Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shanks fore the golf warning New York!

May the "FORE's" be with you!


The golf term "FORE" is understood throughout every language as a warning, a way to let golfers around you know that your shot may be heading their way. Most of the time all is forgiven as we have all hit errant shots during a round of golf.

In New York (and California according to the New York Times), the term "FORE" now has less of an impact.

Many news outlets have picked up on the ruling made yesterday that there is a risk whenever playing a dangerous sport such as golf.

DANGEROUS? The sport could be as golf balls travel at high speed and, when taking a swing, a 7-iron can do a lot of damage if you're standing too close!

Golf is only dangerous if and when other golfers don't rely on proper etiquette during a round.


Here are a few tips to make golf more safe:
Always keep an eye on your playing partners: if a golf club is out of their bag, assume a shot is being taken.

Stand behind the golfer taking the shot. You will most likely avoid being hit by a golf ball.


Duck and cover your head if you hear the word "FORE!".


Golf-related litigator Dalton Floyd mentioned that courts have traditionally found that golfers are not responsible for hitting players who are not in their intended path.


What about little old ladies who intentionally approach the forward tees before all playing partners have had a chance to is up to the other players to yell "FORE"?


Remember that golf is a game of patience.

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