, you will probably feel like going another round!

Golfers usually play better when they look good and feel the part. Comfortable and stylish golf clothing will not only help you look better on the course, it will give you an appearance of success. Get off to a good start on your round and make your presence felt with Puma.

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