Sunday, November 26, 2006

Golf for Beginners Podcast: Be like Tiger Woods and learn to focus, how not to toe the line and our quote of the week from Patty Sheehan

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With the assistance of his father, Tiger Woods learned early on how to focus not just on the shot at hand but also on that little golf ball directly in front of him. We discuss clarity of mind which helps all golfers including Tiger Woods) free themselves from all other distractions to concentrate on the task of hitting that ball squarely off the tee.

We also answer an email from a reader who hasn't played golf in a while and finds himself hitting off the toe of the clubface. What is he doing wrong and how can he start hitting more squarely?

Our quote of the week comes from six-time major winner on the LPGA Tour, Patty Sheehan, who gives us her thoughts on course management.

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