Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Hole-in-One Christmas for Mobitee Mobile Golf App purchasers

In the spirit of giving, Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant has announced that it will be offering a thirty percent discount on its GPS golf app to iphone, Android and Windows phone users throughout the end of the year.

The innovative virtual golf coach says gift-giving should be easy and should keep on giving.  Instead of the usual stocking stuffer, Mobitee’s user-friendly rangefinder, shot tracker, flyover video, club recommender and scorecard will allow both the beginner and advanced golfer in your life the ability to improve his or her game. Thirty-five thousand golf courses allow you to take...and use... Mobitee anywhere in the world.   And, as Mobitee says, “it’s so easy even an adult can use it!

“Mobitee is not a simple gadget application or a very complicated software,” says Stan Chapus, CEO of Mobitee. “It is a real tool to help every golfer.  It is a virtual caddie, a reliable golf companion.”   


The thirty percent discount has been applied directly at the point of sale so neither codes nor special coupons are needed!

Here are the links to download Mobitee on iTunes for iPhone and iPad users, on Google Play for Android phones (like my Samsung Galaxy S3 (which I LOVE) and through Facebook.

You can communicate directly with Mobitee either through email: info@Mobitee.com, via Facebook and through Twitter.

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and the best of wishes to everyone this festive season. May you get what you want and may joy act as your umbrella.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Golf Swing Made Easy With This Infographic

What muscles do you use in the golf swing? How flexible do you really need to be when taking a swing? These questions and more have been put into an Infographic by Matt Baird, PGA Instructor. Read this explanatory analysis of how your golf swing works and what you can do to improve during the off-season.

Matt Baird Golf Swing Infographic

Thank you to Matt Baird for providing Golf for Beginners with this Infographic.

Matt Baird Bio

As a full time instructor,  Matt Baird has taught thousands of Golf Lessons with a way of teaching that people can relate to and understand.  He has real professional experience in teaching and playing the game and can instantly diagnose and fix the swing of amateur golfers. 

The key to Matt's knowledge is that he understands all aspects of the game from a pro golfers perspective. He has recently been on pro tours, he has played with the pros, he has lived with them, he knows how the pros practice, what they work on, and how the they get better. He knows and teaches the swing path of the current best pro golfers in the world. He not only teaches the game but he plays it well. He is good at golf and teaching golf because he loves the game and loves to help others improve their game. His current project is working on GolfGator, a golf Training Aids company. Be sure to visit him there.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who is it --- #Tiger Woods or Rory #McIlroy?

Thank you to Author James Ross for this submission to Golf for Beginners blog.


The golf season was around the corner and the grinding professional Tour was about to begin. The weather outside was gloomy. It was way too cloudy and windy to even think about playing. Of course flurries of snow were predicted in the forecast. That was also a discouraging factor.

What’s a fellow to do? If you’re a golfer the local pro shop and clubhouse is the perfect meeting place. It was no different at Prairie Winds Golf Course high atop the Mississippi river bluffs just east of St. Louis. Fred, the portly one with a baker’s dozen of doughnuts, was the first to arrive. His rotund backside had left an impression in the booth nearest the far corner.

J Dub, the nice looking, lanky head pro had a pot of coffee brewing before the night maintenance foreman at the local auto plant had come through the front door. Julie, his chic assistant, was filling the cash register with petty cash. They expected a slow day of golf but plenty of banter from the regulars who considered the clubhouse their home away from home.

Captain Jer, the functional alcoholic, arrived early. He had travelled to the course with two sidekicks. Doc, the elderly veterinarian, and Trot, an old vaudeville comedian, entered behind him. As news of the upcoming golf season flashed across the TV screen the conversation switched to controversy.

Woods_or_mcilroy“That kid from Ireland can play,” Fred shouted.

“Rory?” Doc questioned.

“Yeah, McIlroy.” Fred wiped the back of his oversized hand across his mouth in an attempt to clean the excess cream filling from the doughnut off the side of his mouth.

 “Lots of talent there,” Captain Jer agreed, “but I still think that Tiger is the guy to beat.” The retired airplane pilot motioned for Julie to bring a cold beer to his table. “When they tee the ball up I guarantee you the rest of the guys in the field are looking out the corner of their eye to see where Tiger is.”

“Maybe so,” the head pro said as he threw his opinion out, “but Tiger doesn’t put the fear in them like he used too. There are a lot of new guys out there that can flat play the game.”

“Guys you’ve never heard of,” Trot added. “There are hoards of young kids that rip the ball.”

“But that McIlroy kid is the best of the young bunch,” Fred argued.

“No question,” Doc said, “but you know the way sports are. On any given day…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Captain Jer shot back. “Give me Tiger Woods anytime. He has that uncanny ability to will the ball in the hole. When he’s got his putting stroke going there is nobody that can stay with him.”

“Granted, but the others know that if he’s in the hunt it just might be his tournament to lose.”

“I’ll still take the new kid on the block.”

“He can roll the ball in the hole with the best of them.”

“And his ball striking is as good as Tiger’s was in his prime.”

“Why don’t you guys take a break for a while?” Julie butted in. She was no novice when it came to the gentleman’s game. “Nobody is going to win this discussion. Was it Jack or Arnie? Or how about Ben Hogan or Sammy Snead? Each era has its own hotshot --- and the opinions will always vary.”

The others exchanged glances. They wondered how the lady in the group could be such a golf historian.

“That’s why golf is the truest sport out there. The guy that plays the best for four days will win the tournament.” Julie placed another beer in front of Captain Jer, delivered a screwdriver to Trot and filled up Fred’s coffee mug. “That’s the one that deserves the moment. Be glad that we have the opportunity to disagree.”

“Yeah, it makes for great viewing on Sunday afternoon!”

“And everybody has their favorite.”

James Ross has written five novels from the Prairie Winds Golf Course setting. Visit Amazon online on Wednesday #12_12_12 for a book promo on his latest, Pabby’s Score. The story delivers innocence, greed, corruption and Internet dating as well as mysterious intrigue from the cast of recurring characters --- and two newcomers with special needs, Pabby and Shae.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did You Win YOUR Bet That Mandela Would Make it to the European Tour?

The European Tour is the second largest tour in the world of golf coming in second only to the PGA Tour. The increase in popularity of the European Tour can be attributed to its broad inclusion in other parts of the world featuring venues held not only in Europe but also in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Smaller tours, such as the Sunshine Tour, are part of a global constinuency which makes up the International Federation of PGA Tours, co-sanctioning four events with the European Tour.

That being said, the most recent event played this past weekend on the Sunshine Tour was the inaugural Nelson Mandela Championship. A possibly more well-known tourney taking place this week on the Sunshine Tour is the Alfred Dunhill Championship. Both events count toward the Race to Dubai, a year-long global affair with a prize in excess of $1 million dollars.

Although few Sunshine Tour events attract top names in golf, this week, Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel are both competing: adding the name Mandela to any event also elevates it don't you think? These golf tournaments also give rise to fresh faces who might one day move toward a permanent spot on the Euro Tour.

Since gambling is an inherent part of golf, with these events comes the opportunity for sports betting.  As I have come to learn (no, I don't gamble but I read a lot), in the past, these sorts of transactions were done with a bookie, however, with the rise of the internet over the past few years many forms of gambling have taken full advantage of the online culture of this medium. Now bookmakers and casinos can be found online and everything that goes with them. People who fancy a quick go on the slots on their computer, or even their smartphone, can now do this at sites such as LuckyNuggetCasino.com online casino, along with card games such as Poker or Blackjack which are usually found to be more popular among sports fans. Betting on golf can now be done before or even during the game wherever they are; this new face of gambling also has expanded the types of sporting events on which bets can be placed.

The Nelson Mandela Championship, for example, showed me that a bettor would be able to predict finishing positions. This type of sports bet is where you make a prediction on where a golfer will finish at the conclusion of the tournament. This is a bit different than other bets as you can bet high which means you expect your selected golfer to do poorly in the tournament. On the other hand, you can decide to go low which means you expect him to do rather well. To know specifically what this looks like depends on the quote associated with a specific golfer. For instance, he may be quoted to be 5-8. This means that the sportsbooks have him predicted to finish either 6th or 7th. If you want to bet low, meaning he will do well, you would sell the finishing position at 5. If you expect this golfer may not place as well as expected, you would sell the finishing position at 8.

Where I do not condone gambling, I found the process quite interesting and wanted to share it with the audience. There are many people who go in ready to place a bet but not understanding the modus operandi in order to give themselves a chance at success.

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Are These the Best Golf Courses to Play in the USA for Beginners?

Golf blogger Angela Harper has compiled a short list of a few of the best golf courses in the United States and has shared it with Golf for Beginners blog. In the opinion of GFB, these courses are not meant for beginners nor for the faint of heart. Do you agree? 

Golf can be a wonderful game, ripe with precision and either tension or relaxation... depending on who you're playing with and the course you've decided to play. For the most part, even if you're a beginner, you should still start on a regular field where you'll be able to practice real swings instead of a typical mini golf course. You may believe a smaller course will be easier to master, however if you want to be really good as gold you will need to practice your swings at full force and in the exact conditions you were meant to play. Although the golf courses listed below are a few of the best courses to play in the USA, I recommend you play courses which are more forgiving, or from more forward tees allowing you to get the most out of your game.

1.      Pacific Dunes in Bandon, Oregon
This 18 hole has a par 71 and it opened back in 2001 by design of Tom Doak. There is a great variety of terrain here ranging from nice green grass to sand dunes and you'll have a wonderful chance to enjoy golfing here at its best. You can even attend the training facility available on the grounds as well as the driving range. You can find it on the following address:
57744 Round Lake Drive, Bandon, OR 97411

2.      Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass
Located in Jacksonville in sunny Florida, TPC Sawgrass was built in 1980 and has served as the location of The Players Championship for many years now. The area is specifically built to accommodate spectators so if you're feeling brave you can invite your friends to behold your incredible skills. The island green on the 17th hole is a great place to go diving for golf balls! It is an 18 hole, par 72 golf course and you can have some quality time there on this address:
110 Championship Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

TPC Sawgrass 17th hole

3.      Pebble Beach Golf Links
A rather more difficult 10-hole, par 72 golf course located in Pebble Beach, California. You can enjoy a better challenge here and their driving range and training course as well. The place was founded in 1919 and it carries quite the history with it. The prices for the green might be a little steep though they are definitely worth it because of its gorgeous destination right by the ocean. You can find it here:
1700 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Pebble Beach Golf Links

4.      Spyglass Hill, California
Once again located in Pebble Beach, this particular course was created in 1966 by the famous golf arhitect Robert Trent Jones Sr. who created an incredible amount of those around the 50 states. It is said that the first few holes of this course are the most difficult in the world, so you might want to skip it if you're not feeling up to the challenge. You'll be able to find it on here:
Spyglass Hill Rd & Stevenson Drive, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

5.      Whistling Straits, Wisconsin
Created by Pete Dye and designed on par with the instructions of the founder Her Kohler, this is a nice 18-hole, 72 par golf course right on the shores of Lake Michigan. Whistling Straits been the host of the PGA Championship in 2004 and 2007 US Senior Open as well as being a wonderful place to play links-style golf. You can visit and play on the following address:
N 8501 County LS, Sheboygan, WI 53083

Whistling Straits

Guest post by A. Harpert- a passionate traveler and adventurer by hobby and calling. She's a real expert in finding the most amazing holiday rentals for your vacation.

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