Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiger Woods' Masters Chatter takes center stage from John Daly

Which PGA Tour event is being played this week?

Maybe this is just a rhetorical question as anyone keeping track of the PGA Tour can easily find the information but, with the internet and other assorted golf venues clogging up the airwaves with the return of Tiger Woods at the Masters Tournament, I had to go to the very bottom of the Golf Channel website in order to find out that the Transitions Championship is being telecast live today. I guess the Golf Channel must feel that "buzz" sells better than golf.

Even the mesmerizing John Daly, with his own Golf Channel presence and past indiscretions, cannot hold the attention of the public like the current fiasco which surrounds Woods. 

I wonder if Daly is happy that the press is leaving him be for the present or dismayed about his loss of coverage to Tiger?

From "The Biggest Story Ever" which claims that Tiger Woods is indeed not as "big" as the Masters itself (but his story is) to "Things We Won't See or Hear at the Masters" which is basically a litany of Tiger briefings aimed at quelling the Q & A's before they start flying, golf writers are having a field day wondering what to talk about next in order to get as much press out of "The Return" as possible.

Frankly, I'm just interested in hunkering down to my yearly ritual and watching the Masters at Augusta. Knowing in advance that this particular major is known for its southern graciousness and hospitality, I don't think it will be because of the Masters that the tournament turns into a media circus.

As Richard Roeper stated, "With Tiger's return, the 2010 Masters will probably be the highest-rated golf tournament ever -- but that still won't make it the second-biggest event in 10 to 15 years." That is, as Roeper mentioned, unless Woods has the wherewithal to levitate above the golf course and start speaking in tongues."

Let's give each tournament the respect it's due, follow golf for the sake of the sport and leave personal sentiment and proclivities behind closed doors, where they belong!

Check out the Transitions Championship this week on the Golf Channel.

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The UnGolf Pro Blogs said...


First of all I would like to say I do like your writing style. Very clean. Nice.

Second, John Daly has his work cut out for him. I hope he saved some of his money because he isn't what he used to be, which is better than I ever hope to be but...for tour standards he can only hope he could have a comback as good as one of my favs. Duval.

I find Duval much more interesting.

I had seen him on Charlie Rose the week he had become the number one player in the world, sometime in 2000 or 2001 and he stated his favorite book was Ayn Rands, The Fountainhead.

My favorite book after I read it. Amazing.

The difference between Daly and Duval is the difference between a train reck and a...well, a trainwreck.

I believe one is spelled correctly.

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