Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Why Magnolia is Hardly a Mickey Mouse Golf Course

As Mickey Mouse stands guard at the par-3 sixth hole of Magnolia Golf Course, some PGA Tour players this week might be lulled into a false sense of security believing that Mickey is their friend. Think again for the trap has quite a snap to it!


Magnolia Golf Course 6th Hole


The unique Mouse Trap carved of sand with the assistance of ninety-six additional bunkers helps to make Magnolia Golf Course the second most difficult within Walt Disney World. Course length (7,516 from the tips), undulating greens and water introduced into eleven of the holes had Payne Stewart claim the course record of sixty-one one day and a seventy-six the following day. Stewart's take on Mickey? "Avoid Mickey and two side sand bunkers for best result."


Five of the golf holes on Magnolia extend to over five hundred yards and even though the fifth hole, a par-4, 492-yard monster, is considered to be Magnolia's toughest hole, Lanny Wadkins claimed the 17th, a 485-yard par-4, as "the most dangerous hole on the course...give me a 4 here and I'll run to 18!"


Magnolia was a 2010 Kodak Challenge golf course; natural wetlands, alligators and eagles seemlessly combine with the ability to salvage drives off of wide fairways and plan putts through exceptionally well-maintained greens. As long as you are a solid bunker player, avoid the water and know your distances (Disney says it has the latest GPS technology on their golf carts), playing it safe should yield positive results.


Take a virtual tour of Magnolia Golf Course.


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Val B said...

I don't know how it affects tour players, but the one time I played the hole, I felt the desire to be IN that bunker. There's just something about Mickey Mouse that I find irresistible!

Golf for Beginners said...

Val, I can only imagine playing the Magnolia Golf Course and getting an up-and-down for par from the Mickey Mouse bunker. Now that would be a memorable experience!

Jake Alexander said...

That is one of the most interesting sand traps I have seen. The course looks rather difficult. I would certainly need my gps range finder
to help me navigate through the course.

Kadir Yalcin said...

That is one of the most interesting sand traps I have seen.

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stgeorgecitygolf said...

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Randy Stevens said...

That's an awesome sand trap, I would actually enjoy being in the bunker for once! My friends and I like to golf in Las Vegas every summer and I'm sure they would get a kick out of this. I didn't know this course existed, so thanks for sharing!